Gondol (កណ្ដុរ) is a tribe from Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. They are the "Beauty" tribe. Their tribe color is yellow.

As was the case with the original Beauty tribe, Gondol defied expectations by finding massive success in the pre-switch portion of the game. The tribe managed to win all five pre-switch challenges, and was set for the switch. However, a medical evacuation and an exile threw things off-center and created an environment for strategic scheming.


 Anna Khait
26, Brooklyn, NY
Pro poker player
S32 anna t
 Caleb Reynolds
27, Hopkinsville, KY
Army veteran
S32 caleb t
 Julia Sokolowski
18, Boston, MA
College student
S32 julia t
 Michele Fitzgerald
24, Freehold, NJ
S32 michele t
 Nick Maiorano
30, Redondo Beach, CA
Personal trainer
S32 nick t
 Tai Trang
51, San Francisco, CA
S32 tai t

 Anna Khait
S32 anna t
 Aubry Bracco
S32 aubry t
 Joe del Campo
S32 joe t
 Julia Sokolowski
S32 julia t
S32 peter t
 Scot Pollard
S32 scot t
 Tai Trang
S32 tai t

Tribe History

The Beauty Tribe

The Gondol tribe was off to a strong start in the game. Having been assigned a relatively comfortable beach, the tribe managed to forge relationships early in the game. The three girls decided to form a pact against the men to see them through the game. Tai was seen as an early target after he was caught looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol. His search proved fruitful despite the high risk, and up until that point, nobody in Gondol knew that he had an idol in his possession.

Gondol went on to win all of the pre-switch challenges. However, despite the facade of paradise, tensions were brewing at camp, with the girls expressing distaste for Nick. Worse, Caleb had been medically evacuated after overexerting himself at the Reward Challenge, leading to a life-threatening heatstroke which caused his heart rate to plummet. Still, Gondol managed to recover for a victory at the Immunity Challenge.

On Day 12, the tribes were switched. Julia was exiled to To Tang, and her imminent return got tribes scrambling. Gondol left the switch with 3 Brains, 2 Beauty, and 1 Brawn. Anna and Tai were immediately put on the chopping block in the event of an Immunity Challenge loss, as the rest of the tribe feared that Julia would return and work together with her original tribemates. Even though the tribe was cheerful upon returning to camp, it was evident that Gondol was split down tribal lines, with Scot playing as a swing vote.

At the Immunity Challenge, Gondol saw its first loss after failing to complete the puzzle, despite an early lead granted by Scot's physicality. Facing Tribal Council, Anna lobbied for Tai's elimination, but he was saved due to a tight relationship with Scot, and for his positivity at camp. Unbeknownst to him, Peter was up for elimination because of his abrasive arrogance. Tai opened up to Anna and Scot about his idol possession, and the trio discussed plans to take out Peter instead. Tai contemplated using his idol to blindside Peter, but had cold feet and eventually changed his mind.

At Gondol's first Tribal Council, Anna hoped for the best, but after Tai betrayed her by not playing his idol, Anna became the first person voted out from Gondol.

Gondol took in Julia during the next Reward Challenge before moving to a victory. They won for themselves a Survivor picnic consisting of a feast and beverages. The celebration was short-lived as Peter attempted to bring in Julia into an alliance in order to overthrow the Brains who had ostracized him on Chan Loh. Joe was riled by Peter's scheming, who he believed was to take him out. He confronted Peter, but Peter refused to tell the truth. Aubry and Joe were disillusioned by Peter's willingness to stab them in the back.

Gondol went on to lose the Immunity Challenge. Having followed a poor stacking plan, they lost their lead and fell one block short from success. Targets were put on newcomer Julia and the calculating Peter. Julia, Scot, and Tai tried to pull Aubry into their plan to take Peter - who was both a strategic and physical threat - out from the tribe. Aubry gave the plan consideration, and discussed it with Joe. Joe's loyalty to the Brains kept him from turning on Peter, who he had made amends with. Scot and Tai then considered voting Julia out, as they thought that the Brains would stick as one cohesive unit. Aubry became the swing vote before Tribal Council.

At Gondol's last Tribal Council, Aubry, Scot, and Tai held an impromptu discussion as to the next eliminee. Aubry showed fickleness as she stepped up to vote, initially voting against Julia before giving her vote a second thought. She decided to stick with the "original plan", and, along with Julia, Scot, and Tai, blindsided Peter. Joe was the only person who did not vote against him.


Aubry's vote resulted in backlash against her, with Scot stating that it showed a lack of allegiance to his alliance. He publicly marked the two Brains as the next two to go now that he, Julia and Tai held the numbers. Fortunately for Aubry and Joe, the merge happened the very next day, and Gondol welcomed old friends from Chan Loh.



  • Gondol literally means "mouse/rat island" in Khmer.[1]
  • According to Joe Anglim, the Gondol beach eventually became the Bayon camp in Cambodia.[2] This beach is known as Bai Cheap Bay.
  • All four original members of Gondol who reached the merge won individual immunity at least once.
  • Gondol's tribe emblem, the purple snake, could be an homage to the former "Beauty" tribe, Solana, a purple tribe.


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