John Carlo "J.C." Tiuseco is the Sole Survivor of Survivor Philippines: Season 1.

Voting History

JC's Voting History
Cycle JC's
Voted Against
1 Chev -
2 Emerson -
3 Naak Tribe Immune
4 Vevherly -
5 Naak Tribe Immune
6 Naak Tribe Immune
7 Jace -
8 Marlon -
9 Veronica -
10 Marlon Individual Immunity
11 Kaye -
12 Zita Zita
13 Cris Cris1
14 Charisse Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for JC
Charisse, Cris, Jace, Kaye,
Kiko, Marlon, Public vote
Sole Survivor, Day 39

^1 In Cycle 13, JC won immunity, but he gave it to Rob in exchange for a car.
^2 Result of the popularity vote as the 9th jury member: JC 93%, Rob 7%.


  • J.C. is the first contestant to win multiple Individual Immunity Challenges on Survivor Philippines.
  • J.C. is the first contestant to win Survivor Philippines.
    • J.C. is the currently the only winner of Survivor Philippines to win in a Final Two format.


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