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I'd Never Do It to You is the sixth episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 15

After last night's Tribal Council, the Boran tribe were already speculating that in three days, the anticipated merger of the two tribes will happen. With this, the tribe feared that their food supply might not last until the merge. Ethan discussed their food situation, "We rationed our food so that we would finish what we had left in three days. If we eat the rest of the food, and in three days there is no merger, we would be screwed."

At Samburu, Tom and Lex became lookouts for potential predators for the night. Both vented their frustrations on the original Samburus' (all of whom were the remaining members of Silas' younger alliance) laziness. Lex fumed, "We have been staying up all night for over two weeks. These guys have no concept of what a three-hour shift is. They just throw a log on the fire and go to bed."

Day 16

At Samburu, the tribe was anxious about who got eliminated from Boran. Lindsey speculated that Frank might be eliminated. "Frank is a target; I think everyone will vote for him." Kelly was also anticipating to know who became Boran's latest casualty, saying, "People want to see what's shaping up at Boran, because what goes on over there can totally affect what happens over here." Tom and Lex then thought that Kim J. might be voted out because of her weakness in challenges, thus reducing Boran's original numbers to five.

With the rehashed tribe comprised of three original Boran members and three original Samburus, Tom explained the importance of knowing who has previous votes against them: "We know if we get beat in a challenge then we have to vote, and it's going to be a three-three tie. They're going to pick one of us, and we are going to pick one of them. The key to the vote is what's happened before." Lindsey became concerned that she would be the next person voted out, described her predicament: "If we have to go to Tribal Council, it's all about past votes. If we have a tie, it comes down to who has more votes, and I already have four votes against me," knowing about the four votes that the older alliance cast against her during their first Tribal Council.

Day 17

Upon receiving Tree Mail, both tribes met host Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. As Boran neared the challenge area, a watchful Lindsey repeated to her tribemates, "Silas is gone, Silas is gone." While being informed about the mechanics of the challenge, Kim J. made a vague hand signal to Kelly, much to the latter's confusion. Kim P., who also saw the incident, feared that Kim J. might be relaying a message about Lindsey's past votes. During the challenge, after a series of correct answers, each tribe moved down a level until Boran finally missed a question, propelling Samburu ahead. The Samburu tribe did not lose their lead and won the challenge. Boran watched as Samburu devoured everything on the picnic table.

After enjoying their reward, the heavy lunch proved to be bittersweet for Kim P., as she experienced stomach pains back at camp. With sixteen days of starvation, Kim's stomach had shrunk. Lindsey observed, "Kim gorged on stuff her body isn't used to, and her tiny little five-foot-one figure isn't going to hold that very well. She was close to vomiting." While the others rejuvenated and satisfied with the picnic, Kim continued to curl up in pain.

Following Boran's latest loss, Clarence started daydreaming about food while watching nearby giraffes feeding on acacia trees. Clarence confessed, "I can't stop thinking about food. I dream about food, I think about food twenty-four hours a day." After his tribe won chickens in a previous Reward Challenge, Clarence inspected the coop if a chicken laid an egg for breakfast. Clarence then proposed to the tribe that he will slaughter one chicken if they still laid no eggs. Standing beside the cage, Clarence jokingly scared the chickens, "One of you say your good-byes; don't be mad." The tribe agreed to Clarence's proposition, but when morning came, Kim Johnson reached into the coop and found an egg. After placing it on a tray, Kim and the other Boran tribe members waited for Clarence to wake up and see the egg. Later that morning, Clarence walked over to his tribemates, looked down, and discovered the egg on the bottom of the coop. Clarence shamefully said, "Oh hell no! Come on, it can't be! I hate those chickens." After teasing Clarence about the situation, Ethan later revealed, "We had decided to eat the chicken for dinner anyway."

Day 18

Tree Mail hinted that the tribes next Immunity Challenge is an archery competition. Frank, a self-proclaimed expreienced archer, taught the Borans how to use a bow and arrow. Yet at the challenge, Frank surprisingly failed to hit any of his targets. Fortunately, Ethan seized the final target, and Boran went on to win immunity.

