It's Merge Time is the seventh episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19


Immunity Challenge: Roller Ball
The castaways would have to balance balls upon a dish while standing on a perch. A ball would be added every five minutes until the third ball, after which the challenge will go on until only one castaway remains. If a ball drops, or if the castaway steps off the perch, he would be eliminated from the challenge.
Winner: Nick Maiorano

Tribal Council

Removed from Camp
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Neal Gottlieb

Final Words

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I'm one of those people that truly believes the journey is the reward and this has been an amazing experience that I will hold near and dear and look back with many smiles and many laughs, maybe a tear or two, for the rest of my life. But, that's the game. You don't have to just outwit and outplay, you have to outlast.

Still in the Running

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Secret Scene

The secret scene takes place at Gondol, where Aubry and Joe have been usurped from their power position after the previous vote. While Joe describes the importance of loyalty in life and in the game, Aubry goes off into the jungle with Tai. Emotionally, she contemplates severing ties with Joe to join Tai's alliance in order to advance herself in the game. Tai discusses her intentions with her, and states that she cannot continue supporting Joe, who is burdening her game.

Unaired Confessionals

  • A Huge Change for Me: Julia expresses her excitement for the merge, and addresses her youth and culture shock, as well as the tribal dynamics in Dara.
  • A Rude Awakening: Julia discusses the unexpected island house call. She states her concern of the health situation at Dara camp, and also addresses the large injury count within the tribe, as well as the terrifying rate at which infections can occur. However, she is not surprised by Neal's evacuation, because she had seen the extent to which he had been infected.
  • Big Boy Time: Tai shows his excitement at the upcoming merge after seeing Chan Loh sailing into Gondol, which was a rush from the slow-going morning for the tribe. He is overjoyed to start his individual game, and is happy to be liberated from the number contraints of the original tribes.
  • Competitive Eating: Neal discusses how incredible the merge feast was, and how he kept consuming the courses regardless of how full he was feeling. He also stated that he ate the most and that the following night was one where he didn't go to sleep thinking about food.
  • Cover All Your Bases: Cydney states that Neal's evacuation has raised awareness of the importance of hygiene at camp. She also states that she has been covering up her body to avoid the prospect of infection. Finally, she says that Neal's evacuation did little to change the course of the game, as she would have voted against him regardless.
  • I Took It Down: Nick expresses his pride after winning the Immunity Challenge, and also the emotions he faced during the competition. He also expresses his comfort as the swing vote, and with immunity.
  • I Want to Do Him Proud: After Neal's evacuation, Aubry expresses her disappointment at not being able to play with her number one ally, but also states that she now has another inspiration to see her through the game—to make Neal proud of her gameplay.
  • I Was Upset: Tai expresses his dismay following Neal's evacuation.
  • I'll Take It: After Neal's evacuation, Jason comments that even though he is sad to see him go, he is happy that he is gone because he was a good player and it helps with the numbers for the Brawn tribe. He also explains that it is now easier to flush out an idol from the Brains, if one still existed.
  • It's Like We're in the Playoffs: Scot expresses his excitement for the merge and that he can't believe he made it. He also compares the merge to being in the NBA playoffs, where you try to get more wins than losses. He also states that he thinks that he is in a very good position in the game.
  • It Makes Him a Big Threat: Scot explains how he enjoyed the Immunity Challenge, and Nick winning is good for him because it makes him a big threat and puts a target on his back, but he also expresses that it would have been nice for him to win since he has never came in first in an Immunity Challenge and wants to enjoy the satisfaction of an 100% guarantee that you are not going home at Tribal Council.
  • It Was Great to See Him: Scot expresses how happy he was to see Cydney and Jason at the merge.
  • My Own Personal Legacy: It is revealed in this confessional that Joe coined the merged tribe's name, Dara. He states that he had done research prior to the competition, and was eager to leave his mark on the game by naming the merged tribe, should he reach that milestone. Joe conveys his ecstasy of fulfilling his wish.
  • My Dream as a Kid: Michele admits that making the merge fulfills a childhood dream of hers and didn't expect it to happen so soon.
  • My Two Top Threats: Michele reveals that she thinks that Tai and Cydney are the two people who most threaten her game.
  • This Is Unreal: Jason discusses his power position in the game, with his tight alliance as well as his possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol. He expresses satisfaction at his alliance members informing him of the presence of another Immunity Idol and its holder, as well as playing the game with an iron rule as a long-time fan of the show.
  • This Is What I Came For: Joe expresses how he is very proud of himself for making the merge at his age.
  • Wave Goodbye to Chan Loh: Neal reveals that the merge affects his game greatly; he didn't think it would be this soon and the merged tribe would be at the Chan Loh camp, where he had already mapped out places where an idol could be.
  • We All Earned It: Debbie explains how she is proud to make the merge, especially the feast, and how she loves change.

Life at Ponderosa

After being taken away from Dara camp, an emotional Neal is escorted by Jeff to another, faster boat to send him to the hospital. Neal lost 17 lbs. and afterwards, Neal arrives at Ponderosa. There, he works out with the rowing machine, comparing the machine's mechanics to the unpredictable nature of the game. He gets a chance to read the letters from his family, and shows off his unused Hidden Immunity Idol, which he is keeping as an heirloom.[2]


  • Neal Gottlieb has confirmed that this episode aired exactly one year after filming of the season commenced.[3]

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