Hunahpu is a tribe from Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Despite winning 9 out of 11 challenges, the tribe constantly found themselves bartering with host Jeff Probst after mismanaging their food supply. Their tribe color is blue.


 Drew Christy
25, Winter Park, FL
Alec's brother
S29 drew t
 Jeremy Collins
36, Foxboro, MA
Val's husband
S29 jeremy t
 Jon Misch
26, Waterford, MI
Jaclyn's boyfriend
S29 jon t
 Julie McGee
34, Atlanta, GA
John's girlfriend
S29 julie t
 Keith Nale
53, Shreveport, LA
Wes's father
S29 keith t
 Kelley Wentworth
27, Seattle, WA
Dale's daughter
S29 kelley t
 Missy Payne
46, Dallas, TX
Baylor's mother
S29 missy t
 Natalie Anderson
28, Edgewater, NJ
Nadiya's twin sister
S29 natalie t
 Reed Kelly
31, New York City, NY
Josh's boyfriend
S29 reed t

 Alec Christy
S29 alec t
 Jeremy Collins
S29 jeremy t
 Josh Canfield
S29 josh t
 Julie McGee
S29 julie t
S29 natalie t
 Reed Kelly
S29 reed t
 Wes Nale
S29 wes t

Tribe History

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  • Post-Tribe Switch Hunahpu had only one loved one pair on the tribe, while post-switch Coyopa had only one castaway without a loved one on their tribe.
    • This means Wes Nale is the only member in post-swap Hunahpu to not have a loved one in the tribe but also have his loved one still in the game.
  • All of the original members of this tribe that stayed during the Tribe Switch, except Reed Kelly, had their respective loves ones eliminated on Coyopa pre-switch.
  • The first six post-merge eliminations in San Juan del Sur were all from post-switch Hunahpu. The lone member of post-switch Hunahpu not eliminated in this span was Natalie Anderson, the eventual Sole Survivor.
  • All of the Cambodia returnees from San Juan del Sur (Jeremy Collins, Keith Nale, and Kelley Wentworth) came from Hunahpu, finishing 1st, 5th, and 4th respectively.


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