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It's Survivor Warfare is the season premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Day 1

The game has begun.  Jeff Probst asked each tribe to pick a representative, who would then choose another tribemate with whom to make a big decision.  Joaquin Souberbielle was chosen as the representative, and he chose So Kim as his second-in-command for the White Collar tribe, Dan Foley was chosen as the representative, and chose Mike Holloway as his second-in-command for the Blue Collar tribe, and Will Sims II was chosen as the representative, and chose Jenn Brown as his second-in-command for the No Collar tribe. At camp, the pairs were given a choice between a big bag of beans (Honest) or a smaller bag of beans and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol (Deceive). Will, Jenn, Dan, and Mike chose the honest crate and took a large bag of beans for their tribe.  Only Joaquin and So chose deceive and took the clue, they lied about how there were three crates: Honest, Neutral, and Deceive, and them choosing neutral.  Shirin Oskooi quickly aligned with Carolyn Rivera and Max Dawson to form an alliance against Joaquin and So, leaving Tyler Fredrickson in the swing vote position.  At the Blue Collar tribe, the blue collars went straight to work, built fire, and worked well together.  Rodney Lavoie Jr. showed his true colors when he said he'll try to manipulate the women of the tribe to do what he says.  Mike made a mistake in eating a scorpion, which may be a good source of protein, but made him very sick.  The No Collar tribe seems to be getting along with each other too.  Nina Poersch came out to everyone about how she is deaf in her right ear, which didn't seem to affect her position in the game.  Vince Sly had a good connection with Jenn and tried to align with her.  However, Vince and Joe Anglim came into conflict with building the shelter and how it should be built.

Day 2

At the Blue Collar tribe, Dan came into conflict with Lindsey Cascaddan and Sierra Dawn Thomas over how the shelter should be built.  The conflict between Dan and the women may have put him in a bad position.  Mike has made it clear that he is Dan's friend and will stick with him.  At the No Collar tribe, Joe became very likable when he started a fire without flint.  Vince feels that Jenn is attracted to Joe, which makes Jenn feel uncomfortable about aligning with him.  Jenn now starts to feel that Vince is too paranoid to play with.  At the White Collar tribe, the tribe has had difficulty building the shelter and starting the fire.  Joaquin starts to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, after Carolyn notices him looking, she goes looking herself, and found the idol before Joaquin or So.

Day 3

At the Immunity Challenge, Joaquin, Lindsey, and Vince start on the keys to unlock the ladder, however, So, Mike, and Joe jump in to untie the knots.  So, for the White Collar, unties all of her knots first, followed by Joe for the No collar, Mike finally finish the knots for Blue Collar.  No Collar was the first to pick their puzzle, and they chose the 10-piece puzzle, and chose Jenn to do the puzzle.  White Collar chose the 50-piece puzzle and put Shirin on the puzzle.  Jenn taped out and put Joe on the puzzle and finished first for the No Collar tribe.  The Blue Collar tribe eventually got to the puzzle, and chose to put Sierra on the 10-piece puzzle.  Shirin was having a hard time with the 50-piece puzzle, she tags out and Max stepped in.  Sierra got one piece in place, then Mike took over the puzzle.  Max was able to figure out the puzzle, but Mike breezed through the 10-piece puzzle and won second place for the Blue Collars, sending White Collar to Tribal Council.  No Collar won the fire starting kit for coming in first, and Blue Collar won a flint.  The White Collar tribe came in last place and one of them will be the first person voted out.  Back at camp, So campaigned with the guys to vote out Carolyn for being deemed too weak.  Tyler told Carolyn that So threw her name around camp.  To gain Tyler's trust, Carolyn told him that she found the Hidden Immunity Idol and campaigned to Shirin, Max, and Tyler to vote out So.  Tyler is conflicted between voting out Carolyn, because of her age and being deemed weak in challenges, or voting out So, for lying about the decision she and Joaquin made in the beginning of the game.  At Tribal Council, Shirin made it clear that So and Joaquin lied about their decision of choosing the Neutral box over Honest or Deceive.  Shirin and Max knew that its only Honest or Deceive.  So mentioned that there was an alliance between her, Joaquin, Max, and Tyler.  So clearly said that So and Joaquin are voting out Carolyn, and Carolyn and Shirin clearly said they were voting for So, leaving Tyler and Max as the swing votes.  Carolyn chose not to play her idol, but she didn't need to as she only got two votes.  Max and Tyler voted with Carolyn and Shirin, blindsiding So and Joaquin, and So was the first person voted out by a vote of 4-2.  After leaving Tribal Council, Jeff mentioned that White Collar will have a flint waiting for them back at camp.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Ladder Daze
The tribes will race down a ramp and go through an obstacle where they will make their way to a large wooden crate, which contains a ladder. They will then choose to open the crate by using keys to unlock locks or they can untie knots. Both methods will release the ladder. Once they have the ladder free, they will use it to go up, across, and down a tall platform and through another series of obstacles. They will then use the ladder to make their biggest decision in the challenge of which puzzle to solve. There are three choices. The first puzzle has only five pieces, but it requires a person to see the big picture. The second puzzle has ten pieces in it and requires a person to see things more visually. The third puzzle has the most pieces at fifty, but it is also the most straight forward. All of these puzzles average the same amount of time to finish. If the right person is put on the right puzzle, they may be able to finish faster than average. The first two tribes to finish their puzzle win immunity.
Reward: Fire making kit (1st place); flint (2nd place)
Winners (in order of finish): Nagarote and Escameca

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S30 so t.png
So (4 votes)
S30 carolyn t.pngS30 max t.pngS30 shirin t.pngS30 tyler t.png
Carolyn, Max, Shirin, Tyler
S30 carolyn t.png
Carolyn (2 votes)
S30 joaquin t.pngS30 so t.png
Joaquin, So
S30 so bw.png
So Kim

Voting Confessionals

S30 carolyn t.png

(voting for So) I haven't trusted you from the beginning. You've lied to me from Day 1. I hope it's you and not me tonight.

S30 so t.png

(voting for Carolyn) We have to keep the tribe strong and you are the lesser of two evils.

Final Words

S30 so bw.png

This moment is absolutely my worst nightmare. I never would have imagined that I'd be sitting here the first one voted out. They definitely made a mistake. You're going to see that team self-destruct because they did, they kicked off someone who is clearly an asset in challenges. I mean, this hurts a lot and I think that I'm just trying to absorb the shock of it all.

Still in the Running

S30 so bw.png
S30 carolyn t.png
S30 dan t.png
S30 hali t.png
S30 jenn t.png
S30 joaquin t.png
S30 joe t.png
S30 kelly t.png
S30 lindsey t.png
S30 max t.png
S30 mike t.png
S30 nina t.png
S30 rodney t.png
S30 shirin t.png
S30 sierra t.png
S30 tyler t.png
S30 vince t.png
S30 will t.png


Behind the Scenes


  • According to Shirin, the third puzzle in the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge actually had 54 pieces, instead of 50.[2]
  • This episode was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming and Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming at the 67th Emmy Awards.[3][4]
  • This episode aired on Shirin's birthday.


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