Ikabula is a tribe from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

After being forced to start from scratch with minimal supplies, Ikabula managed to get on their feet. Their competitive spirit and combined challenge strength allowed them to power through four of the five post-switch challenges. The time they spent together allowed them to form a familial bond, which was most apparent before their only Tribal Council. Their tribe color is green.


 Bret LaBelle
S33 bret t
 Hannah Shapiro
S33 hannah t
 Jay Starrett
S33 jay t
S33 michaela t
 Sunday Burquest
S33 sunday t
 Will Wahl
S33 will t

Tribe History

A Tribe is Born

On Day 13, the Takali and Vanua tribes gathered for what appeared to be another Reward Challenge. Host Jeff Probst then surprised the castaways by announcing a Tribe Switch. The two tribes would be splitting into three, with the new Ikabula tribe receiving one more member than the other two tribes, at the expense of having to build their camp from scratch. Upon drawing buffs, many of the new Ikabula tribe members were upset, especially Michaela Bradshaw, who threw her new buff on the ground in frustration.

After heading to their new beach, the tribe particularly had trouble with getting a fire started, until Michaela was able to get a flame going. With the camp now set up, the former Vanua majority agreed upon sticking together to vote out former Takali members Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest. However, this would be put on hold, as the new tribe had surprising success in challenges, despite them somewhat being at a disadvantage.

The Game Unfolds

At the Ikabula camp, Jay Starrett and Will Wahl realized that there must be a Hidden Immunity Idol, and they began searching for it. The two were overjoyed when they found it, but this celebration was cut short as Michaela caught them in the act, and the two were forced to let her in on the secret about the idol.

After finally losing an Immunity Challenge on Day 20, it seemed like either Bret or Sunday would be going home, with the two mutually agreeing to write each other's names down. When finalizing the plan, Michaela overplayed her hand when she showed her alliance that she had the whole game thought out already. Worried that Michaela would become a physical and strategic threat down the road, along with the fact that she knew about their idol, Jay and Will decided to flip on her, and along with Bret and Sunday's votes against Michaela, she was sent packing in a 4-2 vote, leaving Hannah Shapiro on the outs.

The next day, it was announced that all three tribes would be merging, for the first time in Survivor history.



  • Ikabula is the first non-starting tribe to reach the merge intact, as both The Outcasts and Angkor were dissolved before the merge.
  • Ikabula is the first tribe to have a numerical advantage over rival tribes after a Tribe Switch into more than two tribes. This was done in order to offset the disadvantage of having no pre-existing shelter on the Ikabula beach.


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