Back at camp, the Samburus discussed strategy. With everyone anticipating a 3-3 tie between the original Samburus and the former Borans, and that the tiebreaker is whoever has the more past votes in previous Tribal Councils. Kelly recalled that, at the Reward Challenge, her ex-teammate Kim J. gave her an "L" signal. She realized this stands for "Lindsey," indicating that Lindsey has previous votes against her (again in large part of Teresa and Frank's continuing vendetta over the younger Samburu alliance for mistreating them). She informed Tom and Lex about the message. Meanwhile, Brandon, Lindsey, and Kim P. decided to target Tom. They figured that if the tiebreaker goes to a trivia contest, Tom would do poorly. Unknown to Brandon, Lindsey, and Kim P., Kelly overheard them talking about Lindsey's votes, thus confirming Kim J.'s message. A panicked Lindsey thought that her only option might be asking the ex-Borans to vote out Brandon to pay him for slipping the information. Kim P., however, reacted on Lindsey's deception, "They are basically saying, Align with us and we can take you further. I am just not going to do it, and I know Brandon wouldn't do it to me." At Tribal Council, the ex-Borans voted Lindsey while the original Samburus voted Tom, resulting to a tie that everyone already anticipated. When the revote did not help, Lindsey's past votes from Linda, Carl, Teresa, and Frank finally came back to haunt her, and she was the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Africa.


Challenge: Africa 102
Sitting on the top row of bleachers, each team will be asked a series of questions pertaining to Africa. Answer the question correctly and move down a row on the bleachers. The first team to be standing on the ground after answering the most questions correctly wins
Reward:A full food buffet including Mountain Dew, pasta salad with vegetables, a plate full of sandwiches, and cookies for dessert.
Winner: Samburu

Challenge: Spear-it Hunt
Using a bow and arrow, each tribe has five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet away. One member from each tribe will attempt to hit a target and set it on fire. The first tribe to light up all their targets in order, from closest to farthest, wins Immunity.
Winner: Boran

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
S3 lindsey t.png
Lindsey (3 votes)
S3 kelly t.pngS3 lex t.pngS3 tom t.png
Kelly, Lex, Tom
S3 tom t.png
Tom (3 votes)
S3 brandon t.pngS3 kimp t.pngS3 lindsey t.png
Brandon, Kim P., Lindsey
S3 lindsey t.pngS3 tom t.png
Lindsey, Tom (3 votes each)

(Lindsey and Tom ineligible to vote)
S3 lindsey t.png
Lindsey (2 votes)
S3 kelly t.pngS3 lex t.png
Kelly, Lex
S3 tom t.png
Tom (2 votes)
S3 brandon t.pngS3 kimp t.png
Brandon, Kim P.
S3 lindsey t.pngS3 tom t.png
Lindsey, Tom (2 votes each)

(counting past votes)
S3 lindsey t.png
Lindsey (4 votes)
S3 carl t.pngS3 frank t.pngS3 linda t.pngS3 teresa t.png
Carl, Frank, Linda, Teresa
(Tribal Council 3)
S3 tom t.png
Tom (0 votes)
S3 lindsey bw.png
Lindsey Richter

Voting Confessionals

Lindsey's vote is not shown while she is giving her confessional. Revote confessionals are currently unavailable.

S3 lindsey t.png

(voting against Tom) I hate having to vote for this person. I'd rather vote for myself right now, 'cause this is miserable.

Final Words

S3 lindsey bw.png

Tonight's vote was a surprise. I thought that they would vote for Brandon. I honestly don't think I could have gone on much longer, because this game is a serious emotional roller coaster ride. And, you know, I'm an athlete, but I'd much rather do it in a civilized environment, where I'm not battling malicious behavior. I don't like that aspect of this game at all. See you on the dark side.

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw.png
S3 jessie bw.png
S3 carl bw.png
S3 linda bw.png
S3 silas bw.png
S3 lindsey bw.png
S3 brandon t.png
S3 clarence t.png
S3 ethan t.png
S3 frank t.png
S3 kelly t.png
 Kim J.
S3 kimj t.png
 Kim P.
S3 kimp t.png
S3 lex t.png
S3 teresa t.png
S3 tom t.png


  • This episode marked the last time that past Tribal Council votes were to be counted in deadlock ties.


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