Jak Thomas is a contestant from Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.

Jak started on the Hermosa tribe and was in the majority all the way to the merge, even after the tribe swap, where he was sent to the new Mogotón tribe and was able to form a strong friendship with Tom Paterson. After the merge, Jak was left in the minority with Tom after Mike Sparrow and Lee Den Haan were blindsided, but Jak was given a lifeline by Barb Raos when blindsiding Sala Tiatia proved to be the more appealing option. This short-lived agreement came to end at the next Tribal Council, as Jak was unanimously voted out. He lasted 10 days on Redemption Island, defeating the likes of Shannon Quinn and Shay Tapusoa. Although he came close to his goal of returning to the game, he ultimately lost the final Redemption Island duel to Mike and Nate Davis, ending his run and finishing 6th overall.


How would you describe yourself? I'm all about a good time. I can be pretty passionate (or just loud). I'm malleable; I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I love a good chortle. I'm very lazy. I use words I don't know the meaning of. I'm very indecisive. Get a few drinks in me and I'll try anything.
Why are you doing Survivor? It all comes down to being a fan of Survivor. I couldn't turn down the opportunity and I've criticised too many contestants to not give it a go myself and see where I stack up against them. The goal is to have fun and I'm excited to take whatever comes from the experience. Winning would also be nice.
What did you do to prepare? Very little – I tried jogging, which quickly turned to walking. I didn't see the point in just walking so I tried swimming. The swimming was fun but I don't think it helped much. I definitely didn't lose any weight.
What are your pet peeves? If you think cats are better than dogs we probably won't get along. People who hate Kanye West just because he is Kanye West. Leave him alone. When people hate on me for not always getting veges in my fried rice. Sometimes I just like rice and meat.
What's your strategy? I feel like if I go in hunting for the win, I won't make it all the way to the end. I'm just going to take it easy and go with the flow. I'll try and let other people make the big decisions so I don't get pinned for the big moves, but I will try and do enough so that if I do make it to the end I have a realistic shot at winning.

Survivor NZ

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Voting History

Jak's Voting History
Episode Jak's
Voted Against
1 Dee -
2 Hermosa Tribe Immune
4 Hermosa Tribe Immune
6 Mogotón Tribe Immune
8 Shay -
10 Shay -
11 Shay Individual Immunity
12 Sala Avi, Sala, Shay
13 Nate Avi, Barb, Nate,
Shannon, Shay, Tom
Voted Out, Day 26
14 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Jak is the youngest man to compete on Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.
    • He is also the youngest member of the original Hermosa tribe.
  • Jak was the first man to be unanimously voted out of Survivor New Zealand.
  • Jak was the only Jury member in Survivor NZ: Nicaragua to vote for Tom Paterson at the Final Tribal Council.


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