I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder is the third episode of Survivor: China.


Day 6

During the night at Fei Long, Jean-Robert Bellande was causing discomfort for the rest of his tribe due to his loud snoring and his attempts to snuggle up to the women. Amanda Kimmel, Courtney Yates and Leslie Nease were particularly disgusted with his behavior, moving around the shelter to try to avoid him. James Clement called Jean-Robert out on "scaring the women," but he persisted, much to everybody's irritation.

Jean-Robert – God love him – he, like, takes up the whole bed and he's, like, hugging on all the women and we're just like, "Ewww... Just please don't." Y'know? And I just don't know what it is about him. Maybe it's the silk shirt and the no underwear. That did it for me. (laughs)

–Leslie Nease

I do get kind of a creep vibe from Jean-Robert, and so does Amanda. Neither one of us likes him. I'm sure he's noticed that she and I will both go to great pains to not be next to him in the shelter and yet he will just climb in there. And he's like, "I need Amanda and Courtney by my side, y'know, they keep me warm." Like I'm gonna keep anyone warm! I weigh seven pounds! I can't even keep myself warm! Get off of me!

–Courtney Yates

I don't think Jean-Robert gets the social game of "Survivor", and, I mean, if we ever have to go to Tribal Council, at least we don't have to worry about who it'll be first, 'cause it'll be him.

–Leslie Nease

Day 7

The next morning, Amanda and James discovered a single crab caught in their fishing net. Upon bringing it back to camp, Courtney suggested boiling it to form a crab stock that could be used to flavour the rice for the whole tribe to enjoy. Aaron Reisberger and Jean-Robert, however, didn't like the idea, and got into a bickering fight with James once Courtney established the alternative: since James caught the crab, he gets to eat it. Eventually, they agreed to go with James' decision to make the crab stock, but the bickering was noted by the tribe.

The boys are just cranky. I know from experience – my husband, when he gets hungry, he gets really cranky, so I make sure that man is fed, okay? And these guys are not getting fed and it is like my husband times infinity.

–Leslie Nease

It's frustrating with this team because they have a slow learning curve, but it's all just talk to these guys; they keep bumpin' their head! You know I'm the only one who went to Barnes & Noble before we got out here? I'm the only one that actually went and read a survival handbook. I don't eat outside. I don't even like plastic or paper cups! I mean, I don't do nothing outside! This is... Four hours in Barnes & Noble and I know more than all... I feel like Crocodile Dundee out here!

–James Clement

Over at Zhan Hu, Dave Cruser continued to play the workhorse, scrubbing down the tribe's boat and reconstructing the brick fireplace. Peih-Gee Law suggested he should sit down and eat and conserve his energy, in light of his weak performance at the last challenge. However, Dave didn't take her advice, and the two began to duel with sarcasm and bickering and generally rub each other the wrong way.

Dave doesn't seem to learn. He knew that that last challenge was just him burning out of energy. And he doesn't seem to get it that he needs to rest.

–Peih-Gee Law

Peih-Gee's just right in my butt about not getting enough rest. In order to save your energy, and to have energy for a challenge, you must efficiently expend some. It is a balance. Camp doesn't sort itself out. And if you don't sort out camp, challenges will tank. It's not rocket science!

–Dave Cruser

As the tribe later brainstormed a way to effectively support a pot over the open flame, Dave began to dictate how to solve the problem. To prove his point, he climbed out of the shelter to fix the problem itself, saying, "Do it once, do it right, just do it!" However, the tribe became frustrated with Dave's martyr work ethic, saying that they were two seconds away from getting the job done.

Yeah, Dave's pushing a whole lot of people and he needs to chill out. We were looking at him and Ashley last night, and today of all days should be the day when he should just be happy that he's here.

–Frosti Zernow

I know it's a game where it's everyone for themself, but I really do have a lot of faith in our tribe and you kinda... You gotta look out for each other if we want to do well at challenges.

