Honeymoon or Not? is the tenth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 25

On Day 25, the tribe's food supply is running low. They're down to just one supply of rice, and the stormy weather has made it impossible to fish.

The tribe gets Tree Mail about the Reward Challenge, telling them to divide themselves into pairs. The tribe decides to draw names out of a hat. Jerri ends up with Colby, while the other teams are Amber/Keith, Tina/Rodger, and Elisabeth/Nick. The challenge, an obstacle course, promises a majestic trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Jerri and Colby beat out Amber and Keith to claim the prize.

Day 26

Back at camp, the helicopter arrives to take Jerri and Colby to their reward. Jerri says that winning two consecutive rewards may irk her tribemates, but "I couldn't give a flying crap." During a meal of sandwiches, fruit, and champagne, Jerri tries to flirt with Colby, but he ignores her come-ons. They then go snorkeling at the reef. Jerri calls it "one hell of a first date." Colby calls it a nice break from the game.

Day 27

When the duo returns to camp, Colby gives each tribe member a piece of coral that he took from the reef. The Ogakors discuss which Kucha to target at the next vote. They agree on Nick, who is challenge threat, though has also been feeling sick lately.

The Immunity Challenge is a tug-of-war on platforms in the water. Two people will square off at a time. The final round ends up pitting Colby against Nick. After a hard-fought battle, Colby falls in the water and Nick wins a much-needed immunity. With Nick safe, the only other Kuchas, Rodger and Elisabeth, feel vulnerable. Jerri and Amber settle on booting Elisabeth. However, Colby, Keith, and Tina are unsure. They know that it may be strategically safer to stick with Ogakor, but they don't like the idea of keeping the annoying Jerri over the extremely kind Elisabeth.

At Tribal Council, the tables are finally turned on Jerri, and she is shocked to find herself booted by a 6-2 vote. "Checkmate," says Jerri as she gets her torch snuffed. "You guys got me." Jerri joins Alicia on the jury.


Challenge: Double Play
The eight remaining Barramundi members will be divided into four groups of two. They will then traverse a 3-leg obstacle course. The winners of the first two races compete against each other in the third race to determine the final winner.
Reward: A trip via helicopter to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef, where the winning twosome enjoys a feast of delicious food and a day of snorkeling.
Winner: Colby Donaldson and Jerri Manthey

Challenge: Hanging in the Balance
Part 1: Know Your Ropes
Each member of a pair stands on a platform in the water and uses a rope to cause the opponent to lose balance and to fall in the water. The winners of this round proceed to the next.
Part 2: Rock the Boat
Each member of a pair rocks an unsteady beam above the water back and forth, attempting to force the opponent to fall off. The winners proceed to the final competition. In the final round, "Sinking Ship," each person in a pair uses a rope to cause the opponent to fall off an unsteady wooden raft in the water.
Winner: Nick Brown

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S2 jerri t
Jerri (6 votes)
S2 colby tS2 elisabeth tS2 keith t
S2 nick tS2 rodger tS2 tina t
Colby, Elisabeth, Keith, Nick, Rodger, Tina
S2 elisabeth t
Elisabeth (2 votes)
S2 amber tS2 jerri t
Amber, Jerri
S2 jerri bw
Jerri Manthey

Voting Confessionals

Colby, Keith, Tina, Nick, and Elisabeth's confessionals are only available on DVD.

(voting for Jerri) The game's just gonna get tougher, and I don't think you can handle it, and I need someone around me who can for now keep me up.

Elisabeth Filarski

(voting for Jerri) Jerri, Jerri, Jerri. You're buggin' the hell outta everybody, and, uh, that knock you keep hearin' on your door, that's housekeeping. It's checkout time.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Jerri) My vote is for Jerri, and, uh... just mainly because the rest of the tribe wants her gone, so... have a nice game.

Nick Brown

(voting for Elisabeth) Elisabeth, this is going to be the hardest vote yet, and the hardest vote for the rest of the game, but the only reason why I am making it is because I made a word with my original tribe, and I want to stick to my word.

Amber Brkich

(voting for Jerri) Jerri, in the 27 days that I've been here, you have not asked me one single question about myself. It seems like, from Day 1, you've been the source of conflict within the tribe, and you just seem to be in this only for yourself, and for the next two weeks, we don't wanna have to deal with that.

Tina Wesson

(voting for Jerri) Most days, she gets up in a good mood, but, oh, baby, look out if she gets up in a bad mood.

Rodger Bingham

(voting for Jerri) I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to this moment, ever since the first day I realized you formed an alliance and we were still a young team. Maybe I'll send you a recipe for rice sometime.

Keith Famie

(voting for Elisabeth) I've never in my life met anyone more likable and more lovable. Because you are such a likable person, it is a definite threat.

Jerri Manthey

Final Words

You know, it's funny, because I absolutely knew this was coming. It must have been my remark about how this game isn't fair. I'm pretty sure that's what set everyone off. I've had a great time, and I'm still up for sitting around with everybody having a beer and laughing about this whole thing.

Jerri Manthey

Still in the Running

S2 debb bw
S2 kel bw
S2 maralyn bw
S2 mitchell bw
S2 kimmi bw
S2 michael bw
S2 jeff bw
S2 alicia bw
S2 jerri bw
S2 amber t
S2 colby t
S2 elisabeth t
S2 keith t
S2 nick t
S2 rodger t
S2 tina t


  • During the reward trip, Colby Donaldson broke an Australian law by breaking off coral from the Great Barrier Reef which could have resulted in a fine up to AU$110,000. The helicopter pilot involved in the reward trip also broke an Australian law as he flew over sea bird rookeries. Survivor's producer Mark Burnett apologized on behalf of Colby and the production team after the season had aired.
  • The Immunity Challenge this episode is the only one this season that isn't won by a former member of Ogakor.
  • This is the last Tribal Council of The Australian Outback in which Colby Donaldson is not immune.


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