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The Heroes Alliance is the main alliance of the Heroes tribe during the events of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


J.T. Thomas
Days 5-10; 12-27
S20 jt t
Amanda Kimmel
Remained Loyal
Days 5-30
S20 amanda t
Candice Woodcock
Days 5-30
S20 candice t
Cirie Fields
Remained Loyal
Days 5-11
S20 cirie t
James Clement
Days 5-15
S20 james t
Rupert Boneham
Remained Loyal
Days 5-36
S20 rupert t


 Colby Donaldson
Days 16-37
S20 colby t


Early Formation[]

After the Heroes lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 6, James talked to Amanda, Candice, Cirie, and J.T. about Stephenie being a curse to their tribe, stating they have to get rid of her, forming an alliance between the five. Rupert joined the alliance sometime later on Day 6, though Candice and Cirie found themselves in the swing vote role and contemplated voting Amanda out. Ultimately, together the six voted Stephenie out.

JT Saves The Enemies[]

After losing immunity on Day 11, Cirie tells the alliance that they should split their votes between Tom and Colby in case Tom plays his Hidden Immunity Idol. This scared J.T., and now he believed that Cirie has taken control over the tribe and he wanted to put a stop to that. J.T. discusses this with Tom, and Tom tells J.T. that tonight is the perfect night to get rid of her. He then tells J.T. to switch his vote to Cirie and he (Tom) will play the idol and Cirie will be sent home. At Tribal Council, J.T flips his vote to Cirie, Tom plays his idol which negated the 3 votes cast against him and Cirie was blindsided in a 3-2-0 vote.

Damage Control[]

J.T. immediately went back to his alliance with Amanda, James, and Rupert stating that he made a move against Cirie but it had nothing to do with the other members of the alliance. Reluctant to trust him, they decided to because they had no other choice as Candice was also untrustworthy. The Heroes continued to lose and James was even injured in a Reward Challenge, putting the tribe and the alliance in a tough position. Despite James's injury, Tom was voted out on Day 14. The following day, both tribes competed for individual immunity and reward. Colby performed the worst in the challenge despite James's condition and Candice won immunity, preventing the tribe from voting her out after considering her a target earlier that morning. At Tribal Council, the alliance reluctantly voted out James and spared Colby, unifying the tribe. The five remaining Heroes would go on to win the next three Immunity Challenges, though they made a rash decision in letting J.T. give Russell the idol. Thinking Russell was on the outs of the Villains tribe because the men were being picked off, they were hoping to save him and use him as a number post merge.

Sandra - The Anti-Villain Becomes A Hero[]

After the tribes merged the Heroes believed that Russell was on their side after giving him an idol and making false assumptions about what had happened at the Villains camp. However, Sandra told Rupert that there was no all girls alliance on the Villains tribe and Russell has been masterminding the eliminations. However, the Heroes didn't listen to her. At Tribal Council, Parvati played both her idols on Jerri and Sandra, negating the alliance's five votes on Jerri, forcing J.T to leave 5-0.

Candice's Betrayal[]

After J.T. was blindsided the Heroes were in the minority. However, Sandra decided to flip to at the next Tribal Council to get rid of Russell. However, Russell was able to convince Candice to flip to the Villains, forcing her to stay loyal to the Villains, causing Amanda to be blindsided in a 6-3 vote.

The Villains Take Over[]

With Amanda gone and Candice joining the villains, Colby and Rupert became the main minority. However, after the Immunity Challenge, Rupert was able to trick Russell into thinking that he had the idol, forming a split vote plan between himself and another Hero. Due to the majority of the Villains wanting Candice and the alliance wanting their revenge, Candice was sent to the jury in a 5-3 vote.

At the next Tribal Council, the alliance voted with Russell against Danielle like they planned beforehand due to her being close with Parvati. Jerri ended up voting with them, resulting in Danielle's close oust. Though Russell initially agreed to form an alliance with the remaining Heroes to get rid of Parvati, she won immunity and Russell turned on him, eliminating Rupert. Colby soon followed during the Final 5 when he failed to win immunity.


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