I'm No Dummy is the tenth episode of Survivor: One World.


Night 25

Day 26

Day 27


Challenge: Survivor Auction
The castaways would have $500 US dollars to bid on numerous items including food, a shower, and some love from home. Players may not pool money or share items. The auction will end without notice.

Challenge: Return From The Dead
The castaways would face an amalgam of some of the past challenges of the season. They must untie a large knot to release a ring, and the first four would go to the next round. They would then bounce coconuts off of a net to burst a target. They first two to burst all three move to the final round. The final round would consist of hitting three targets in a row. The first to do so would win immunity.
Additional Stipulation: For purchasing the Challenge Advantage during the auction, Troyzan Robertson is allowed to forgo the first round of the challenge, skipping directly to the second round.
Winner: Troyzan Robertson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S24 leif t.png
Leif (4 votes)
S24 chelsea t.pngS24 kat t.pngS24 sabrina t.pngS24 tarzan t.png
Chelsea, Kat, Sabrina, Tarzan
S24 tarzan t.png
Tarzan (3 votes)
S24 alicia t.pngS24 christina t.pngS24 kim t.png
Alicia, Christina, Kim
S24 kim t.png
Kim (2 votes)
S24 leif t.pngS24 troyzan t.png
Leif, Troyzan
S24 leif bw.png
Leif Manson

Voting Confessionals

S24 troyzan t.png

(voting against Kim) Kim, you're a fantastic player and probably the best girl here.

S24 chelsea t.png

(voting against Leif) Leif, I think you have been really wishy-washy from Day 1, and it makes everyone feel a little uneasy.

Final Words

S24 leif bw.png

This has definitely been one of the number one things I've always wanted to do, being able to sleep under the stars and really just take it all in. The whole guys and girls thing, that definitely was an interesting thing. I can't believe I'm here. It kind of feels like it was coming sooner or later. I definitely gave it my all. I've no regrets.

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw.png
S24 nina bw.png
S24 matt bw.png
S24 bill bw.png
S24 monica bw.png
S24 colton bw.png
S24 jonas bw.png
S24 michael bw.png
S24 jay bw.png
S24 leif bw.png
S24 alicia t.png
S24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.png
S24 kat t.png
S24 kim t.png
S24 sabrina t.png
S24 tarzan t.png
S24 troyzan t.png


Behind The Scenes

  • In a secret scene, after Jay Byars' departure, Kim Spradlin goes to Troyzan Robertson and confesses that the new Salani alliance was a temporary one, to pave way of the rise of the original all-women Salani Alliance; and explains that she never planned to take Jay and Troyzan to the final four. To Troyzan's shock, Kim also reveals that Jay was gunning for him before Tribal Council.
  • It appeared that Christina Cha left her money unused at the Survivor Auction. However, she later revealed post-game that she actually purchased a lasagna for $80, hence why she could not outbid Troyzan.[2][3]

Life at Ponderosa

A euphoric Leif Manson leaves Tribal Council and makes his way to the van, where he is comforted by Dr. Liza, the in-game psychologist. In his post-game check-up, it is revealed that Leif started the game weighing 131 lbs. and after 27 days, he was down to 116.7 lbs. losing a total of 13.3 lbs. When Leif arrives at Ponderosa, he is welcomed by the other Jury members, where Michael Jefferson is in disbelief that Leif lost that much weight.

The day after Leif's elimination, the Ponderosa "Tree Mail" announces that in the kitchen, a cooler containing a large tuna awaits. Jonas Otsuji prepares the fish for them, with Leif as his "apprentice". The two fillet the tuna and eat some of it raw with some sauce and wasabi. Later, Jonas uses the remaining fish meat to make sushi for lunch. Jonas then creates a new delicacy, which he calls the "Samoan Guacamole".


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