Honey Badger is the second episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Night 3

Brandon is upset that Francesca got voted out and Dawn doesn't like his attitude to the point that she is reduced to tears. Dawn compares the way Brandon spoke to her to "pollution". Meanwhile, Brandon is really upset and wants to go Russell Hantz style; play dirty and go out with a bang.

Shamar is still laying low and not doing that much, he thinks that if he lays low, he won't get voted out.

Day 4

The next day, Brandon re-considers his hasty decision and explains to Cochran what his plan was and why he decided not to push through with it, Philip walks in and Brandon confides in Philip and asks him if he would be willing to have more unified votes, Philip then tells Brandon that he can't fully trust him. Brandon reacts by telling the rest of the tribe that Philip is probably the biggest bully he has ever met.

Phillip thinks Brandon is narcissistic, there is something he finds very disturbing about him. Then Brandon goes around the camp and tells them all that Phillip is crazy and pulling a "Boston Rob" on everyone. In private, Brandon calls Phillip "Agent Pink Panther".

Over in the fan's tribe, Sherri talks to Shamar and tells him that everyone in her alliance wants to work with him, knowing that she can keep Shamar under control.

Day 5

Time for the Immunity Challenge, three members from each tribe will swim out on a raft that is being pulled by three of their tribemates. Once in the water, the three members have to collect nine rings, the favorites are in the lead. Fans are really struggling to get something going when the favorites are already halfway back. Favorites now only have to land three rings on a post to win and Malcolm is doing the tossing. Fans are on their way back, they are still in the water. Fans are back in the game, Michael is tossing for them while Phillip has taken over for the favorites. Phillip scores, favorites win immunity and the reward; fishing gear. Fans are heading to their first Tribal Council where one of the ten of them will be the second person voted out of the game. Reynold wants Shamar to go, he thinks it is an obvious vote because of how lazy he is.

Phillip is still giving everyone nicknames, Malcolm is the Enforcer, it is making the rest of the tribemates laugh but you now they really think he is crazy.

Fans are analyzing what they all did and some are thinking that Shamar threw the challenge but he doesn't care what they think because he has an alliance and believes that without a doubt that he is safe at Tribal Council. Matt and Michael have a strong bond and think they should both go with Hope, Allie and their guys against Shamar. Matt is trying to campaign against him, but Sherri doesn't want him going anywhere because he is in her alliance. Laura meanwhile wants to get Allie thrown out because she thinks she is a strategic threat. Reynold seems to be the only one interested in finding the Immunity Idol and guess what, he finds it. He is so happy, this is freaking nuts and Reynold has no intention of telling anyone about it, he is going to be smart about this.

Time for Tribal Council, the tribemates start by lighting their torches. Jeff asks Matt if he is concerned about the four young tribe mates being close. Then he moves over to Shamar how he is doing and he says he is trying to conserve his energy because he doesn't get much food. Michael reveals that at the challenge they didn't make good decisions and it caused their failure. Michael blames the failure on Shamar because he doesn't do anything but shout out orders. Shamar says that he is an outcast because he is big and loud. Laura reveals to Jeff that she saw a bulge in someone's pocket and won't say who, but looks directly at Reynold.

Reynold tells Jeff that he does indeed have the Immunity Idol and brought it with him to Tribal Council, just in case. Shamar says that Reynold deserves an Academy Award for his performance. Laura tells Jeff that she is voting with her gut, maybe.

Jeff asks if anyone has an Immunity Idol and wants to play it, they should do it now, nobody does. Allie is blindsided in a 6-4 vote. 


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Plunge, Pull, Pop
For this challenge, nine contestants from each would compete. Three had to go on a raft, while three would pull a rope, which would get the raft through the water to a platform. At the platform is an underground cage with bamboo running through it. On the bamboo are nine life preservers, in different parts of the cage. The castaways would have to go underwater and pull the bamboo to release the rings. Once all nine rings are collected, the three would be pulled back to shore on the rafts. The rings would then be used to be thrown on three poles, one ring per pole. The tribe who accomplishes this first wins.
Reward: A fishing gear set
Winner: Bikal

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S26 allie t
Allie (6 votes)
S26 julia tS26 laura tS26 matt t
S26 michael tS26 shamar tS26 sherri t
Julia, Laura, Matt, Michael, Shamar, Sherri
S26 shamar t
Shamar (4 votes)
S26 allie tS26 eddie tS26 hope tS26 reynold t
Allie, Eddie, Hope, Reynold
S26 allie bw
Allie Pohevitz

Voting Confessionals

S26 eddie t

(voting against Shamar) Thank you for serving in our military, we appreciate it. Out here, not so much.

S26 sherri t

(voting against Allie) You gotta go, 'cause four is way too powerful.

Final Words

S26 allie bw

I had a lot more game to play, I mean, it's just so frustrating 'cause this is what I wanted, and I just… it sucks. I wanted to play this game for half my life. I wanted this since I was eleven years old. I'm mortified beyond words that I'm leaving second. I had such a good time playing this. Ugh, it sucks!

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw
S26 allie bw
S26 andrea t
S26 brandon t
S26 brenda t
S26 cochran t
S26 corinne t
S26 dawn t
S26 eddie t
S26 erik t
S26 hope t
S26 julia t
S26 laura t
S26 malcolm t
S26 matt t
S26 michael t
S26 phillip t
S26 reynold t
S26 shamar t
S26 sherri t


Behind the Scenes



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