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Jeremy "JT" Muirhead[1] is a castaway from Survivor New Zealand: Thailand.

In the beginning of the game JT and Arun Bola quickly came together to form a tight alliance on the losing Chani tribe. He found himself in the minority for the first time after he was swapped to the new Khangkhaw tribe. Eventually JT's worsening health ultimately lead him to make the decision to quit the game on Day 20.


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Name: JT
Hometown: Ashhurst, Manawatu
Age: 32
Occupation: Project Manager
Having openly admitted to wanting to become the second (and top) notable figure on the Ashhurst Wikipedia page, JT is described by friends as a "cantankerous nerd who loves to vacuum."
The ultimate super fan of Survivor, JT has wanted to play ever since watching the first US season back in 2000, with his wife encouraging him to sign up for season two of the local version.
Instead of training to get ready to take on the ultimate survival game, JT prioritised getting customised hats made rather than learning to make fire like he promised his wife he would...
What did you do to prepare for Survivor? I joined the gym and went to a spin class but the music was too loud, so I never went back. I also invested a lot in linen clothing and new orthotics for my Reebok Classics, my ankle stability is about 2/10, so hoping these new orthos help.
What's your strategy on the island? My only strength will be my complete lack of any obvious strength – so that's what I'll be playing to. I'm just going to be as non-threatening as possible, with a few key strategies.
First is to do the bare minimum in the challenges until the merge, be as honest as possible, and never tell anyone what to do around camp.
People will assume I'm strategic just because of the fact that I'm not athletic at all and have glasses, so I'm going to play a slightly exaggerated version of myself, making sure everyone knows that I'm just there to have fun.
Or Plan B is just to vote everyone out post-merge in order of height from tallest to shortest, then make them line up at final Tribal, and tell them what I'd done.
What was the first thing you did when you found out you were to be one of the castaways on Survivor New Zealand? Panicked about who was going to run my fantasy basketball team.
Why do you think you should win Survivor? I've got a good plan: get on with people, never tell anyone what to do (just be a reliable source of information of what others are planning to do), and try and be everyone's #2.
I think I can be a real role model to young New Zealanders with little to no athletics, or without any discernible talents or gifts.
Besides, who doesn't want a millennial with a good job to get yet another leg up in life?
How would you describe your strategy in one word? S̄nuk, which is fun in Thai (I think)![2]

Survivor New Zealand

JT started with the stated game-plan of being so decidedly average, no one would notice him. JT was picked for the ill-fated Chani tribe where, on day one, he started the dominant alliance of 5, and formed a tight three person alliance with Arun Bola and Eve Clarke. While on Chani, JT was the first contestant selected to go to The Outpost where he lost a fire-making challenge to Tess Fahey of Khangkhaw. JT was able to convince Tess to show him the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol she received, creating his idol-obsessed reputation.

The tribe swap put in the minority of the new Khangkhaw tribe, where he became the top target for the tribe's original members He successfully used a fake idol find at a previous challenge to bluff his way through the first tribal following the swap, and deflecting the vote, but unfortunately lost close ally Liam Hose in the process.

After battling a worsening bacterial infection for over a week, JT quit the game (despite his tribe being safe from tribal and his former tribe-mates on the new Chani throwing challenges to keep him safe) to receive the necessary antibiotics - which were unavailable in game. This made him the first quitter in Survivor NZ history.

Voting History

JT's Voting History
Episode JT's
Voted Against
1 Jose -
2 Karla -
3 Franky -
4 Chani Tribe Immune
5 Brad -
6 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
7 Khangkhaw Tribe Immune
Quit, Day 20


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  • Despite being in his 30s, JT is the oldest man to compete on Survivor New Zealand: Thailand.
  • JT is the first person to quit Survivor NZ.
  • JT received the first three player of the week awards from the Brink of Reality Survivor NZ Podcast, and upon his exit for the game host Ryan Brink renamed the award the "JT memorial Snake of the Week" in his honour.


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