The Gondol Alliance (also known as the Super Idol Alliance) is an alliance formed on post-switch Gondol during the events of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Super Idol

Before Gondol's first Tribal Council, Tai Trang had revealed his possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol to Scot Pollard. With the knowledge of Kyle Jason's and Tai's idol possessions, Scot figured that the best way to keep him in the game would be to protect Tai and to get them both to the merge and hope that they rejoin with Jason. Thus, he urged Tai to keep his idol and join the tribe in blindsiding Anna Khait. Tai agreed to the proposal, and when Anna looked to him for idol protection, he withheld it from her, leading to her blindside.

Brain Overload

Julia joined Gondol following Anna's vote out and effectively took Anna's spot on the bottom of the tribe. The easy move would've been for Scot and Tai to bank on a merge, vote out Julia, and regroup with Brawn and Beauty at the merge. But instead, they took matters into their own hands and tried to convince Aubry to vote for Peter. Since Aubry and Peter targeted each other on their original tribe, Aubry felt she would not be able to work with Peter in the future and voted him off. It was not without writing down Julia's name and then crossing it out, which upset Scot.


At the merge, Jason and Scot reunited cheerfully, reaffirming their allegiances and reuniting with former Brawn member, Cydney Gillon. Scot informed Jason of Tai's idol and the alliance he created with Julia Sokolowski and Tai. Both agreed that the Brains were their biggest threats and opt to align with the Beauties to reach the final seven. Both men talk with Nick Maiorano to try to get him and Michele Fitzgerald on their side. Debbie Wanner attempts to pull in the Beauties to the Brains side, they however deem her as aggressive and are turned off, thus officially joining the Brawns. After the turn of events, the new alliance of seven collectively agree to split the vote between idol holder Neal Gottlieb and his closest ally Aubry Bracco. At the Immunity Challenge, Nick won, further increasing the chances of a Brain leaving, more than likely Aubry. However, after a last minute check up from Dr. Rupert, he deemed Neal's knee injury critical enough that he'd have to be medically evacuated from the game. Without their idol holder, the Brains were in a deficit 7-3 minority.

Huge Fracture

The alliance seemed in power with a massive advantage over the Brains and everything was in place to vote out Aubry. After the Immunity Challenge, however, Cydney became paranoid about Nick's bahaviour. She conspired with Michele and Julia to join the Brain women in creating a all-female alliance. At Tribal Council the women flipped on the alliance, blindsiding Nick and permanently fracturing the alliance.


Scot and Jason responded to Nick's blindside by putting out the fire and hiding the tools. This annoyed the majority Dara alliance and only further isolated Brawn. However, Julia's quickness to volunteer to be on Scot, Tai, and Jason's team for the Reward Challenge raised some red flags. Julia would win immunity, which forced the majority to either navigate the potential idols the Gondol alliance had or to turn on one of their own. Since Debbie proved to be difficult to work with, Aubry, Cydney, Michele, and Julia voted her out. Jason, Scot, and Tai revealed their idols and bluffed an idol play, and with Debbie voted out, they escaped Tribal Council with increased power.

Operation: Super Idol Is A No Go

Mark Our Words

With Scot out and Tai's flip to the majority alliance being very eminent, the women of the majority kicked Julia out of the core, placing her on the bottom of the tribe with Jason. Both outsiders deemed Tai a huge threat and jokingly stated that when he left, they'd gladly eat his chicken, Mark. The duo discuss blindsiding Tai with Michele and they all plan to recruit Cydney to form the majority. At the Immunity Challenge, it came down to Julia and Michele with Michele barely edging out Julia for the win. Back at camp, the majority alliance targets Julia while the duo tries one last time to convince Cydney and Michele to flip. The two find themselves to be swing votes and discuss what should be their final decision. At Tribal Council, 3 votes for Julia and 2 votes for Tai were cast by the warring factions. In the end, the swing votes stay loyal to their alliance and pile their votes on Julia, eliminating her and placing Jason completely on the bottom.

Completely on the outs of Dara, Jason felt alone as no one was willing to talk strategy with him. This didn't stop him however from trying the next day to convince Cydney and Michele to go after Aubry and Tai with him. After winning the Reward Challenge with Michele and Tai, Jason showed a more positive side of him, shocking them both. This attitude would further strengthen Tai's plan to eliminate Michele. He lost a crucial immunity win against Cydney at the Immunity Challenge and back at camp knew he was leaving. He planned to throw a vote at Joe del Campo. Right before Tribal Council, Tai told him to vote for Michele, as he thought he had arranged for her elimination. Skeptical of him because of his recent betrayal, Jason turned down the offer. At Tribal Council, Jason watched Michele and Tai feud over Tai mistakenly believing that Michele was on the outs of the alliance. Despite the argument and Jason hoping that their argument would help him get through Tribal unscathed, the majority alliance deemed his ability to sway people as a much bigger threat than Michele's social inroads, eliminating the last loyal member of the alliance in a 4-2-1 vote.



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