I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Fiji.


Day 34

At the Reward Challenge, Yau-Man Chan wins a 2008 Ford Super Duty truck. He makes a deal with Dreamz Herd that if he gives the truck, Dreamz must give up Individual Immunity to Yau-Man at the Final Four Immunity Challenge if Dreamz wins it. Because of this Dreamz, wants to get rid of Yau-Man before the Immunity Challenge. Yau-Man then sends himself to Exile Island. Back at camp, Dreamz tells everyone to vote out Yau-Man, which everyone agrees to except Earl Cole, Yau-Man's long-time ally.

Day 35

Day 36

After Boo Bernis won the Immunity Challenge, the tribe returns to camp where Yau-Man shares the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to his ally, Earl. Earl uses the clue to find the Hidden Immunity Idol in a hollow pine tree. At Tribal Council, Yau-Man plays his own Hidden Immunity Idol, resulting in everyone's votes against him to not count, and instead, Stacy Kimball is sent home due to Yau-Man and Earl voting against her. 


Challenge: Keep On Truckin / An Axe to Grind
The challenge consisted of two parts:

  • Team Reward: Harnessed together in teams of three, the final six must cross three individual seesaws (with each team member going over the three different-sized seesaws in a different order) without falling, crawl through a net maze, dig up a hatchet buried somewhere in a sandpit, unwrap it, and chop through a rope.
  • Individual Reward: The winning team must throw hatchets at a wall to break two crisscrossing ropes, making a set of truck keys catapult into the air.
Reward: The winning team will take a truck full of school supplies to a local school and donate all of them, including a portable office. In return, the school will give them a picnic. In addition, they will get the chance to compete for a new truck (2008 Ford Super Duty).
Winners: Orange Team (Boo Bernis, Stacy Kimball, and Yau-Man Chan) (Yau-Man also won a new truck, then gave his reward to Dreamz Herd, and exiled himself)

Challenge: Grapple Perch
Castaways use a rope-and-ball to snag a hoop and pull it to lower the balance beam in each round. First four move on to the second round, where it will happen all over again, first two move on to the final. For the final, they must cross the final beam, stand on a tiny perch, and use a grappling hook to retrieve a buoy, making a second buoy float.
Winner: Boo Bernis

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Bula Bula
S14 yauman t.png
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S14 boo t.pngS14 cassandra t.pngS14 dreamz t.pngS14 stacy t.png
Boo, Cassandra, Dreamz, Stacy
(votes not counted)
S14 stacy t.png
Stacy (2 votes)
S14 earl t.pngS14 yauman t.png
Earl, Yau-Man
S14 stacy bw.png
Stacy Kimball

Voting Confessionals

S14 earl t.png

(voting against Stacy) Thanks for being a good sport. I'll see you when the whole game is over.

S14 boo t.png

(voting against Yau-Man) If you're gonna make a deal like that, with all this Stacy yapping, I don't want her here, but you gotta get out of this game.

S14 yauman t.png

(voting against Stacy) Goodbye, Stacy. Sorry, it's your turn. Good luck.

S14 cassandra t.png

(voting against Yau-Man) I enjoyed meeting you.

S14 stacy t.png

(voting against Yau-Man) Sorry I had to put your name down, but I think you're the biggest threat at this point.

S14 dreamz t.png

(voting against Yau-Man) Sorry, bro', that's how the game goes.

Final Words

S14 stacy bw.png

Tonight I gambled, hoping that Yau-Man wouldn't pull out the Immunity Idol, which he did. I was out-voted. I don't think I have ever been tested in many different ways. Making it 36 days is a big accomplishment. I hope that I have made my friends and family proud. I did my personal best and definitely walk away with a big smile.

Still in the Running

S14 jessica bw.png
S14 erica bw.png
S14 sylvia bw.png
S14 gary bw.png
S14 liliana bw.png
S14 rita bw.png
S14 anthony bw.png
S14 rocky bw.png
S14 lisi bw.png
S14 michelle bw.png
S14 edgardo bw.png
S14 mookie bw.png
S14 alex bw.png
S14 stacy bw.png
Bula Bula
S14 boo t.png
Bula Bula
S14 cassandra t.png
Bula Bula
S14 dreamz t.png
Bula Bula
S14 earl t.png
Bula Bula
S14 yauman t.png


  • This episode marked the first time that the winner of a Reward Challenge sent themself to Exile Island.
    • This was made possible due to the deal made between Dreamz Herd and Yau-Man Chan, in which Yau-Man gave up his portion of the reward to Dreamz. As Dreamz went on the reward, Yau-Man was forced to choose who to send to Exile Island between Cassandra Franklin, Earl Cole, and himself, ultimately choosing to exile himself.
  • This is the first time that votes are negated due to a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • This episode made Stacy Kimball the first person to be voted out as a direct result of a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • After this episode, Cassandra is the last woman left in the game.
  • Discounting seasons with a Final Two and consequently a three-person Tribal Council where only a single vote is cast, this marks the first time that only one person has had valid votes count against them in a Tribal Council.
  • This is the first and only time that the last vote Jeff Probst read was not for the person who was voted out, as the last vote Jeff read was for Yau-Man when Stacy was voted out.


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