Hélène Patry is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro.


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  • Age: 27 ans - Vie maritale
  • Profession: Professeur de lettres
  • Département: Alpes-Maritimes (06)
  • Devise: Vive l'aventure


When Alexandra Denikine was evacuated and eliminated from the game on Day 4 due to an allergic reaction to bites that she received from chitras, Hélène entered the game on the Boro tribe in her place on Day 6 because there was no previously eliminated contestant. Upon her entry, most of the tribe was friendly but cold and didn't want to work with Hélène because she had not been there since the beginning like they had been. She was friendly with Julie Bourdon, but she bonded the most with Linda Penard. Hélène didn't get along with Philippe Huquet, who believed that Hélène was educated but lacked emotional intelligence, and she told him that he had no right to judge her because he did not know her enough.

On the eleventh night, Moundir Zoughari argued with Linda about her attitude towards Sylvie Pommier, but things escalated when Moundir mentioned Linda's husband. He violently entered the tent that Hélène and Linda were laying down in and taunted Linda. Linda was scared due to Moundir's aggressive tone and demeanour and Hélène believed that Moundir would've hit Linda if there weren't any cameras around. Moundir was sanctioned by production to sleep separately from his tribemates that night for his behaviour. Hélène and Linda cost their tribe the next Immunity Challenge, which was the Buggin' Out challenge, though Linda purposefully threw it on her end in order to prove to the rest of her tribe that they need her to win. Upon returning to camp, Hélène accused Moundir of playing "only for the money." Moundir angrily asked Hélène who told her that, to which Linda responded that he did himself. Antoine Sanchez tried to calm down the situation and clear any confusion by testifying that Moundir said that he wanted to use the money to help pay off his mother's debts if he won, but it was too late as Moundir threatened Linda and stormed around in a rage. To their discomfort, the Machiga tribe could hear Moundir's loud outburst in the distance. Due to this incident, Moundir's encounter with Hélène and Linda in their tent, and his outburst earlier when the Machiga tribe was pillaging the Boro tribe's camp as reward for winning the previous Reward Challenge, the show's psychologist consulted him, he was warned by production, and Linda threatened to file a complaint against him if this behaviour didn't change. At elimination, Moundir received votes from Hélène and Linda due to his recent behaviour, but Linda was ultimately voted out due to her actions at the corresponding Immunity Challenge and due to her combative character. After Linda's elimination and Philippe's permanent evacuation, Hélène managed to bond slightly with Sylvie and the two were peeved a little by some of Antoine's actions and behaviour. When Delphine Bano entered the tribe on Day 18 as Julie's replacement, she and Hélène bonded over their common status as joker contestants.

When the two tribes merged, Moussa Niangane, an original Machiga tribe member, immediately informed the original Boro tribe members that he is willing to flip on his original tribemates. At the first merge elimination, Sébastien Loew was voted out by Moussa and the original Boro tribe members. Though Delphine and Isabelle Seguin had already contemplated over this during the Ambassadors' Meeting before the merge and had not gone far with it, the possibility of a female alliance between Delphine, Valérie Dot, Isabelle, and Hélène was revived at the Final Seven. Knowing this, Moussa and Moundir, using polar opposite tactics, gave arguments to Delphine and Hélène as for why they should continue working with the three males and stick to the original plan. They succeeded and the five voted out Valérie at the merged tribe's second elimination.

At the Final Six, Hélène won immunity for the second time. By this time, although the tribe was appreciative of Antoine's strong worth ethic, they had plans to vote him out at the next elimination because they were annoyed by some of his antics, such as his complaining when his fishing excursions were less fruitful and his patronization of the female contestants when it came to some of the tasks around camp, and because of allegations that Antoine had made bigoted remarks concerning Moussa and Moundir. Hélène and Moundir had given their word to Antoine earlier in the game that they wouldn't vote against him, but they were fully aware that Delphine, Moussa, and Isabelle were voting against Antoine and supported it. Therefore, Antoine was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote, but was not eliminated from the game and was instead exiled for 48 hours where he missed out on the next reward and Immunity Challenges. This occurred because Philippe was permanently evacuated due to an infection on Day 14 and Linda refused to return to the game in Philippe's place due to the tension between her and Moundir. At the next elimination, discussions about rumours of Antoine's bigoted remarks were settled for good, but Delphine and Isabelle still voted against Antoine. Keeping her promise to Antoine, Hélène voted against Moundir instead. However, this came back to bite her because she was targeted by the three males due to her challenge prowess and due to her and Delphine's exaggeration of what Antoine had said about Moundir's religion earlier in the season.

Voting History

Hélène's Voting History
Episode Hélène's
Voted Against
Entered the Game, Day 6
2 Boro Tribe Immune
3 Boro Tribe Immune
4 Moundir -
5 Boro Tribe Immune
6 Boro Tribe Immune
7 Sylvie -
8 Sébastien Individual Immunity
9 Valérie -
10 Mock Vote1
11 Moundir Antoine,
Moundir, Moussa
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 Due to the high amounts of evacuations and quits during the season, the Tribal Council on Day 31 ended up with the person receiving the most votes being exiled for 48 hours. Due to having Individual Immunity, Hélène could not be exiled.

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