Jacinda Louw is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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I will win because my intentions are well grounded.

Age: 25
Star sign: Sagittarian
Residence: Bedfordview, Johannesburg
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Jacinda is a former Miss SA finalist, professional Latin American dancer, part-time model and holder of an emerald belt in kickboxing who currently owns a finishing school for kids.
What you should know about her: Jacinda was a Miss SA finalist and is a professional Latin American dancer and part-time model. She also has an emerald belt in kickboxing.
What would she take to the island? A magnifying glass, Citronella Oil and a pillow or blanket.
Describes herself as: Emotionally strong, even under pressure.
And her worst qualities? She hates disorder and can be too organized.
Why she could win Survivor: "I will win because my intentions are well grounded. Humble and unselfish - I'm in it for personal growth and I want to see what I'm made of."
Why did you enter Survivor? 'I was attracted to the game plan of being stranded - I have something to offer, mentally, emotionally and obviously, physically.'
What are your weaknesses? 'I'm a control freak and in this you need to be pliable [in this game].'[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Jacinda's Voting History
Episode Jacinda's
Voted Against
1 Don -
2 Rana Tribe Immune
3 Rana Tribe Immune
4 Ncumisa -
5 No Elimination1
6 Rana Tribe Immune
7 Rana Tribe Immune
8 Brigitte -
9 Mzi -
10 Vanessa -
11 Lezel -
12 Gareth Zayn
Jury Votes
for Jacinda
Gareth, Lezel
Runner-Up, Day 29

^1 In Episode 5, despite Sanele's evacuation, Rana still attended Tribal Council. The person who received the most votes would be handed Sanele's torch and switched to Aguila. Zayn did not receive enough votes to be switched.



  • Jacinda is the only castaways from Panama to not be eliminated.


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