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It's Human Nature is the penultimate episode of Survivor: One World.


Day 34

The cold opening starts out with Tarzan advising Kim to take Alica and Christina to the final three with her because of their low chance of winning. Kim falsely agrees, but has other plans. Alicia walks up to Tarzan and Kim, and was filled in on Tarzan's plan. Tarzan also tells Kim and Alicia separately that he will persuade the jury to vote for them at the Final Tribal Council. Later, Chelsea and Christina are walking to get Tree Mail, and Chelsea promises to take Christina with her on reward. Chelsea later wins the Reward Challenge. When asked who she wants to go with, she picks Sabrina and Kim.

On the boat, Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kim enjoy the reward, and team up to go to the final three. Back at camp, Alicia, Christina, and Tarzan are irritated by Chelsea's choice to take Kim on reward despite the fact that Kim went on the last three rewards. The three decide to vote Chelsea out. Tarzan then tells Alicia to take Sabrina and Christina to the final three. When the rewarded trio returns to camp, they immediately witness a brief argument between Tarzan and Alicia. Later on the beach, Kim and Alicia talk about voting Chelsea out. They then talk about Tarzan and discover that he told them both the same strategy. Alicia then begins to have doubts about Tarzan's loyalty.

Day 36

After a close Immunity Challenge, Alicia wins and is safe from elimination.

On the beach, Kim admits to Chelsea that she and Alicia might vote her out that night. Sabrina consoles Chelsea later and assures her that she's not going home tonight. The group travels to Tribal Council with Tarzan clad in Kat's pink tank top. Tarzan tries to convince the women that he is an asset because of his low chances of winning, but the women are doubtful. Tarzan is voted out in a 5-1 vote. With the last man out, Jeff Probst congratulates the five women saying "May the best woman win" and the five women are left to battle it out in the finale.


Challenge: Spinning Wheel
The castaways start off by holding onto a disk and spinning around it in order to detach it from a post, making them dizzy. They must repeat the process for the final two discs and make their way to a decoding station, where they will align 3 numbers for a combination. They will then pull on a lever. If they have right, a flag in the respective color of their station will raise. First person to do this wins reward.
Reward: A trip on a yacht, three-course meal.
Winner: Chelsea Meissner (shared with Kim Spradlin and Sabrina Thompson)

Challenge: Bone to Pick
The castaways have one hand tied behind their back, and they have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. First castaway to assemble their puzzle wins Immunity.
Winner: Alicia Rosa

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
S24 tarzan t.png
Tarzan (5 votes)
S24 alicia t.pngS24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.pngS24 kim t.pngS24 sabrina t.png
Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kim, Sabrina
S24 chelsea t.png
Chelsea (1 vote)
S24 tarzan t.png
S24 tarzan bw.png
Tarzan Smith

Voting Confessionals

Tarzan did not say anything when he voted.

S24 chelsea t.png

(voting for Tarzan) Tarzan, please get the hell off this island before you drive me crazy.

Final Words

S24 tarzan bw.png

To win Survivor is the goal if a million bucks lifts your soul. You must outwit, outplay, outlast or be a savage, soon outcast. Expect there'll be so much to see, people will lie and they will cheat. Oh, and I'm gonna add one more thing. (performs the Tarzan yell)

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw.png
S24 nina bw.png
S24 matt bw.png
S24 bill bw.png
S24 monica bw.png
S24 colton bw.png
S24 jonas bw.png
S24 michael bw.png
S24 jay bw.png
S24 leif bw.png
S24 troyzan bw.png
S24 kat bw.png
S24 tarzan bw.png
S24 alicia t.png
S24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.png
S24 kim t.png
S24 sabrina t.png


Behind The Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

  • During his medical check-up, Tarzan lost 24.4 lbs and currently weighs 199 lbs. When in the car he says he's surprised he made it further in the game then he excepted to. Tarzan thought everybody would be mad at him, but to his surprise when he arrives to Ponderosa, he gets a warm reception from everybody. Wearing Kat's shirt, he takes it off and playfully throws it at her. He later dishes up food and sits down to eat. He later goes to his room and upon looking at himself in the mirror, he bursts into laughter and says he if saw himself walking down the street, he would turn around and run and says "No wonder the girls voted me out, I probably scared them". He says when he looks back on his experience playing Survivor, it will be an adventure he wanted to have before he died.[2]
  • Tarzan did not shower the night before. At Ponderosa when the jury was eating breakfast, Michael was so disgusted with Tarzan for not showering and couldn't eat near him due to smelling really bad. Tarzan shaves his beard, leaving only his mustache. Later, the jury drinks kava, a Samoan intoxicant. Tarzan seeks help from Troyzan to help him wear his cowboy boots, which he reveals are from his "disco days."[3]


  • After this episode, all of the men, and as such, all of the original Manono members have been voted out of the game.


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