It's Psychological Warfare is the ninth episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Day 22

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Day 24


Challenge: Knot Your Fault
Working together, the teams must untangle ropes tied to the contestants. Once their ropes have been untangled they will open a box containing sandbags and use the sandbags to knock over wooden blocks on a platform. The first team to knock off all their blocks wins reward.
Reward: Chinese Takeout delivered to camp
Winners: Yellow Team (Julia Sokolowski, Kyle Jason, Scot Pollard, and Tai Trang)

Challenge: Backed Up
The contestants must stack wooden blocks along a platform while avoiding tripping hazards. Once all of their blocks are stacked the contestants must knock them over like dominoes. The first contestant to topple all of their blocks, such that the final block hits a gong at the end, wins immunity.
Winner: Julia Sokolowski

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S32 debbie t
Debbie (4 votes)
S32 aubry tS32 cydney tS32 julia tS32 michele t
Aubry, Cydney, Julia, Michele
S32 cydney t
Cydney (3 votes)
S32 jason tS32 scot tS32 tai t
Jason, Scot, Tai
S32 scot t
Scot (2 votes)
S32 debbie tS32 joe t
Debbie, Joe
S32 debbie bw
Debbie Wanner

Voting Confessionals


Final Words

S32 debbie bw

The big surprise to me here was that, uh, the girls chose to get rid of a girl. It just boggles my mind, and it's only going to make it more difficult for them to now defeat Scot, Jason and Tai. And it totally stinks that those three wankers have made it further than me, but they played a better game.

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
S32 jennifer bw
S32 liz bw
S32 caleb bw
S32 alecia bw
S32 anna bw
S32 peter bw
S32 neal bw
S32 nick bw
S32 debbie bw
S32 aubry t
S32 cydney t
S32 jason t
S32 joe t
S32 julia t
S32 michele t
S32 scot t
S32 tai t


Life at Ponderosa

Debbie enjoys a "fabulous" welcome to Ponderosa, and it is revealed that she had lost 13 lbs. during her time in the game. She states that, should Aubry make it to the Final Tribal Council, she would not vote for her to win. As she enjoys the food at Ponderosa, she shares stories with its other residents, Neal and Nick, who react in disbelief and annoyance. Debbie later states that she had formed close bonds with several of the castaways, including Aubry and Cydney, who she hoped to be friends with after the game. Debbie's grating attitude rubs Neal and Nick the wrong way, as they state in confessionals their mixed reactions toward her. Nick finds her to be a nice lady with an over-the-top personality. Debbie is grateful for the "epic adventure" that was Survivor, and is looking forward to return to her normal life filled with people who love her for who she is.[2]

Secret Scene

  • Kill The Chicken: The secret scene takes place immediately after Dara returns from the Reward Challenge. The losers and Julia contemplate killing and eating Mark the chicken to spite the men, especially Tai. Debbie describes in a confessional the graphic details of how she would like to devour Mark. Meanwhile, Tai overhears the tribe talking about eating Mark, and worriedly calls out for it.

