Jalapao was a tribe from Survivor: Tocantins. Their tribe color was red.


 Carolina Eastwood
27, West Hollywood, CA
S18 carolina t
 J.T. Thomas
24, Mobile, AL
Cattle rancher
S18 jt t
 Joe Dowdle
26, Austin, TX
Real estate salesman
S18 joe t
 Sandy Burgin
53, Louisville, KY
Bus driver
S18 sandy t
 Spencer Duhm
18, Gainesville, FL
S18 spencer t
 Stephen Fishbach
29, New York City, NY
Corporate consultant
S18 stephen t
 Sydney Wheeler
24, San Diego, CA
S18 sydney t
 Taj Johnson-George
37, Nashville, TN
Former pop star
S18 taj t

Tribe History

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  • Jalapao was the first red starting tribe that was not involved in a Tribe Switch.
  • Taj Johnson-George was the only woman from Jalapao to make the merge. She was also the only member of the tribe to be a member of the jury.
  • With the exceptions of Taj and Sandy Burgin, everyone on the Jalapao tribe was under 30 years of age. 
  • The two highest ranking male members of Jalapao and two highest ranking male members of rival tribe Timbira would all return in future seasons.


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