I Need Redemption is the season premiere of Survivor: South Pacific.


Day 1

Riding a helicopter, two popular Survivor players, Coach Wade and Ozzy Lusth, were overlooking the pristine waters of the South Pacific, seeking redemption. Below them are sixteen new contestants (divided into two separate tribes, the blue Upolu and the red Savaii), paddling to Redemption Island Arena to meet host Jeff Probst.

Before they start, Jeff told the tribes that their roster was still incomplete, because they will be joined by two returning players. Anxious of who the castaways might be, Edna whispered to Brandon, "I just hope it's not Russell." Unknown to her, she was actually talking to Russell's nephew. In a confessional, Brandon commented: "I will never, ever tell them my last name." To not blow his cover, Brandon just said: "Oh my goodness, that would suck."

As the chopper landed, Coach and Ozzy emerged. Jeff asked Christine about her take on Coach and Ozzy's return. Christine bluntly replied: "They are temporary players," receiving mixed facial expressions from the other castaways. To determine their tribe designations, Jeff handed Coach and Ozzy a bowl containing two eggs with tribe-colored paint inside. After crushing the eggs, Coach was placed at the Upolu tribe, while Ozzy joined Savaii. As Ozzy approached the Savaii tribe, the red team gave one of Survivor 's most athletic contestants a warm group hug. On the other hand, as Coach approached Upolu, most of the members were unhappy, with Christine visibly upset. Coach said: "I'm not feeling a good vibe from the blue tribe." Jeff then announced that Redemption Island is back, and further surprised them by subjecting Coach and Ozzy in a Reward Challenge. Their tribemates, would sit out on the bleachers.

As the challenge went on, Ozzy established a healthy-sized lead, with Coach trailing with a few seconds. At the puzzle part of the challenge, both players struggled to solve it. As a solution, Ozzy solicited help from his tribemates, with Jim helping out first. Upolu soon followed, with Stacey calling the shots for Coach. While Coach continued to struggle, Ozzy was able to solve the puzzle first, winning reward for Savaii. As Ozzy returned to his tribe, he acknowledged them for being a big help at the challenge. Ozzy stated: "There's no way I could have done that without them." On the other hand, the disappointed Upolu tribe walked to their camp without saying anything to Coach, except Edna, who comforted him after the loss.

Upon reaching camp, the Savaii camp congratulated Ozzy for winning the first challenge. In return, Ozzy stated that they are "The best tribe ever." While introducing themselves, Ozzy took notice of Semhar. Learning that Semhar is a spoken word artist, Semhar gave them a sample of her abilities. In a confessional, Semhar explained: "I think it's important that when people challenge you, that you step up to that, so they know that they can trust you." To get to know one another, Savaii decided to bathe at the ocean. While the other tribemates had no problems stripping to their underwear, Cochran was visibly uncomfortable. He said, "It's just going to make me look more like a pathetic twerp, than I already do with my clothes on." After a little motivation from Elyse, Cochran eventually joined the fun.

At the Upolu camp, after Coach apologized to his tribemates about his failure at the challenge, the new castaways then introduced themselves. Sophie revealed that she finished economics and also speaks Russian. Coach then tried to converse with her in Russian. Unimpressed by his Russian, Sophie confided in a confessional: "Coach has been out here twice before and he knows some things." While the others were busy constructing shelter, Christine was using her survivor instincts looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol, which was potentially hidden at camp. Catching her in the act, Albert sent this information to her tribemates. Coach then declared, "Christine is target number one."

Back at Savaii camp, Jim introduced himself as a teacher, because he felt that divulging he was a poker player and owner of two medical marijuana dispensaries (his real occupation) will not be a good sell to a Jury. Mark (who wanted to be nicknamed "Papa Bear") revealed to the tribe that he is gay. After their beach talk, Savaii decided to set up their camp and create fire. Dawn was relieved that they will finally start building their shelter before the night comes. On the contrary, Ozzy had no problems sleeping in the sand.

At Upolu, while Mikayla and Brandon were installing the roof of the shelter, Coach brought up Brandon's "Loco" tattoo on his neck ("loco" means "crazy" in Spanish). Brandon explained his misdeeds, such as bullying, but he stated that he was a changed man. Later, when Coach later confessed to Brandon that Mikayla (who is at the roof placing fronds) is pretty, Brandon felt uncomfortable. Avoiding temptation, Brandon said: "I don't feel comfortable around Mikayla. It's just the way that she carries herself."

