I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends is the tenth episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27


Challenge: Free Will
The contestants must balance two ceramic pots on the end of a balance beam with one leg. If their pots fall off, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing wins their chosen reward.
Reward: A choice between "Food" (bacon cheeseburger with french fries, beer and chocolate chip cookies), "Love" (a letter from home), or "Advantage" (secretly revealed as an Extra Vote).
Additional Stipulation: There would be three different winners in this challenge, where the castaways would be categorized based on which type of reward they chose.
Winners: Julia Sokolowski ("Love"), Michele Fitzgerald ("Food"), and Tai Trang ("Advantage")

Challenge: This Much
The castaways must support two discs with ceramic pots attached to two posts with only their fingertips. If they drop their discs they are out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Kyle Jason

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S32 scot t
Scot (4 votes)
S32 aubry tS32 cydney tS32 joe tS32 tai t
Aubry, Cydney, Joe, Tai
S32 aubry t
Aubry (2 votes)
S32 jason tS32 scot t
Jason, Scot
S32 tai t
Tai (2 votes)
S32 julia tS32 michele t
Julia, Michele
S32 scot bw
Scot Pollard

Voting Confessionals

Julia was shown writing Tai's name down on the parchment.

S32 jason t

(voting for Aubry) This is only because you are such a great competitor.

S32 aubry t

(voting for Scot) Please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

Final Words

S32 scot bw

Jason won immunity and he said, "Here… (holds up Hidden Immunity Idol) take this. I trust you." Obviously, we couldn't trust Tai so the plan didn't work. So, uh, that's a bad feeling for me because I've got an idol in my pocket that belongs to Jason and it should be with him, but it was a good play by Tai and I got blindsided. And, uh… (shrugs) I'm out.

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
S32 jennifer bw
S32 liz bw
S32 caleb bw
S32 alecia bw
S32 anna bw
S32 peter bw
S32 neal bw
S32 nick bw
S32 debbie bw
S32 scot bw
S32 aubry t
S32 cydney t
S32 jason t
S32 joe t
S32 julia t
S32 michele t
S32 tai t


Life at Ponderosa

Scot reels from the devastating blindside dealt by Tai, and heads for his post-game weigh-in. It is revealed that he has lost 46 lbs. He is then given a warm welcome by the other three jurors, who are shocked that he had been voted out with an idol in his possession. Scot is happy to return to civilization, and finds it odd to finally be able to close a door after 27 days on the island. The next day, the four jurors have a lighthearted conversation with each other, and Neal and Scot tease Nick for his peculiar sleeping habits. Scot then reads his letter, and receives heartbreaking news from home which informs him of the deterioration of a family member's health. He also reflects deeply on his life.[2]

Secret Scene

  • Bird Catcher: The secret scene chronicles Joe and Mark the chicken's humorous relationship. Joe confesses that he does not like the chicken, and that it should have been eaten as food a long time ago. Things appear to get to a boiling point, and Joe seems to be a snap away from killing Mark. However, it turns out to be a psych-out and Joe simply moves Mark away from the tribe's seating area. Michele is amused by the pair's antics.[3]

