Isabelle "Izzy" Pearson is a contestant from Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.

After her controversial decision to steal supplies from the Hermosa tribe during the Day 1 Reward Challenge, Izzy started off with a mixed reception from most of her tribemates. Izzy was viewed by some tribe members as weak and was on the chopping block for most of her time on Mogotón tribe. Her alliance with Shay Tapusoa kept her in the game during the first few rounds, until she was voted out on Day 8. Izzy won her first Redemption Island duel over former tribemate Tony Deane, but lost the following to Georgia Bergerson, finishing 12th overall.


How would you describe yourself? I am someone who would see a dog with three legs and want to adopt him on the spot; I'm empathetic. I am resilient, and although I sometimes come across shy and quiet I have a strong sense of who I am. I can rise to a challenge and be quite competitive. I'm inventive and can think creatively on the spot.
Why are you doing Survivor? Because I can't resist a challenge. I like to try on different shoes and test myself in different situations.
What did you do to prepare? Not much, because I didn't think I would get on the show! My fiancé fashioned up some chin-up bar and I just hung there. He was telling me, "ok go, go pull up!" – but I couldn't move an inch, it was hilarious. My closest family and friends wrote inspirational messages that I'm taking to the island for when times get tough.
What are your pet peeves? People who are not genuine. I don't mind the dirt, spiders or not having comforts, but if people are fake, I find it hard to warm to them.
What's your strategy? Do my best in the challenges and see what happens. I feel a lot of it is luck.

Survivor NZ

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Voting History

Izzy's Voting History
Episode Izzy's
Voted Against
1 Hannah Hannah
2 Tony -
4 Tom Avi, Sala, Tom
Voted Out, Day 8
5 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 14


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