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Goma was one of two competing tribes on Survivor South Africa: Maldives.

Its color was turquoise.


Sa4 allison tSa4 jacques tSa4 lukhanyo t
Sa4 mxo tSa4 philicity tSa4 roxy tSa4 sean t
Sa4 simon tSa4 sindi tSa4 vanessa t
  • Allison de Chazal, a mother from Durban;
  • Jacques Terre'Blanche, a musician from Johannesburg;
  • Lukhanyo Nontshinga, a professional rugby player from Kimberley;
  • MXO, a musician/actor from Johannesburg;
  • Philicity Reeken, an actress from Johannesburg;
  • Roxy Burger, a TV presenter from Johannesburg;
  • Sean September, a lawyer from Cape Town;
  • Simon Coetzer, a HR consultant from Johannesburg;
  • Sindi Lukhele, an events co-ordinator from Johannesburg;
  • Vanessa Haywood, an actress from Cape Town.

Tribe History

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  • After not being chose at the Schoolyard Pick, Philicity Reeken would replace on the tribe the person voted out at the first Tribal Council.


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