It's a 'Me' Game, Not a 'We' Game is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 27

Day 28

Day 29


Challenge: The Hook
The castaways will race through a series of obstacles collecting rings along the way. Once they collect three rings, they'll attempt to pitch them like horseshoes and land them on a swinging hook. The first to finish wins reward.
Reward: Helicopter tour of the island, followed by a picnic lunch.
Winner: Yellow Team (Cydney Dillion and Michele Fitzgerald) (shared with Aubry Bracco)

Challenge: Running the Numbers
The castaways will race out to a platform in the water where they will have to memorize symbols and their corresponding numbers. They will then race back to the beach, to see a group of symbols and use the numbers that correspond to those symbols (from memory) to solve a combination that will release a key. If they get the combination right, the key will open a box containing puzzle pieces. The first person to solve their word puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Michele Fitzgerald

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S32 julia t
Julia (5 votes)
S32 aubry tS32 cydney t
S32 joe tS32 michele tS32 tai t
Aubry, Cydney, Joe, Michele, Tai
S32 tai t
Tai (2 votes)
S32 jason tS32 julia t
Jason, Julia
S32 julia bw
Julia Sokolowski

Voting Confessionals

Jason was shown writing Tai's name down on the parchment.

S32 aubry t

(voting against Julia) I'm sorry I'm not crossing it out this time.

Final Words

S32 julia bw

I'm bummed, but I'm proud of the way I played. Being one of the youngest people to ever play this game, I feel like I had the opportunity to kinda grow up out here, learn a lot about myself. I did make some big moves and helped contribute to some awesome blindsides. I didn't go out not trying. I didn't go out being dragged along, so at least I know I played.

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
S32 jennifer bw
S32 liz bw
S32 caleb bw
S32 alecia bw
S32 anna bw
S32 peter bw
S32 neal bw
S32 nick bw
S32 debbie bw
S32 scot bw
S32 julia bw
S32 aubry t
S32 cydney t
S32 jason t
S32 joe t
S32 michele t
S32 tai t


Life at Ponderosa

Secret Scene

  • Go Out Swinging - With Jason and herself at the bottom, Julia manages to pull in Michele, and discusses the best course of action to take. They decide that the trio needs to get Cydney's vote, and Julia prays that Cydney will see that she will not be able to win against Aubry and Tai, and that joining the threesome of Jason, Julia, and Michele would be the best move for her game.

Unaired Confessionals

  • A Dream Come True - Aubry describes the awe she felt while on the helicopter ride. She compares the reward to a "dream come true" because it was the first meal that she had since the merge feast 10 days prior. The feast gave her a way to refuel physically with the food, emotionally with two calm-headed allies, and mentally because it allowed her to mind to reset.[2]
  • Goal Number Four - Cydney is excited to attend the final seven Tribal Council. She states that she has come a long way from the destitution and hopelessness of her Brawn days. However, she has met the baby goals which she had set - to make the switch, the merge, and the final ten. She is looking forward to making her fourth goal - to get into the final six. As Day 39 approaches, she can feel the money and all the things she is planning to buy with it in her hands, and her determination is getting stronger.[3]
  • I Didn't Feel Like a Loser - Despite not winning the Reward Challenge, Joe is happy for the girls to have won, and is glad that Aubry and Cydney finally had a chance to eat. He states that, had he and Tai won the challenge, he would have given up his spot to let Aubry enjoy the reward on his behalf because of his tight, almost family-like relationship with the girls.[4]
  • I Love Being Happy - Joe believes that the only way to survive Cambodia's harsh conditions is to keep a positive mindset. He is satisfied that he has managed to keep himself healthy despite the conditions, and is glad to spend time with younger people despite his age.[5]
  • I Need My Chicken - Cydney believes that not participating in the previous Post-Merge Rewards had given her more motivation to fight for the latest one, which she really wanted to get because of the chicken. The protein has given her the strength she needs for the remaining 11 days of the game. Her desire to win all the remaining challenges has been fueled.[6]
  • I'm Out of Gas - Joe recalls his poor performance at the challenge which started off with him forgetting to remember the symbols, and then being too exhausted to continue with the combination dial portion of the challenge which eventually lead to him sitting out for the remainder of the challenge until Michele's quick victory.[7]
  • Once in a Lifetime - Cydney took the fact that both she and Michele drew the yellow ball as an omen of things to come. After sizing up her competition, she felt that she only needed to beat the others to the hook, after which the reward was hers for the taking.[8]
  • The Coolest 24 Hours - Aubry expresses her satisfaction with Days 27 to 28, having been able to blindside Scot and getting to go on an amazing reward despite not winning. She believes that she has a tight relationship with Cydney and Michele, and is happy to get to know more about her two close allies.[9]


  • Day 29 of this season was April 27, 2015, one year to the day before it aired.
  • After this episode's elimination, each original tribe has exactly one representative from each gender.
  • This is the first time this season that Julia and Tai lost a Reward Challenge.
  • In the unaired alternate intro for this episode, Mark the chicken appeared in the credits complete with a name card.[10]

Episode Title

  • The title was said by Cydney Gillon, referring to how to advance herself further in the game.


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