–Peih-Gee Law

Later that day the tribes gathered for the Reward Challenge. Jeff Probst revealed the competition: Clear the Deck. Teams of three from each tribe would square off in hand-to-hand combat on a floating boat platform on the lake, attempting to knock their opponents off the boat. The last person standing would score a point for their tribe. Proceeding in alternating rounds of women-on-women and men-on-men, the first tribe to score three points would win reward: comfort, in the form of kerosene and a lantern, pillows, blankets, rope and a tarp. Additionally, the winning tribe would get to kidnap a member of the opposite tribe. To even the tribes, Courtney and Todd Herzog sat out the challenge for Fei Long.
Clear the Deck China

In the first round, the women squared off. After making the first move, Denise Martin was pushed overboard by Peih-Gee and Jaime Dugan. Jaime and Sherea Lloyd then ganged up on Amanda, before helping Peih-Gee to roll Leslie into the water, scoring the first point for Zhan Hu. Next, it was the men's turn, and Dave stripped naked for the fight. Aaron and Dave squared off on a gangplank, with Dave ultimately making the first move, pulling Aaron into the water with him. James then pushed Frosti Zernow into the water easily, and he and Jean-Robert took on Erik Huffman. James pushed the two other men into the water, scoring a point for Fei Long, to tie the game 1-1.

In the women's rematch, Jaime and Sherea pushed Leslie in. After a scramble, Amanda managed to pull Sherea into the water with her as she was rolled overboard. Jaime and Peih-Gee then managed to push Denise off to score a second point for Zhan Hu. The men's rematch saw Dave make the first move, charging at James. He was deflected overboard, but managed to hook Jean-Robert's leg and pulled both him and Frosti into the water. Aaron and James then extracted Erik from the boat's mast, and James rolled the other two men into the water, once again evening the score. In the final round, Jaime and Peih-Gee charged at Denise and Leslie, whilst Sherea grappled with Amanda. Amanda dangled in the water, trying to pull Sherea in with her, put only managed to pull off her shoe. Sherea then used her lower body to push Leslie off the mast and into the water before. The three Zhan Hu girls then ganged up on Denise, with Peih-Gee managing to kick Denise and Sherea into the water to score the winning point for Zhan Hu. Winning their first challenge, Zhan Hu celebrated and then chose to kidnap Leslie, who received the bamboo tube containing a clue to Zhan Hu's Hidden Immunity Idol.

Returning from their victory, Zhan Hu eagerly furnished their shelter and warmly welcomed Leslie to their camp, complimenting her "genuine" character. Leslie was impressed by the tribe's high spirits, and later as the tribe went for a communal swim, she admitted to them that they were a "happier tribe." Zhan Hu continued by asking about Todd and Aaron, and Leslie revealed that they'd elected the latter as their leader. Leslie then learned that Erik, Jaime, and Sherea were all Christians, and told them that she was "misunderstood" by her tribe for her faith.

I was so excited to win the Reward Challenge. Not only did we get pillows and blankets and a tarp, we also were able to kidnap Leslie to our tribe.

–Jaime Dugan

Morale-wise, this camp seems to have a leg up. And that's impressive, because they've lost two people. And for them to still be so excited, it's pretty impressive.

–Leslie Nease

We got quite a good bit of information from Leslie, but it was more a kind of fun, like, girls gossiping. You can get the same results, but you can do them in a happy, nice way!

–Peih-Gee Law

I'm here to love people and just show them the love of Christ. And I can see that they appreciate that here. It differs a lot over at Fei Long. I try not to talk about it a lot over there. They're very cynical over there and that can be really tough.

