I'm a Mental Giant is the season premiere of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Day 1

A massive fishing vessel stocked with supplies carries eighteen castaways, divided into three tribes based on the personal attributes they mostly use in their daily lives: "Brains", "Brawn", and "Beauty".

The brain tribe...

–Jeff Probst

Being an ER doctor, it's gonna be difficult for me to not show how smart I am, to express humility, but I can't deal with ignorant people 'cause they think they know what they're talking about.

Peter Baggenstos

This game is largely a brain game, and in these challenges I am going to kick ass. Because, puzzles lay down for me like lovers.

Debbie Wanner

The brawn tribe...

–Jeff Probst

I am a former professional basketball player. I was the guy that did all the things nobody else wanted to do. I'd go knock people on the ground, I'd push people out of the way, I did it better than most guys. People I'm gonna get along with are guys that are strong, and if you show weakness, bye-bye! (laughs)

Scot Pollard

My bread and butter has always been bounty hunting. You kick in the door, you raid the house, you snatch the guy up, hog-tie him like a pig, throw him in the back of your truck and take off. I don't care, I just need to get my paycheck, and you're my paycheck.

Kyle Jason

The beauty tribe...

–Jeff Probst

I do try and use my looks to my advantage in poker. If I feel like a male is staring at my boobs, I might push them up a little more.

Anna Khait

My life has definitely been easier because I'm better looking than most people. And that sounds terrible, it sounds awful, but it's the truth. My looks will definitely help me. 39 days and a million bucks in my pocket at the end.

Nick Maiorano

At the sound of a bell, the castaways are only given two minutes to collect as many supplies from the ship as they can before paddling to their respective camps. Members from all three tribes hurriedly release their rafts while their tribemates scramble for supplies, where the commotion has sent chickens, fruits, baskets, and other survival items flying everywhere, from the deck to the ocean. Caleb from the Beauty tribe rescues a chicken from the water. Joe from the Brains tribe controls his tribe's raft as his tribemates throw items overboard, while Tai from the Beauty tribe, protects the chickens from being trampled by the frantic castaways. Cydney from the Brawn tribe and Neal from the Brains tribe briefly scuffle over a basket of mangoes. After the two-minute period, Jeff Probst orders the three tribes to paddle to their respective tribe camps.

People will probably recognize me from Big Brother, but being an outdoorsman, this game is totally for me. I don't mind gettin' dirty at all.

Caleb Reynolds

It's very hectic out here. I'm a retired FBI agent, and of course, there've been times within the FBI when you've had those kinds of cases where everything's going a mile a minute. But this to me is going to be the ultimate challenge, so I'm pumped for this. This is the real deal for me.

Joe del Campo

I'm, like, running around like crazy. I'm protecting the chicken because I-I-I love all living creature.

Tai Trang

The three tribes row over to camp.

Paddling in, and looking around at my brawn tribe, it feels like home. The majority of my life is about being strong, physically or mentally it's about being strong.

–Cydney Gillon

On brawn tribe, there is a lot of people who have different physical traits, I did six years in the army, so I don't need to prove to you I'm badass. A lot of people find my intimidating, they judge me because of how I look. They don't realize that I have two daughters and my youngest has autism, like I'll be the girly-girl dad and I also teach them how to be a badass!

–Kyle Jason

People might look at me and be like aw, Malibu Barbie is here, she's not gonna be here long and I'm a lot tougher than they think, I've been bungee jumping in Bali, I've been face-to-face shark diving in Australia and I've been with three uncaged tigers in Thailand. I'm fearing, dareless and opinionated and this is something, I know I can do.

–Alecia Holden

I think all of us, have a very similar mindset. We're not beautiful, we're not smart. But, we are strong, and I feel lucky right now, I know things in this game change real quickly, same thing that makes you laugh, makes you cry. But right now I think we got a great group.

–Scot Pollard

The Brain tribe is definitely my tribe. That's the attribute that I actually think is valuable because we are able to look for new approaches and slightly different ways of thinking through the problems. So we're off to an immediate advantage.

–Liz Markham

Being called Obama is part of my daily life. It's been like that for the last seven years. If Debbie calls me Obama, I guarantee you, everyone else is calling me Obama. That being said, if they feel better getting crushed by Obama, so be it.

–Peter Baggenstros

Day 2

Day 3


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Wooden Ships
The tribes will swim out to a boat. Once the entire tribe is on board their boat, one person at a time will dive down to retrieve paddles. Once they have all four paddles, they will race to shore, where they will convert their boat to a cart by attaching four wheels. They will then push their boat to the top of the beach. Once at the top, they will have to decide between assembling a puzzle or testing their dexterity by stacking balls while standing on a wobbly beam. The first two tribes to finish win immunity.
Reward: A fire making kit for the winner; flint for the runner-up.
Winners (in order of finish): Chan Loh and Gondol

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
To Tang
S32 alecia t
Alecia (3 votes)
S32 cydney tS32 darnell tS32 jason t
Cydney, Darnell, Jason
S32 darnell t
Darnell (3 votes)
S32 alecia tS32 jennifer tS32 scot t
Alecia, Jennifer, Scot
S32 alecia tS32 darnell t
Alecia, Darnell (3 votes each)

(Alecia and Darnell ineligible to vote)
S32 darnell t
Darnell (4 votes)
S32 cydney tS32 jason tS32 jennifer tS32 scot t
Cydney, Jason, Jennifer, Scot
S32 alecia t
Alecia (0 votes)
S32 darnell bw
Darnell Hamilton

Voting Confessionals

Alecia was shown writing Darnell's name down on the parchment. Revote confessionals are unavailable.

(voting against Alecia) You're really starting to irk my soul… a lot.


Final Words

S32 darnell bw

This was very hard to be vote out number one, but I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. I mean, it was a life lesson to me. What I learned is to fight hard. They can vote me out, they can do whatever they want but I'm not letting nobody bring me down. I encourage anybody who has any dreams, any goals, to go out there and do it, you know, don't let nobody hold you back. Yeah, I'm out number one, but I went out there and I played hard and I'm satisfied with that.

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
To Tang
S32 alecia t
S32 anna t
Chan Loh
S32 aubry t
S32 caleb t
To Tang
S32 cydney t
Chan Loh
S32 debbie t
To Tang
S32 jason t
To Tang
S32 jennifer t
Chan Loh
S32 joe t
S32 julia t
Chan Loh
S32 liz t
S32 michele t
Chan Loh
S32 neal t
S32 nick t
Chan Loh
S32 peter t
To Tang
S32 scot t
S32 tai t



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