Unaired Confessionals

  • Another Lesson Learned: After the Immunity Challenge, Tai is disappointed that he had lost, but he is glad that Julia had won so that she would be safe and without a need to fear for the two conflicting alliances' scheming against each other. Through the challenge, he has learnt not to rush through his life.[3]
  • Chaos is on the Way Out: Debbie is confident that, after their immunity loss, Jason, Scot, and Tai were up on the chopping block. She hopes to recover the tribe's ax and machete, and believes that the next elimination will allow the tribe to recoup the lost serenity. She is so trusting of her alliance that she predicts her chances of elimination at the following Tribal Council to be "not even 1 in 9 - they're 1 in a 100".[4]
  • Didn't Pan Out That Way: Michele is disappointed to have lost the Immunity Challenge despite having an early lead, but was also glad that her number-one ally in the game, Julia, had won immunity and saved herself from elimination.[5]
  • Exactly How We Had Hoped: Jason is ecstatic to have the team division method which had happened in during the Reward Challenge, believing that Julia's decision to go with the men to give them hope in the game, and also that Joe's decision to support the women was one of poor judgement.[6]
  • Feel Like Home: Tai is happy to have won the Chinese takeout, which was a sentimental reward for him as it took him back to his Chinese ancestry and family, and that it satisfied his 22-day-long cravings for noodles. He states that the reward helped him get back on his feet, as he had felt weak the night before.[7]
  • Greatest Things in the World: Jason describes the sumptuous array of Chinese takeout at the reward which he had won. He states that the food - which he would not have eaten in his daily life - satisfied him despite not being what he had wanted. He describes the iced tea - which he dislikes outside the game - to be "the greatest drink of the nectars, ever". He is happy with the people he spent the reward with, because he had two allies and a potential new ally, especially after the massive blindside the previous Tribal Council.[8]
  • Guess Who's Going to Win: Scot recounts the team division that had occurred at the Reward Challenge which had essentially given him the win even before the challenge had started. He lauds Julia's decision to go for food instead of for strategy, and criticizes Joe's unwavering loyalty to the women for blinding him to picking the obvious winners solely for food.[9]
  • He Did It on Purpose: A dissatisfied Aubry recounts Scot's decision to extinguish the campfire, believing that he did not act out simply because of anger. She also discusses Julia's decision to join the men in the Reward Challenge, and is adamant that she is playing both sides of the fence in an attempt to find the better alliance.[10]
  • I Had to Redeem Myself: Julia is happy to have won immunity in the latest challenge, and put a heavy weightage on a victory - to redeem her lackluster performance in Uncomfortably Numb, and to take herself off the chopping block, which she had found herself on because of her mutiny at the Reward Challenge.[11]
  • I Was Really Shocked: Julia disapproves Jason and Scot's immature reaction to Nick's blindside by sabotaging the camp. She criticizes Scot, a father, for extinguishing the campfire, and believes that his children will see him in a different light. While she has lost respect for the two men who threw a tantrum after falling to the bottom, she keeps respect for the Brains who had recovered from a numbers deficit to regain control of the game.[12]
  • I'm Loyal to a Fault: Joe is suspicious about Julia's on-the-fence gameplay, and does not have faith that she is invested in the women's alliance. He is upset by Aubry's proposal to eliminate Debbie, as he strongly believes in staying loyal to his original allies. He concludes the confessional by re-iterating his intentions to vote against original target Scot.[13]
  • It's Going to Backfire: Michele finds the men's sabotage, and their subsequent belief that it was smart, amusing. She is adamant that she will never become such a person even if her heart is broken by the strategy. She believes that the sabotage only unites the women and Joe even more due to a common hatred, and that their moment of folly will backfire for them in the future.[14]
  • Makes You Human Again: The Chinese takeout reward brought memories of his family and his home back to Scot. He feels that every food reward that he had won took his mind off the game and back to his family, making him "human again".[15]
  • My Game Now: Debbie is confident in the women's alliance, as well as in the original core Brains trio. She believes that the group of six will take the women far. She also found Scot and Jason to be seeking attention when they committed sabotage, and believes that their actions will change the viewing audience's perceptions of them greatly.[16]
  • Payback Time: Joe chastises Scot's brash decision of extinguishing the campfire, and the men's sabotage as a whole. He expresses extreme disapproval of their inability to comprehend the ethics of the game, and stated that, outside the confines of the game, their actions would be unforgivable.[17]
  • Stand On My Own Two Feet: Aubry starts the confessional by expressing joy after blindsiding Nick with the women. She then proceeds to discuss her tumultuous game thus far, and felt that Nick's elimination allowed her to work on a more level-headed and independent level.[18]
  • They Didn't Think: In a deleted confessional, Cydney is enraged by Scot and Jason's poor sportsmanship and reaction towards Nick's blindside. She also stated that, while on To Tang, the three had been in a tight-knit alliance which she had her doubts about. The merge solidified those doubts, leading to a weakening of the alliance. The recent campfire incident only turned Cydney completely off towards the men.[19]
  • We Don't Need Y'all: Cydney is unfazed by the men's sabotage and the Reward Challenge loss, and believes that mental fortitude will be the driving force to get her alliance to the end. She states that the alliance must prepare physically to prevent the men, and, by extension, Julia, from winning immunity.[20]


  • Not counting live Reunion Shows, this is the 450th episode of Survivor.
  • This is the first episode of the season where the Brawns outnumber the Brains still in the game.

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