–Leslie Nease

Meanwhile, at Fei Long, James and Jean-Robert went swimming and mocked "Sister Christian" Leslie for her beliefs. As they began to talk strategy, Courtney and Todd (who were nearby collecting husks for fire) overheard them laughing and eavesdropped on the conversation. James stated that he, Jean-Robert and Denise needed to stick around, whilst Jean-Robert admitted he'd felt his bond with Todd weakening. Jean-Robert then said that Courtney should be the first to go, but James defended her, saying she was helpful around camp. Jean-Robert then mocked him, teasing that James liked "that little seventy-pound blonde" and that he could "win a million dollars and some ass." The lewd comments shocked and disgusted the eavesdroppers, with Courtney whispering that she wasn't going to sleep near either of them again. As James and Jean-Robert agreed to target Leslie at the next vote, Todd admitted in a confessional that he wanted to get rid of both of the "trashy" men:

Courtney and I were cutting this husk for a fire from a tree and we were literally twenty yards away from Jean-Robert and James in full view and they were talking at the top of their lungs about how Courtney is gonna go first! I'm thinking, "Dude! She's right here!" Oh, but my attitude towards the two of them is gonna change around camp. You gotta take care of taking out the trash, and as far as I'm concerned, James and Jean-Robert are the trash. I don't care if it's tomorrow, I don't care if it's five days from now, I don't care if it's nine days from now. Any more than that? Trash gets stinky. They gotta go.

–Todd Herzog

Day 9

At the Zhan Hu camp, Leslie opened the sealed tube she's received upon being kidnapped, and upon discovering that it contained the same kind of note that Jaime had received when she'd been kidnapped by Fei Long, she decided to give the Immunity Idol clue to Jaime. Asking her to show her where she could go to change, Leslie handed off the second clue to Jaime: Waste no more time in searching the ground, look towards the heavens for what would be found. Despite suspecting that the Idol was right in front of her, she was not able to locate it.

Yesterday, at the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst gave me a tube. I kinda knew what was in the tube because when Jaime was kidnapped by our camp, she had the same thing. What I was thinking was since Jaime gave me the clue from the other tribe, I can return the favor. I think I understand her and I think she understands me and that's the best part.

–Leslie Nease

I trust Leslie more than anyone else on the other team, so it was really good to get her over here. And she gave me the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, so all together, it worked out really well for me. We have two clues and I can't figure out them quite yet. I dunno, I think it's something just completely evident that no one's just even paid attention to. I think it's probably right in front of my face.

–Jaime Dugan

Later that day, the tribes convened for the Immunity Challenge, where Jeff asked Leslie how her time at Zhan Hu was. She said it was "fun" and rejoined Fei Long. Jeff then revealed the challenge: Blade Runner. Four "choppers" would, one at a time, use a machete to hack through seven pieces of wooden beams to unleash a bundle of puzzle discs. Once all four bundles had been collected, two "puzzle builders" would use the discs to solve a stacked puzzle on a stone column. Once the puzzle was completed, they would drag the heavy column across the finish line to win. Fei Long chose to sit out Denise and Leslie to even the numbers.
Courtney 3rd imm

Jaime cut through the ropes quickly for Zhan Hu, giving them a lead, whilst Courtney struggled to hack her way through. Peih-Gee and Frosti extended Zhan Hu's lead as Courtney continued to struggle and lose hope. Once Erik collected the final bundle of puzzle pieces for Zhan Hu, Courtney began to saw through the ropes with the machete, finally collecting her puzzle pieces for Fei Long. Dave and Sherea began work on the puzzle, as Amanda, Aaron and James worked quickly to make up lost ground. With Zhan Hu losing most of their lead, Todd and Jean-Robert began work on Fei Long's puzzle. However, Dave and Sherea managed to work together to solve the puzzle and drag it across the finish line to win Zhan Hu's first Immunity Challenge.

Returning from their first immunity loss, the tribe attempted to console Courtney in light of her weak performance. However, Jean-Robert saw the effort as proof that the vote needed to be based on strength, as revealed in a confessional. Meanwhile, Leslie told her tribe about her time at Zhan Hu, saying they were a "friendly tribe" and speculating that they'd kidnapped her because of her Christian connection. Leslie then said that she'd told them Aaron was their reluctant leader, and when he reacted coldly by saying she's "put [his] head in the guillotine," she countered that they'd already known through Jaime. However, in a confessional, Aaron felt her connection to the other tribe was a liability.