After nightfall, Coach, Sophie, Rick, Albert, and Brandon gazed at the night sky. Coach used this as an opportunity to create a strong five-person alliance. Coach stated: "If you have a strong five, you can go so far, even if you're down numbers at the merge." By the end of the night, Coach's "First Day Alliance" was formed.

Day 2

At Savaii, while boiling a pot water, Dawn became distraught when she accidentally spilled it over the fire and fell after a tree vine broke. Visibly bothered, Dawn confessed: "I think I might be having a mini breakdown." Fellow Savaii elder Papa Bear warned her for her actions, saying that this, combined with age, might make the others consider her as a potential liability. Later, Dawn confided Ozzy about her situation. Feeling that he was responsible for the well-being of the newbies, Ozzy encouraged her to pull it together. In a confessional, Ozzy revealed that he was motivating her because he saw her as a potential ally, but she would have to leave if her emotions continue to get the best of her.

Day 3

With Semhar losing the challenge for them, Savaii goes to Tribal Council. But Ozzy likes Semhar and decides that she should stay, so he tries to convince everyone to vote off Cochran because of his poor physical ability. When Cochran learns that he is a target, he overreacts and says that "Jeff will say the tribe has spoken, my torch will be snuffed, I'll be sent to Redemption Island like an idiot, and that will be my sad Survivor story". But the plan doesn't work, as even Ozzy decides to vote for Semhar, and she is voted off and sent to Redemption Island.


Challenge: Thrilogy
Coach and Ozzy would represent their tribes by climbing a 12-foot (3.7 m) pole to retrieve a wooden turtle. They would then have to dig themselves under a log. Finally, they would solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle with the turtle as the top piece to win the challenge.
Reward: A basket of Taro and a piece of flint
Winner: Savaii

Challenge: Coconut Conundrum
The tribes would race through an obstacle course of zigzagging pathways, through a web of strung-up coconuts, and over a 10-foot (3.0 m) wall. One tribe member would then dig up a machete. They would use the machete to cut five ropes, which would release a bin of coconuts. Three tribe members would then shoot the coconuts through a hoop into a net. When enough coconuts were shot into the net, the net would raise a flag. The first tribe to raise their flag would win.
Additional Stipulation: If Upolu wins, they would get their flint.
Winner: Upolu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S23 semhar t
Semhar (8 votes)
S23 cochran tS23 dawn tS23 elyse tS23 jim t
S23 keith tS23 mark tS23 ozzy tS23 whitney t
Cochran, Dawn, Elyse, Jim, Keith, Mark, Ozzy, Whitney
S23 cochran t
Cochran (1 vote)
S23 semhar t
S23 semhar t
Semhar Tadesse
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

S23 semhar t

(voting against Cochran) I'm really sorry, but hopefully this might make you step up even more.

S23 cochran t

(voting against Semhar) I think it's pretty obvious why I'm voting for you. You've questioned my intelligence. You've questioned my commitment to this game and you've made me question why I should be here any longer so I can't take it. (chuckles)

Still in the Running

On Redemption
S23 semhar t
S23 albert t
S23 brandon t
S23 christine t
S23 coach t
S23 cochran t
S23 dawn t
S23 edna t
S23 elyse t
S23 jim t
S23 keith t
S23 mikayla t
S23 ozzy t
S23 mark t
S23 rick t
S23 sophie t
S23 stacey t
S23 whitney t


  • This is the first time that a main game challenge was held on Redemption Island.
  • This episode featured the first Reward Challenge, excluding combined Reward/Immunity Challenges, since "This Is Going to Hurt", back from Survivor: Nicaragua.
    • This was the only Reward Challenge of the season, excluding combined Reward/Immunity Challenges.
  • This is the first time a Reward Challenge was made for two specific people.
  • Jeff Probst claimed that the Tower of Hanoi puzzle could have been a challenge for a later portion of the game.
  • Coconut Conundrum is the first inaugural Immunity Challenge that did not involve a puzzle since Survivor: Guatemala.
  • This episode aired on Jim Rice's 36th birthday.


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