I Will Destroy You is the seventh episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Night 18

Following Figgy's elimination, the Takali tribe returns to camp where Adam tries to reason with Taylor on why he voted Figgy out instead of Ken. Adam explains, "I feel badly that I ended their island romance but I did what I needed to do. I put myself in a position where I can move forward with a group of Gen-X'ers and Figgy was ultimately the sacrifice that had to happen." However, Taylor remains upset about the vote and plans to exact revenge on Adam. Taylor says, "I am beyond pissed at Adam. Now this is a total game of revenge. I'll keep my cool for now, but when it comes time, I will destroy you."

Day 19

At Vanua, David wants to solidify a bond with Zeke. David tells Zeke he trusts him more than he does Chris and shows him his Hidden Immunity Idol. While admitting there is risk involved in sharing information about the idol, David asks Zeke not to tell anyone about it. David says, "Sitting on the beach of the Vanua tribe, I'm thinking if we lose the next immunity, Michelle is absolutely who we would vote out of this game but I will not put it past Chris to try and pull a fast one and vote me out instead of Michelle. But I feel like I do have a tighter bond with Zeke than I do with Chris, and frankly, I think we are cut from the same cloth. So, I'm thinking I could show him my idol. That would establish a tremendous amount of trust but, I hate sharing knowledge that I have an idol. It's a very risky move or it's a great move. You just really never know." Zeke appreciates the trust has been to him and promises to keep his secret. Zeke says, "David told me that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol. I was just delighted to hear it, right, because if you can't have a Hidden Immunity Idol, it's good that a person you are very close to has a Hidden Immunity Idol. I think David and I could have a future in this game together. He has put his life in my hands and I am going to take very, very good care of his life...for the time being."

Day 20


Challenge: Matt Finish
Tribes must collect a bag of balls from an obstacle in the water, then shoot each ball through a net before attempting to land them on top of a narrow perch. The first two tribes to land all three balls on their perch win.
Reward: A chef will visit the winners' camp and cook for them a meal and dessert; kabobs for the runners-up.
Winners (in order of finish): Vanua and Ikabula

Challenge: Bail Out
The castaways must throw coconuts into a basket; once enough coconuts were in the basket, a scale would tip releasing three two-digit numbers; one castaway would then use the numbers to solve a combination lock and unlock a slingshot. The castaways would then use the slingshot to launch sandbags at targets; the first two tribes to hit all five of their targets would win.
Winner (in order of finish): Takali and Vanua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
S33 michaela t.png
Michaela (4 votes)
S33 bret t.pngS33 jay t.pngS33 sunday t.pngS33 will t.png
Bret, Jay, Sunday, Will
S33 bret t.png
Bret (2 votes)
S33 hannah t.pngS33 michaela t.png
Hannah, Michaela
S33 michaela bw.png
Michaela Bradshaw

Voting Confessionals

S33 hannah t.png

(voting against Bret) As always, I'm shaking. I hope people's words are true. I wish I could have gone further with you.

Final Words

S33 michaela bw.png

I'm pretty pissed off. I think it was the dumbest decision. My focus was the end, and I'm not even at the merge. Had Jay been able to control his paranoia, this group of four would have made it to the end. We would've ran this thing together and, uh, somebody would've walked away with a million. But, you know, oh well, Imma get rich some way.

Still in the Running

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S33 mari bw.png
S33 paul bw.png
S33 lucy bw.png
S33 cece bw.png
S33 figgy bw.png
S33 michaela bw.png
S33 adam t.png
S33 bret t.png
S33 chris t.png
S33 david t.png
S33 hannah t.png
S33 jay t.png
S33 jessica t.png
S33 ken t.png
S33 michelle t.png
S33 sunday t.png
S33 taylor t.png
S33 will t.png
S33 zeke t.png


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