Losing today's challenge and yesterday's challenge, just kind of reaffirms the fact that we need strength. We need brawn on our team. So, I think common sense will prevail and they're gonna be getting rid of one of the two weakest women that are on the squad.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

Leslie going over to Zhan Hu, being kidnapped: major liability for us. Y'know, it's just like... She doesn't think, y'know, because... I don't know if it's here heart, or what, y'know, it just overcomes her brain. But really what scares me is that once the merge happens, y'know, what kind of bonds is Leslie gonna be involved with because we can't really trust her.

–Aaron Reisberger

Courtney, Leslie, and Todd met up in the woods to discuss the prospect of getting rid of Jean-Robert in order to ameliorate the tension at camp and break up his bond with James. Todd then approached Amanda to discuss the two options of Jean-Robert versus Courtney. Amanda thought that Courtney would be a valuable asset later in the game, and the two agreed to vote for Jean-Robert. When they took the plan to Aaron, however, he resisted the idea, saying he wanted to keep Jean-Robert around for the challenges. He suggested targeting Leslie to prevent her flipping at the merge, but Todd cautioned that Jean-Robert could do the same, citing his profession as a poker player as evidence for his deceptive nature. Despite this, Aaron was adamant that Leslie was the bigger threat. Later, Jean-Robert corralled most of the tribe to reiterate his desire to get rid of the weaker girls in Courtney and Leslie, though the conversation died down as they approached. Todd revealed his – and the tribe's – vacillation between the options in a confessional:

Right now, it would be between Leslie and Jean-Robert, but further down the line, I don't want to be competing –me – up against these huge guys. I don't want to lose my numbers on my tribe by getting rid of them now, but down the line, I don't want them here because they're gonna beat me and that's not okay. This game is not just physical right now. I'm trying to think strategically as well and it does bug me that Leslie was so eager to go over to the other tribe. I mean, yeah, who knows what she's plotting with people over there and... I don't know. I want to get rid of Jean-Robert, but I, at the same time as far as challenges go, I want to keep Jean-Robert. But, who knows.

–Todd Herzog

At Tribal Council, Fei Long lit their torches. Jeff started by discussing the challenges, asking Jean-Robert if he was concerned that Zhan Hu had managed to beat Fei Long twice in a row and break their winning streak. He answered that he was worried because despite having some of the largest guys on the 'island', they also had two of the weakest women in Courtney and Leslie. He added that they needed to be careful who they sat out in challenges in order to keep their team balanced. Courtney interjected by commenting on Jean-Robert's unpleasant, and stated that she felt like the last nine days had been all about finding ways to bench her, Leslie and Todd, saying, "I'm tired of being spoken of like, 'where will she do the least damage.'" James said that it wasn't intentional, but Courtney argued that it was how it felt.

Jean-Robert then said he didn't perceive Leslie and Courtney as "weak," but Jeff called him out by pointing out that that was exactly what he'd said. Jean-Robert back-pedaled by saying they just weren't the strongest in the tribe, and argued that he shouldn't have to "sugar-coat" the reality of the situation. Leslie then asked to speak, pointing out that during her time with Zhan Hu, she saw a tribe that wasn't necessarily physically strong, but one that was united by heart. She concluded by saying that Zhan Hu had won the challenge not because of their brawn, but because of their spirit.

Asked if he was on the chopping block, Jean-Robert said he knew he'd gotten off to a rough start, but that in the last couple days and in the challenges he'd proved himself, so he believed his chances were "fair" at the vote.

Aaron was then called to vote, and he cast his vote for Leslie. Jean-Robert and James followed, with Courtney then casting her vote for Jean-Robert. Amanda, Denise, and Leslie then voted, with the latter also voting against Jean-Robert. Todd was the last to vote before Jeff tallied the results.

