The Gota Alliance was the majority alliance of the original Gota tribe in Survivor: Caramoan.

The alliance was initially convened by Sherri Biethman in order to fend off the threat posed by the emergent Cool Kids Alliance. They successfully eliminated two major adversaries and controlled the Gota tribe until the first tribe swap. However, the alliance lost Shamar Thomas to an injury and turned on Laura Alexander for her weakness in challenges. The swap effectively doomed the alliance, placing Matt Bischoff and Julia Landauer at the mercy of original Bikal members and resulting in their elimination. This turn of events forced Sherri and Michael Snow to be absorbed separately into the two main post-merge coalitions.


Sticking Together

Noticing that Reynold Toepfer, Eddie Fox, Allie Pohevitz, and Hope Driskill had created an alliance, Sherri Biethman, along with Laura Alexander, Julia Landauer, and Michael Snow, agreed to be in an alliance of their own in order to overthrow the four-tight "Couples Alliance". Michael, however, who had an alliance with Matt Bischoff, wanted to keep his option open to either group. On Day 4, Sherri decided to invite Shamar Thomas into the alliance, thinking of making him her "Phillip", saying that he is needed by the tribe but also for her own personal game. Shamar accepted the offer.

After Gota lost the second Immunity Challenge (that was also a Reward Challenge), Reynold and Eddie wanted to eliminate Shamar for not helping in camp and sleeping all day. The Gota alliance, however, had other plans, and planned to eliminate Allie for being the most threatening among the members of the rival alliance. Before Tribal Council, Laura noticed that Reynold had a bulge in his underwear, which she deduced was the Hidden Immunity Idol, but couldn't divulge the information to the rest of the group as they were going to go to Tribal Council at that moment.

At Tribal Council, Laura revealed to the tribe that she saw a bulge in someone's underwear that possibly contained the tribe's idol, all while staring at Reynold. Reynold then immediately revealed the idol after Jeff Probst noted that he was the one Laura was staring at. When Jeff asked Reynold about the Idol, he threatened to play it on himself. Reynold ultimately did not play the Idol, but the Gota alliance's plan was successful, and all of the members (including Michael and Matt, who chose to side with the alliance) voted out Allie in a 6-4 vote.

The Split-Vote Plan

After losing the third Immunity Challenge, the Gota alliance targeted Hope for being the weakest of the three outsiders. Laura came up with a plan to have the alliance split their votes between Eddie and Hope in case Reynold gave either of them the Idol. This would create a 3-3-3 tie (they assumed that Reynold, Eddie, and Hope would vote for Shamar), and then they would vote out Hope in the revote.

This move did not sit well with Shamar, who wanted to send Eddie or Reynold home due to their conflicts with him. He alerted Hope of the plan, telling her to vote for Eddie to prevent the tie. Hope told this to Julia, who alerted the rest of the Gota alliance. Concerned that if Shamar defected she would be a target for her weakness in challenges, Laura approached Reynold and told him that she and Julia would vote for Shamar with his alliance. However at Tribal Council, the entire Gota alliance remained together and split the vote. Once again, Reynold did not play his Idol and Hope was voted out on the revote.

The Alliance's Sacrifice

While at camp on Day 9, Shamar caught a piece of sand in his eye, and then he scratched his cornea. Medical arrived to treat Shamar at the camp on Day 10, but the doctors said that since he scratched it, it could affect his vision and that he needed to be pulled from the game.

Later that same day, Gota lost the Immunity Challenge and was facing their third Tribal Council in a row. Reynold and Eddie targeted Laura, due to her poor effort and support for the tribe in reward and Immunity Challenges. Laura was convinced by Sherri that the Gota alliance was going to vote Reynold off. However, they betrayed her to keep the tribe as strong as possible. At Tribal Council, Laura was voted out in a unanimous 6-0 vote (Reynold played his idol, negating his single vote from Laura).

Switching Tribes and Dissolution

Following a Tribe Switch, all of the remaining alliance members (aside from Sherri) were switched to the new Bikal tribe. After Bikal lost the following Immunity Challenge, Matt and Michael decided to turn on Julia, while Julia remained loyal to the alliance and voted for Dawn Meehan. However, Matt got all of the favorites' votes and was eliminated 4-2-1. At Bikal's next Tribal Council, the votes were split between Michael and Julia. All the favorites voted for Julia in the revote, eliminating her just before the merge.

With only two members reaching the merge (Sherri and Michael), the Gota alliance officially dissolved; Sherri joined Stealth R Us and Michael joined the Cool Kids Alliance, even voting against Sherri at the Day 22 Tribal Council. Michael would become the first juror, while Sherri would tie with Dawn for the runner-up spot, receiving no votes to win. 


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