The Idol Nullifier is a twist introduced in Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Its main purpose is to prevent a Hidden Immunity Idol from negating any votes.


The Idol Nullifier is a talisman that can be used at Tribal Council. If the castaway wishes to use it, he must do so while casting his or her vote. At the voting booth, the user must write the name of the intended target on the nullifier and place it in the voting urn, along with his or her vote. If an idol is played on the intended target, the host will verify its authenticity, but will also present the Idol Nullifier, informing the player that the idol has been rendered powerless. If the target does not play an idol, the advantage will be wasted and its user will remain anonymous if he or she chooses to be. Similar to the Hidden Immunity Idol, the Idol Nullifier can be played until five castaways remain.

An Idol Nullifier can only negate one Hidden Immunity Idol, so it can be countered if a second Hidden Immunity Idol is played for the target.[1]


David vs. Goliath

The Idol Nullifier debuted in David vs. Goliath after the Tribe Switch on Day 10. Carl Boudreaux was left without a tribe and was subsequently banished to Exile Island. During his stay, he successfully located the Idol Nullifier, which he revealed to his allies. At the Day 25 Tribal Council, Carl used the Idol Nullifier on Dan Rengering, successfully preventing his idol from having any power, sending him to the jury.

Island of the Idols

On Day 34, Dean Kowalski was selected by random draw to go to the Island of the Idols. For his mentors' challenge, Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine offered him a choice of three advantages—an Extra Vote, an Idol Nullifier, or a Hidden Immunity Idol good for the next Tribal Council which could not be played on himself— if he won a game of chance. Dean chose to play for an Idol Nullifier, which he then received after winning the game of chance. At the Day 37 Tribal Council, Dean used the Idol Nullifier on Janet Carbin, successfully preventing her idol from having any power, sending her to the jury.

Winners at War

On Day 15, Tyson Apostol found an Idol Nullifier on the Edge of Extinction which he could sell to a castaway still in the game for one Fire Token. Tyson sold the advantage to Parvati Shallow of the Sele tribe, who purchased it and could use it until there were five active players remaining. Parvati was voted out the following day, with the Idol Nullifier being taken out of play after she was sent to the Edge of Extinction herself.


Season Location Episode Acquired Original Owner Given To Episode Used Intended Target Successful? Eliminated
Survivor: David vs. Goliath Exile Island "Time to Bring About the Charmpocalypse" S37 carl t
Carl Boudreaux
None "Breadth-First Search" S37 dan t
Dan Rengering
Yes! S37 dan bw
Dan Rengering
Survivor: Island of the Idols Island of the Idols "Just Go for It" S39 dean t
Dean Kowalski
None "Mama, Look at Me Now" S39 janet t
Janet Carbin
Yes! S39 janet bw
Janet Carbin
Survivor: Winners at War On the Edge of Extinction "Quick on the Draw" S40 parvati t
Parvati Shallow
None Unused


  • The idea of the Idol Nullifier originated in Australian Survivor (2017), where the nullifier was designed as a regular Hidden Immunity Idol, but with a different use.
    • Instead of playing the nullifier in the voting booth, the contestant could play it as a regular idol, thereby reducing the uncertainty involved in using it.
  • Parvati Shallow is the first person to be voted out with an Idol Nullifier still in their possession.


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