Jackets and Eggs is the fifth episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.


Night 11

Following Tribal Council, the Vuku tribe returns to camp and welcomes Carl. Kara finds herself in trouble after Alec sided with the Davids and blindsided Natalia. Alec asks Carl about Exile Island, which Carl describes as "horrible." Alec explains to Kara why he flipped against Natalia. Kara congratulates Alec for earning the David's trust but is also worried where that places her on the tribe. Alec promises to Kara he remains loyal to her.

S37 kara t.png

Leaving the Tribal Council, I feel naked, I feel exposed! I feel like, "This is not supposed to happen!" Alec blindsided me, backstabbed Natalia and he full-on blew it. If you wanna make a big move, don't do it now.

Day 12

Day 14

Day 15


Challenge: Ball-istic Missiles
Two members of each tribe must use poles to knock out sandbags from an overhanging net. Once they have all their sandbags, they must then untie a slingshot. Each tribe must use the slingshot to get the sandbags into two baskets, which will raise a flag. The first two tribes to raise their flags win.
Reward: Three hens and a rooster (1st place); A dozen eggs (2nd place)
Winners (according to finish): Vuku and Jabeni

Challenge: A Bridge You Must Cross
Each tribe must first climb up and over a hill obstacle. They must then pull down a ladder, and, using a rope, four of the five tribe members must hold a bridge up while the last member runs across the bridge and releases a lever that will hold the bridge up. The tribe must then run across the bridge and go down via a fireman's pole. The tribe must then untie a bag containing a ball. One member must then get on the balance beam and negotiate a maze in the shape of a snake. The first two tribes to get their balls into the hole at the top of the maze win.
Winners (according to finish): Vuku and Tiva

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S37 natalie t.png
Natalie (3 votes)
S37 lyrsa t.pngS37 mike t.pngS37 nick t.png
Lyrsa, Mike, Nick
S37 lyrsa t.png
Lyrsa (2 votes)
S37 angelina t.pngS37 natalie t.png
Angelina, Natalie
S37 natalie bw.png
Natalie Cole

Voting Confessionals

Lyrsa was shown writing Natalie's name on the parchment. Angelina's confessional was shown in the Previously On segment in the following episode.

S37 natalie t.png

(voting against Lyrsa) Take your lime green Members Only jacket back to Boston. I like your purple hair.

S37 nick t.png

(voting against Natalie) You could make a preacher cuss.

S37 angelina t.png

(voting against Lyrsa) This is just a phony vote so I can try to get Natalie's jacket before she leaves.

Final Words

S37 natalie bw.png

I don't feel I- like I deserved all of the bad rap that I got, some of the things that were said are true. However, I was loving the game and my only regret is that I didn't stay in the game longer. I didn't give Angelina my jacket because I didn't know if she was a part of the reason why I'm out. So, why should I? I don't have to. And I chose not to. So I'm wearing it.

Still in the Running

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S37 jessica bw.png
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S37 bi bw.png
S37 natalia bw.png
S37 natalie bw.png
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S37 alison t.png
S37 angelina t.png
S37 carl t.png
S37 christian t.png
S37 dan t.png
S37 davie t.png
S37 elizabeth t.png
S37 gabby t.png
S37 john t.png
S37 kara t.png
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S37 mike t.png
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Secret Scene

  • The Brochachos[2]

Behind the Scenes


  • This is the second time that the castaways have been evacuated from the island because of a cyclone, following "May the Best Generation Win".
    • The castaways were evacuated on Day 12 and only returned to their camps on Day 14, having spent the whole of Day 13 outside of the game.
  • The episode's title was said by host Jeff Probst when he was summarizing the topics of discussion at Tribal Council.
  • The name variant for the Losing Face Reward Challenge references a ballistic missile.


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