Idol Hands is a recurring Survivor challenge. Debuting in Survivor: Philippines, it has since reappeared in Cagayan.


Facing off one against one in a fenced off circle, a castaway from each tribe would hold a wooden idol on top of a platform that they would hold in one hand. They would use the other free hand to attempt to knock their opponent's idol off the platform. The castaway whose idol hit the ground last would score one point for their tribe.


In Survivor: Philippines, the challenge was used right after the absorption of Matsing. Malcolm scored the final point of the match, winning muffins, cookies, coffee, biscuits, and tea for Tandang.

The challenge was used again as the Reward Challenge in "Head of the Snake" of Survivor: Cagayan. Trish, Tony, and Woo all scored points for Solana, winning them the right to loot the Aparri camp.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Got My Swag Back"
Tribal Reward S25 abimaria tS25 artis tS25 lisa t
S25 malcolm tS25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
"We Found Our Zombies"
Tribal Reward S28 jefra tS28 lj t
S28 tony tS28 trish tS28 woo t



  • This challenge appeared in two seasons that began with three tribes. However, at the time the challenge was used, only two tribes remained.
  • This challenge was only used in seasons filmed in the Philippines. 
  • Both tribes that won this challenge produced the runner(s)-up and 5th placers on their seasons.


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