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It's Called a Russell Seed is the third episode of Survivor: Samoa.


Day 7

Day 8


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Sea Crates
A pair of castaways from each tribe would swim out into the ocean to retrieve one of four crates with a different color on each face of a crate. Between the beach and crates would be a "battle zone" marked off by four flags. Within this zone, an opposing tribe member would try to prevent the two castaways from crossing the zone and reaching the crate. Once the two castaways crossed the zone, they would bring a crate back to the beach, and a second pair of castaways would go out to retrieve another crate. Once all four crates were retrieved, the crates would need to be stacked so that one color didn't show more than once on each column. The first tribe to complete the puzzle would win.
Reward: Comfort items consisting of pillows, candles, mats, beach towels, and a hammock
Winner: Galu (sent Shambo Waters to observe Foa Foa)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Foa Foa
S19 ben t
Ben (6 votes)
S19 ashley tS19 jaison tS19 liz t
S19 mick tS19 natalie tS19 russellh t
Ashley, Jaison, Liz, Mick, Natalie, Russell H.
S19 ashley t
Ashley (1 vote)
S19 ben t
S19 ben bw
Ben Browning

Voting Confessionals

Jaison did not say anything when he voted.

(votes for Ben) You and I have grown a little closer over the past few days, but, man, you are way too abrasive and have way, way too many enemies in that other camp, uh, to be nothing but a liability on any kind of merge or swap. Sorry, man, but that's the consensus. You gotta go.

Mick Trimming

(votes for Ben) I just really think that you need to grow up. That's all I have to say to you.

Ashley Trainer

(votes for Ben) I didn't wanna have to do this, Ben, but I have no choice now. See ya in Hollywood.

Russell Hantz

(votes for Ben) Sorry, you're just too inflammatory for the tribe.

Liz Kim

(votes for Ashley) You knew it was coming.

Ben Browning

(votes for Ben) I am voting for Ben because this is what my alliance wants.

Natalie White

Final Words

Well, I think it's really funny that I'm going home because I think everybody gonna starve. I think it's even funnier that it's raining. You guys gonna be wet and I'm not worry about it because I will get a nice, dry sleep tonight. The tribe's a punch of sissies, everybody except Russell. I was the hardest working guy in camp, everybody knew that. They gonna miss me when I'm gone.

Ben Browning

Still in the Running

S19 marisa bw
S19 mike bw
S19 betsy bw
S19 ben bw
Foa Foa
S19 ashley t
S19 brett t
S19 dave t
S19 erik t
Foa Foa
S19 jaison t
S19 john t
S19 kelly t
S19 laura t
Foa Foa
S19 liz t
Foa Foa
S19 mick t
S19 monica t
Foa Foa
S19 natalie t
 Russell H.
Foa Foa
S19 russellh t
S19 russells t
S19 shambo t
S19 yasmin t


  • This is the only pre-merge episode of the season where a male contestant gets voted off.