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Gregory Matthew "Greg" Buis is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo.

Remembered for his wacky antics and temperament, Greg was liked generally by everybody in Borneo. He has the distinction of being the first jury member in the history of Survivor as well as the first person ever to win an individual Immunity Challenge.


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Born in Plano, Texas, Greg Buis is one of four siblings (two brothers and a sister). He studied anthropology at Brown University, graduating in 1999. He is currently based in Gold Hill, Colorado, although he continues to travel around the world. He has lived in Ridgewood, New Jersey; Providence, Rhode Island; Boulder, Colorado; Santa Barbara, California and Australia. Along the way, he has been employed as a survival skill program director, boat mechanic, a stone mason and a restaurant manager.

Greg describes himself as energetic, hardworking and dedicated. His favorite color is green and he loves the smell of a pine forest. He says his perfect day would entail stalking a wild animal slowly and quietly enough to surprise it by touching it. His birth date is Dec. 31, 1975.[1]


Greg started the game as a member of the Pagong tribe. He was known for his wacky antics that kept his tribemates entertained, despite the harsh environment, one of which is "inventing" a "Coconut Phone" to "contact" the outside world. He is also known for his close relationship with tribemate Colleen Haskell.

Greg's tribe won the first Immunity Challenge but lost the second. While the rest of Pagong voted out B.B. Andersen, as he was the oldest and most annoying member, Greg and B.B. both voted for Ramona Gray, as they thought she was the laziest member.

Pagong came back by winning the third Immunity Challenge but later lost the fourth one. The majority of the tribe voted for Ramona; however, Greg voted for Jenna Lewis, as she annoyed him. The pattern continued as Pagong won the fifth Immunity Challenge, but lost the preceding challenge. After tribemates Joel Klug and Gervase Peterson made a disparaging joke about women, Greg sided with the women of the tribe and voted out Joel 4-2.

After the merge, Greg won the very first individual Immunity Challenge on Day 21, protecting him from being voted out. At Tribal Council, while the members of Pagong (and Sean Kenniff) voted differently, the four-way Tagi alliance stuck together and voted out Gretchen Cordy, as she was Pagong's leader. Greg voted for Jenna.

Greg then won the Day 23 Reward Challenge, and he was rewarded with a video from home from his sister, Julie. At Tribal Council, the former Tagi members and Jenna voted for Greg, making him the first jury member ever on Survivor, while Greg voted for Jenna. Greg abruptly burst into a round of fake tears after being voted out which prompted everyone including Jeff Probst to laugh (with Rudy Boesch thinking for a moment Greg actually was crying).

As a juror, Greg became the swing vote between who became the final two, having his three other Pagong comrades voting for Kelly Wiglesworth, while the three Tagi jurors voted for Richard Hatch. He asked both Richard and Kelly to pick a number between 1 and 10. Richard was closer, and Greg became the only Pagong member to vote for Richard, making Richard the Sole Survivor. Greg faced heavy criticism after the show for apparently allowing the whole game to come down to guessing a number, but he later explained that he had always intended to vote for Richard and his number-picking question was just a way of mocking the serious nature of Tribal Council.

Voting History

Greg's Voting History
Episode Greg's
Voted Against
1 Pagong Tribe Immune
2 Ramona -
3 Pagong Tribe Immune
4 Jenna -
5 Pagong Tribe Immune
6 Joel -
7 Jenna Individual Immunity
8 Jenna Jenna, Kelly, Richard,
Rudy, Sean, Susan
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • After the show, Buis worked as a fashion model. He was signed to Trump Model Management.
  • Greg received an MSc. in Ecology from Colorado State University and founded Pioneer Green Energy, a renewable energy development company.[2]


  • Greg's luxury item was a frisbee.
  • Greg was the first contestant from Colorado.
  • Greg was the youngest male on Pagong.
  • Greg was the first Survivor contestant to become a member of the jury.
  • Greg was the first person to win a Loved Ones Challenge.
  • Greg was the first person to win individual immunity.
  • Greg was the only member of Pagong to vote for Richard Hatch at Final Tribal Council.
  • Jeff Probst stated that during the first Tribal Council that Pagong went to, Greg got on his nerves by mocking him and the rest of the crew. However, Greg later became one of Probst's favorite contestants.
  • Greg was nominated in Survivor: America's Tribal Council as the "Sexiest Male Contestant", but lost to Colby Donaldson.
  • Greg was asked several times to be on Survivor again but had to decline on the basis of career commitments.[3][4]
  • Greg is the only contestant from Borneo to win individual immunity and never return for another season.


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