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Jaison Robinson is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

Jaison was best known for being closely aligned with Russell Hantz and Mick Trimming as a member of the Foa Foa Four alliance. Despite Foa Foa's losing streak, he was kept along because Russell trusted him. At the merge, Foa Foa overcame a 8-4 deficit against the former Galu tribe. However, when Galu's only remaining member Brett Clouser won immunity at the final five, Jaison and Mick became the targets. Jaison was ultimately blindsided at the subsequent Tribal Council because Russell believed he would not be strong enough to beat Brett in the Final Immunity Challenge.


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Jaison Robinson (28)
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Law Student

Both physically and mentally prepared for the game of Survivor, Jaison is a very educated 28-year-old, who is currently working on his law degree from the University of Chicago. Before deciding to obtain his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, this goal-oriented academic was given a congressional nomination to attend both the Air Force and the Naval Academy. Even though Jaison chose a route other than the military, he still contemplates one day working in the armed forces in order to serve his country.

In addition to his current focus on education, this Eagle Scout is extremely active. Named "Mr. California" by Cosmopolitan magazine, Jaison is also an avid sports lover and enjoys basketball, football and hiking – he has even scaled the top of Venezuela's Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. He also feels that one of his greatest achievements is making the U.S. National Water Polo team. In addition to his love for physical activities, Jaison plays both the piano and the cello.

He dreams of waking up to the view a top Mount Everest and boasts that, for a million dollars, he would snowboard all the way down. His favorite board game, "Diplomacy," gives a bit of insight as to how he plans to play Survivor. Much like Survivor, "Diplomacy" is a strategy game that uses communication, negation and deception in order to win. Even though he plans to use positive elements such as strength and intellect to win, he will not hesitate to betray others if it wins him the title of Sole Survivor.

Jaison resides in Chicago, Ill. His birthday is September 25.[1]


Jaison was placed on the Foa Foa tribe at the start of the season. In the vote for Tribe leader, he voted for Liz Kim and he nearly become the leader earning the votes of Mick TrimmingAshley Trainer, and Betsy Bolan but Mick got one more vote than him. Despite winning the inaugural Reward Challenge, Russell Hantz sabotaged Foa Foa when he poured out the tribe's water from their canteens and burned Jaison's socks. This would strain on Foa Foa's challenge performances, losing all but one pre-merge Immunity Challenge to Galu.

Unaware of Russell's role in the tribe's losses, Jaison agreed to align with him and voted out Marisa Calihan. On Day 5, after losing the challenge, Yasmin Giles was sent to observe Foa Foa. She annoyed everyone but when Ben Browning called her "Ghetto Trash", Jaison was angered by the fact that Ben used such a term. In the following days, Jaison's conflict with Ben escalated, causing Russell to arrange for Ben's elimination as he believed that Jaison would quit the game if Ben wasn't voted out. Jaison then aided Russell in voting out Ashley and Liz, and later made the merge on Day 19.

Despite entering the merge with four previous Foa Foa members against eight from Galu, Erik Cardona told the former Foa Foa members to vote out Monica Padilla. However, Jaison's ally Natalie White was able to convince the other Galu members to turn on Erik and blindside him. Jaison's luck would continue, due to Russell's use of the Hidden Immunity Idol on Day 24, as well as Jaison winning two Individual Immunity Challenges back-to-back and convincing Shambo Waters and John Fincher to defect to the Foa Foa's side, eliminating almost all of the former Galu members. Unfortunately, when the only remaining Galu member Brett Clouser won Immunity on Day 37, the former Foa Foa's were forced to turn on each other. That afternoon, Jaison approached Russell about voting out Natalie, considering her a potential jury threat. However, Russell wanted to keep Natalie, believing that the jury would consider her as weak and a coattail rider. After much consideration, Russell decided to eliminate Jaison for his craftiness. Thus at Tribal Council, Russell's plan came to fruition and Jaison was blindsided in a 4-1 vote. He became the eighth member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, Jaison asked the Final Three to tell the jury their occupations and financial situations. After the finalists revealed their true professions, Jaison noted that Natalie and Russell both make a lot of money and Mick can potentially make a lot money. He then told the other jurors not to focus who needs the money but on other standards. Ultimately, Jaison gave his jury vote to Natalie.

Voting History

Jaison's Voting History
Episode Jaison's
Voted Against
1 Marisa -
2 Betsy -
3 Ben -
4 Foa Foa Tribe Immune
5 Ashley -
6 No Vote
7 Liz Liz
8 Erik Erik, Shambo
9 Kelly -
10 Laura;
12 John Individual Immunity
13 Dave Individual Immunity
Monica -
14 Shambo -
15 Mick Brett, Mick,
Natalie, Russell H.
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Tastes Like Chicken", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie, forcing a revote. Jaison did not change his vote on the revote.


  • On January 9, 2010, Jaison attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Jaison was recruited for Survivor through a friend involved in casting.[2]
  • Jaison is the youngest man on Foa Foa.
  • Jaison is the only Foa Foa to be voted off after the merge, thus, he is the only Foa Foa member on the jury.
  • Jaison lost 34.76 lbs. during his time in Samoa.[3]


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