J.J. Adams is a contestant from Survivor 2001 (U.K.)


This PA from South Wales had a peripatetic childhood: her family moved house 28 times with their RAF father. She was also in the RAF for 13 years until involuntary redundancy. During that time she served in the Falklands in charge of a military prison and as a drill instructor - a guise in which she was known as "the bitch on the parade"

Since leaving the forces, she's worked as a personal bodyguard and as a PA.

Her background means she's used to living and working in teams, and respects people who know how to knuckle down. She's got no time for slackers and has a taste for action-adventure movies and the Alien films.

Survivor: UK 2001

JJ saw the need for someone to take charge in the early stages of the game and allowed herself to get sucked into the role. She met more resistance and rebellion and paid the price when the younger members in Helang - whose attitude frustrated her most - voted her off. The tribe therefore failed to get the full benefit of her military skills and experience.

Voting History

J.J.'s Voting History
Episode J.J.'s
Voted Against
1 Helang Tribe Immune
2 Uzma
Adrian, Charlotte, James, Uzma
Adrian, Charlotte, James, Simon1
Voted Out, Day 7

^1 In the second episode, the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between J.J. and Uzma forcing a revote. Simon changed his vote from Uzma, eliminating J.J. entirely.



  • J.J. is the first woman to be eliminated in Survivor UK.
  • She is also the first contestant in Survivor UK to be eliminated via a revote.


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