The vote initially tied up at two votes on Jean-Robert and two on Leslie (or, "Sister Christian"). However, the remaining votes all came up for Leslie (including Todd's vote for "Mom," which Leslie recognised with a pat on the knee), making her the first person voted out of Fei Long and the third person voted out of Survivor: China. As she departed, Leslie blew a kiss to her tribe. Jeff then summarised the conclusions of the night's proceedings: Fei Long needed to have more fun, and needed to exploit every individual's unique strengths.


Challenge: Clear the Deck
Three players at a time (all of the same sex) start on opposing boat-shaped pontoons, connected by two beams, and attempt to force all participating members of the other tribe into the water to score a point. First tribe to three wins.
Reward: Lantern, kerosene, blankets, pillow, rope, a tarp, and the right to kidnap one member from the rival tribe.
Winner: Zhan Hu (kidnapped Leslie Nease)

Challenge: Blade Runner
One at a time, four players run to a chopping station, use a sword to cut through seven marked sections of wood to release a hanging bundle of puzzle discs, chop them off from the rope, and carry them back to the start line. Then, the other two place the sixteen discs onto a puzzle pole with a heavy stone base and drag it past the four stations to the finish line.
Winner: Zhan Hu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Fei Long
S15 leslie t
Leslie (6 votes)
S15 aaron tS15 amanda tS15 denise t
S15 james tS15 jeanrobert tS15 todd t
Aaron, Amanda, Denise, James, Jean-Robert, Todd
S15 jeanrobert t
Jean-Robert (2 votes)
S15 courtney tS15 leslie t
Courtney, Leslie
S15 leslie bw
Leslie Nease

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Leslie) Sorry, mother hen. All your chicks in China are grown up.


(voting for Leslie) I think there's a couple ballots out there with my name on it, so I have to vote for you to vote with the consensus. The person who should be going home tonight is Courtney.


(voting for Leslie) We're at the part of the game where we can't take any chances, just go flip and go with the other team.


(voting for Jean-Robert) I am voting for you because when you snore at night time, it sounds like someone's choking a walrus. And, also, we're like arch-nemeses. We hate each other. You should have seen this coming. I bet you voted for me.


(voting for Leslie) Mom, it breaks might heart to do this to you, but we just feel like you're too close to the other tribe right now. I'm so sorry. Good luck with everything.


(voting for Leslie) I hate to see you go. You've been great around camp. You did a good job, but I don't need preaching to; I already got a mother. Thank you.


(voting for Jean-Robert) My vote is for Jean-Robert. Mostly because I'm not writing down Courtney's name.


(voting for Leslie) Really didn't wanna do this, but you know the game, mom; when people vote one way, you gotta go with them. Love you.


Final Words

I am so proud of myself. I had this dream, I chased the dream, and I would have liked to have been here longer, of course, but I always knew going into this game that I would be here as long as God wanted me to be here. Apparently He's ready for me to go home. I don't understand why they voted me out but I really hope that my tribe made the right decision. It had to have been a tough one for them but I had a great time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Leslie Nease

Still in the Running

S15 chicken bw
S15 ashley bw
S15 leslie bw
Fei Long
S15 aaron t
Fei Long
S15 amanda t
Fei Long
S15 courtney t
Zhan Hu
S15 dave t
Fei Long
S15 denise t
Zhan Hu
S15 erik t
Zhan Hu
S15 frosti t
Zhan Hu
S15 jaime t
Fei Long
S15 james t
Fei Long
S15 jeanrobert t
Zhan Hu
S15 peihgee t
Zhan Hu
S15 sherea t
Fei Long
S15 todd t


  • No footage of events occurring on Day 8 was shown on the episode.
  • The name of the Immunity Challenge is a reference to the classic 1982 science fiction Blade Runner.
  • The title of the episode was said by Courtney describing her Immunity Challenge performance.