Jaburu is a tribe from Survivor: The Amazon.

Notable for being the first all-female tribe in Survivor history, Jaburu struggled in camp life, causing a rift between its younger and older members. However, the tribe proved to a force to be reckoned with, defeating the all-men Tambaqui tribe in several of the earlier challenges. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Christy Smith
24, Basalt, CO
Children's adventure guide
S6 christy t
 Deena Bennett
35, Riverside, CA
Deputy district attorney
S6 deena t
 Heidi Strobel
24, Jefferson City, MO
Gym teacher
S6 heidi t
 Janet Koth
46, Manchester, MO
S6 janet t
 Jeanne Hebert
40, North Attleboro, MA
Marketing director
S6 jeanne t
 Jenna Morasca
21, Bridgeville, PA
Swimsuit model
S6 jenna t
 JoAnna Ward
31, Orangeburg, SC
Guidance counselor
S6 joanna t
 Shawna Mitchell
23, Los Angeles, CA
Retail saleswoman
S6 shawna t

 Alex Bell
S6 alex t
 Deena Bennett
S6 deena t
 Jenna Morasca
S6 jenna t
 Rob Cesternino
S6 rob t
 Shawna Mitchell
S6 shawna t

Tribe History

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