Irshaad Ally is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Malaysia.


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I don't give up, I never give up, I don't like giving up.

Age: 29
Birth date: 1/3/1978
Star sign: Pisces
Lives in: Maitland, Cape Town
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Irshaad had a rough youth: he grew up on the Cape Flats, never finished school, got involved with the wrong people, did hard drugs and got arrested. But then he re-invented his life and worked his way up from a runner at an ad agency to a graphic designer. He has completed the Argus (after one day's training) and jumps off 20m cliffs for fun.
Why could he survive in Malaysia? This action man has survived against all odds in real life. He trusts his gut and is afraid of nothing.
Describes himself as... "the personification of the saying 'persevere and you will achieve."[1]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Irshaad's Voting History
Episode Irshaad's
Voted Against
1 Nomfundo -
2 Iban Tribe Immune
3 Lisa -
4 Elsie -
5 Iban Tribe Immune
6 Rijesh -
7 Iban Tribe Immune
8 Angie Amanda,
Angie, Dyke
Voted Out, Day 17




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