Huyopa (stylized #Huyopa on the tribe flag) is the merged tribe of Coyopa​ and Hunahpu​ from Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Their tribe color is green.


 Alec Christy
S29 alec t
 Baylor Wilson
S29 baylor t
 Jaclyn Schultz
S29 jaclyn t
 Jeremy Collins
S29 jeremy t
 Jon Misch
S29 jon t
 Josh Canfield
S29 josh t
 Julie McGee
S29 julie t
 Keith Nale
S29 keith t
 Missy Payne
S29 missy t
 Natalie Anderson
S29 natalie t
 Reed Kelly
S29 reed t
 Wes Nale
S29 wes t

Tribe History

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  • Huyopa is tied with Gitanos for the earliest merge date, with both tribes merging on Day 16.
  • Huyopa is the first merged tribe in Survivor history to have its lowest placing member quit.
  • Huyopa is the first tribe in Survivor history to have a member voted out due to two Hidden Immunity Idols being played.


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