The Immunity Idol is a totem that symbolizes Tribal Immunity and is awarded to the winning tribe(s) of an Immunity Challenge. Not to be confused with the Hidden Immunity Idol or the Immunity Necklace, the Immunity Idol serves as a trophy-of-sorts that grants an entire tribe exemption from Tribal Council, thus avoiding elimination.

When tribes convene at an Immunity Challenge, the winning tribe passes the Immunity Idol back to the host.

The idol is different every season and reflects the local culture or motif theme of the season. In seasons with more than two initial tribes, the Immunity Idol is separated into multiple pieces, to be shared by multiple tribes. In the event when the multiple tribes are spread into two new tribes, the tribe that wins the challenge would obtain the complete idol. The three exceptions were on Survivor: Philippines, Survivor: Cagayan, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, where two separate tribal Immunity Idols were up for grabs.

The Immunity Idol could sometimes be representative of a local deity and not just a cultural object. For example, in Survivor: Thailand, the Immunity Idol is a statue of Thepanom, the angel of protection in Thai culture, and in Survivor: Blood vs. Water it is Caishen, the god of wealth in Chinese mythology.

In most seasons, the idol is shaped like an ornate trophy, but in some seasons such as Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Vanuatu, Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Fiji, and Survivor: Samoa, the idol is shaped like a spear, and is stuck in the ground instead of being placed on a pedestal.

After the season, the idol is sold on eBay and, like with all Survivor memorabilia that is sold, the proceeds go to charity.


Hidden Immunity Idol

See Hidden Immunity Idol



  • Out of sheer joy, Rory Freeman accidentally broke the spear-like Immunity Idol in Vanuatu after violently sticking it into the ground when his tribe got back to camp after winning an Immunity Challenge. As said challenge was the last tribal Immunity Challenge before the merge, the damage was considered inconsequential and the idol not repaired.
  • CBS gave the Survivor: China Immunity Idol to celebrity Neil Patrick Harris, an avid reality TV fan, as a gift for his 37th birthday.[1] However, the idol was apparently bought back as a prop for Ghost Island.


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