I Was Put on the Planet for This Show is the tenth and recap episode of Survivor: Gabon.


New Scenes

  • The castaways had parts of their audition tapes aired, with special emphasis to the remaining seven castaways.
  • Fang's early struggles with food were shown, having to eat insects and "Gabon Pears".
  • Most of Fang was afraid to go into the lake because Randy discovered the lake had leeches. Matty went into the lake, but discovered he had a leech on his ankle.
  • Corinne voicing how she believe Sugar would do poorly on Exile Island.
  • Matty getting the tribe to sing She's a Jolly Good Woman about his girlfriend. Susie revealed in a confessional that she thinks of Matty as her little brother. Randy talked to Matty about the death of his dog.
  • Bob making various items to improve the Kota camp, including a bench and Hawaiian sling.
  • While on their picnic, Kota was surprised what was in the basket like chocolate. Corinne was annoyed by her tribe mates not knowing what the foods like pâté and pascito were. Corinne laments in a confessional that she had to share amazing experiences like picnicing in Gabon with people she doesn't like.
  • What Sugar did to alleviate boredom on Exile Island, including making a new dress from the floor mat.
  • In the credits, Marcus, Bob, and Ace were shown walking on the peer and when skinny dipping. The women were impressed by the display to make wolf whistle sounds.

Still in the Running

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  • The episode title is a paraphrase of a quote from Matty Whitmore's audition tape which was shown in the episode. The actual quote was "I was put on this planet for the sole purpose of being on this show".


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