Jabeni (originally Goliath​) is a tribe from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Its members are defined as privileged in life, having been on top of their respective fields for most of their lives, in contrast to the underdog David tribe. This description thematically reflected on the tribe's overall performance throughout the game, initially overwhelming the other tribe in challenges and in numbers, but slowly lost momentum come the tribe switch and merge phases due to interpersonal strife and falling victim to the perfectly-timed use of game advantages. Their tribe color is purple.


 Alec Merlino
24, San Clemente, CA
S37 alec t
 Alison Raybould
28, Chapel Hill, NC
S37 alison t
 Angelina Keeley
28, San Clemente, CA
Financial consultant
S37 angelina t
 Dan Rengering
27, Gainesville, FL
S.W.A.T. officer
S37 dan t
 Jeremy Crawford
39, New York City, NY
S37 jeremy t
 John Hennigan
38, Los Angeles, CA
Pro wrestler
S37 john t
 Kara Kay
30, San Diego, CA
S37 kara t
 Mike White
47, Los Angeles, CA
S37 mike t
 Natalia Azoqa
25, Irvine, CA
Industrial engineer
S37 natalia t
 Natalie Cole
57, Los Angeles, CA
Publishing CEO
S37 natalie t

 Angelina Keeley
S37 angelina t
 Lyrsa Torres
S37 lyrsa t
 Mike White
S37 mike t
 Natalie Cole
S37 natalie t
 Nick Wilson
S37 nick t

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