Isabelle Seguin is one of the Sole Survivors of Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


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  • Age: 40 ans - Vie maritale
  • Profession: Brocanteuse
  • Département: Ain (01)
  • Passion: Elevage de poules et aviation
  • Devise: Profiter de la vie


A member of the Machiga tribe, Isabelle had formed a close friendship with Valérie Dot at the beginning of the game and the two voted in the majority throughout the entire tribal phase.

During the Ambassadors' Meeting before the merge, Isabelle immediately suggested Moussa to Delphine Bano of the Boro tribe as the Ambassadors' vote for the first merge elimination. Delphine agreed and they contemplated the possibility of a female alliance between themselves, Valérie, and Hélène Patry, but this ultimately did not happen. Sébastien Loew disagreed with Isabelle's move to suggest Moussa's name so quickly because the original Boro tribe members would now have the opportunity to pagong the original Machiga tribe members. When the tribes merged, Moussa immediately informed the original Boro tribe members that he is willing to flip on his original tribemates. The other original Machiga tribe members countered this by playing up to Antoine Sanchez's sense of work ethic in order to try to flip him to their side. They failed and Sébastien was the target of Moussa and the original Boro tribe members at the merged tribe's first elimination. The possibility of a female alliance between Delphine, Valérie, Isabelle, and Hélène was revived at the Final Seven. Knowing this, Moussa and Moundir Zoughari, using polar opposite tactics, gave arguments to Delphine and Hélène as for why they should continue working with the three males and stick to the original plan. They succeeded and the five voted out Valérie at the merged tribe's second elimination.

By the time there were six contestants remaining, although the tribe was appreciative of Antoine's strong worth ethic, they had plans to vote him out at the next elimination because they were annoyed by some of his antics, such as his complaining when his fishing excursions were less fruitful and his patronization of the female contestants when it came to some of the tasks around camp, and because of allegations that Antoine had made bigoted remarks concerning Moussa and Moundir. Hélène and Moundir had given their word to Antoine earlier in the game that they wouldn't vote against him, but they were fully aware that Delphine, Moussa, and Isabelle were voting against Antoine and supported it. Therefore, Antoine was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote, but was not eliminated from the game and was instead exiled for 48 hours where he missed out on the next reward and Immunity Challenges. This occurred because Philippe Huquet was permanently evacuated due to an infection on Day 14 and Linda Penard refused to return to the game in Philippe's place due to the tension between her and Moundir. Delphine and Isabelle voted for Antoine again at the next elimination, but the three males voted out Hélène due to her challenge prowess and due to her and Delphine's exaggeration of what Antoine had said about Moundir's religion earlier in the season. At the Final Five, feeling that any pact between the two of them was now over, Antoine joined Delphine and Isabelle in voting out Moundir because they felt that he would be hard to compete against in the finale and because they felt that he did not deserve to make it any further.

After winning the Perch challenge at the Final Three, Isabelle chose to take Delphine to the Final Two where, for a variety of reasons, they each received three votes to win and were both crowned the first ever Sole Survivors of Koh-Lanta.

Voting History

Isabelle's Voting History
Episode Isabelle's
Voted Against
1 Machiga Tribe Immune
2 Sébastien -
3 Sophie -
4 Machiga Tribe Immune
5 Alexandre -
6 No Vote
7 Machiga Tribe Immune
8 Moussa -
9 Moussa Antoine, Moundir
10 Mock Vote1
11 Antoine -
12 Moundir Moundir
13 Moussa Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Isabelle
Antoine, Moundir, Sébastien
Sole Survivor, Day 40

^1 Due to the high amounts of evacuations and quits during the season, the Tribal Council on Day 31 ended up with the person receiving the most votes being exiled for 48 hours.

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