Unaired Confessionals

  • Authentic Human Beings: Aubry states that her goal in the game was to win, but also to make genuine social connections, contrasting her game with that of Scot and Jason's. She compares her Survivor experience to her school experiences in real life, where she had fun with a "legion of misfits" even with popular people around. She affirms her parent's beliefs that she would be a bundle of joy, which eventually became an asset in the game. She is happy to have come such a long way from her indecision in the early stages of the game, now becoming a player who will not let go of any control.[4]
  • Better than I Dreamed: Jason believed that the Immunity Challenge had yielded the best result for the men, one of whom had to win in order to keep the three in the game. He states that, once Scot and Tai had dropped out, he had to dig deep for immunity, which he describes as game-changing. He is confident that his alliance is solid, and that Aubry will go home regardless of whatever happens.[5]
  • Good vs. Evil: Michele attempts to comprehend and analyze Julia's decision to play as a middleman. She believes that Julia's argument that Scot and Jason have burned their bridges and will not receive a single jury vote is invalid, and that the tribe has been split into two factions of good (the women and Joe) and evil (the three men) with Julia in the middle. She states that the "good" side will adopt a smooth approach and try to pull Julia over without forcing it down her throat.[6]
  • I Got Cocky: Scot discusses his choice at the Reward Challenge, having chosen food because he felt it would be only him and Jason competing. Initially thinking that he had a chance, he states that a lapse in concentration arising from his cockiness resulted in his dropping out. He says that, while he is happy that Tai had won the advantage, he was even happier that neither woman had won it, and was even more joyful about Cydney not eating, which would lower her chances of winning immunity.[7]
  • I Have More Will Power: Cydney states that she did not choose the food reward to compete for because, as a professional bodybuilder, she had the physical fortitude to make it to Day 39. She competed for the advantage to secure herself even more in the game, and found it hard to see Tai win it, but was not overly disappointed because she had pushed herself to her limits.[8]
  • I Just Wanted to Try: Aubry discusses the mechanics of the Reward Challenge, stating that she had picked Advantage to protect herself from an insane Tribal Council such as the previous one, but also because she didn't want to get emotional from the letters, nor was she in starvation mode at that point. She states that she is looking for any little advantage that she can get, and analogizes her journey to the end to her running after a train.[9]
  • I Made a Mistake: Tai admits that he had made a mistake by exerting too much force against the tiles at the Immunity Challenge instead of touching them lightly, causing them to drop. He knew that, once Jason regained strength, then he and Aubry's plan against his alliance had been thrown out the window. He convened with Aubry to change the target from an immune Jason to Scot, and convinced her that Julia could be voted off down the road.[10]
  • I Need Him: Jason states that he is the type of person who needs somebody to share his ideas with, which has made him one of "the best bounty hunters in Michigan". He believes that his confidant in the game is Scot, who he has been making decisions with. He says that the relationship had started from Day 1, but had been contemplating voting him off until the three men had been put in the minority.[11]
  • I Want Her to Know That: Joe expresses disappointment at losing out on his love letter, which had been written by his loving companion, who he had met after a roller coaster of a life. He reflects on the game, as is happy to have her to welcome him home after the game.[12]
  • I Was Hoping: Cydney talks about the Immunity Challenge, and stated that it was yet another loss which shouldn't have happened. She describes her challenge performance as smooth until one slip-up resulted in her eventual elimination. She hoped for Aubry to pull out a win to make things easier for the women, but that Jason's victory did not faze her.[13]
  • I Was in Heaven: Going into the Reward Challenge, Michele went for the option of food both to give herself a higher chance of winning, and also to deprive Scot and Jason of the pleasure of satisfying their game-long cravings. Michele calls the victory marvelous, and was ecstatic to have won such a massive food reward that made her feel that she was in Heaven.[14]
  • I'm Growing So Much: In a deleted confessional, Cydney believes that the game has hit the stage where observation has become paramount. She states that she has had to "shut up" and try to secure as much information as she can for her to evaluate. She confesses that the biggest difference between Survivor and real life is that she has to converse with everyone - even the people she doesn't necessarily like - in the game, and describes the "biggest step in her life" as ending the cold war with Scot and Jason.[15]
  • I'm the Odd Ball: Despite constantly losing challenges because of his advanced age, Joe is having a good time in the game, but believing that he is an "odd ball" with differing priorities from his younger competitors because of this. He finds it surprising that not more people had opted to compete for Love, given that the game was only temporary, and believes that it reveals the game dynamics.[16]
  • My Family is My Rock: Julia describes her thought process of opting to compete for love letters instead of food or an advantage. She states that the impact of love 25 days into the game was much more significant on the island than through a viewer's perspective. She believes that, in the game, everyone was a competitor, while family would always be a shoulder to lean on.[17]
  • My Safe Bet: Jason states that he did not care enough to compete for the advantage, and that to read the letter a day before his daughter's birthday would mess him up emotionally. Thus, he opted to compete for food following temptation. He thought that he had a good chance of winning the burger feast, until he learnt that his competitors were Scot and Michele.[18]
  • No Question in My Mind: Tai states that his opting for advantage was a no-brainer, because he had been eating well and that he knew his companion Mark was thinking about him from home. He believes that not choosing the advantage would have been foolish, and that he felt good to have proved himself in the challenge.[19]
  • Not a Safe Route: Julia describes herself as a mix of a risk-taker and an under-the-radar player, which has shown throughout her game. She states that her early game was quiet, but as the stakes got higher, she has become more strategically focused. She would rather be voted off playing to the best of her ability than to be dragged to the end. She is more comfortable playing hard, despite having made herself the neutral person between two conflicting alliances to keep her options open.[20]
  • We Made the Point: Scot talks about his promise to Aubry of camp serenity should she join the men in voting Cydney off. He believes that, while he has been "screwed over" in the game, he hasn't personally done the same to anyone else. He has made it his goal to prove it to his tribe that he is a man of his word, even returning the camp's tools and getting Tai to rekindle the campfire. Scot believes that the three men have showed their maturity, and has proved their point that they are good-natured providers and only wanted compliance during the sabotage.[21]


  • All three original Gondol members remaining won reward.

Episode Title

  • The title of the episode was said by Tai Trang when discussing the option to betray his alliance with Kyle Jason and Scot Pollard to further himself in the game.


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