The Goliath Alliance is an alliance formed in Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Entering the merge in the majority, the Goliath Alliance quickly lost their lead when the opposing David Alliance skillfully utilized their advantages. However, when cracks within the David Alliance formed in the end-game, the Goliath Alliance regained their dominance. Despite this, their lack of coordination prevented their victory.



On Day 1, Dan Rengering and Kara Kay formed a bond and quickly became a power couple in the game. The next day, Dan, Kara, and Natalia Azoqa found a Hidden Immunity Idol, which Dan kept. In this time, Kara became wary of Dan's lack of discretion, so she formed an alliance with Natalia and Angelina Keeley as a contingency plan. The girls agreed to each pull in one male into their alliance; Angelina had John Hennigan as a solid ally, Natalia had Alec Merlino, and Kara had Dan. Thus, the six became engaged in an alliance. Their primary target was Natalie Cole, who was quickly becoming public enemy number one on the tribe because of her bossiness.

Despite the animosity between Natalie and most of the Goliaths on Day 9, after the Goliaths lost the Immunity Challenge, Angelina rallied her alliance against Jeremy Crawford, who had been perceived as a potential strategic threat in the event of a Tribe Switch. While there was hesitation and reluctance from the alliance, the entirety of the Goliath tribe ultimately decided to follow Angelina's suggestion, resulting in Jeremy leaving the game in a 9-1 vote.

The  Switch

At the advent of the Tribe Switch, Goliath held a numerical advantage on all three of the new tribes. However, on Vuku, Natalia's overbearing personality resulted in Alec flipping on her and Kara. The Goliath Alliance lost a number when Natalia was blindsided, 3-1-1.

A similar event occurred on Jabeni. Despite pledging her allegiance to the Goliaths, long-time enemy Natalie was voted out, 3-2, which allowed the numbers between David and Goliath to even up. However, this was followed by Jabeni eliminating Lyrsa Torres, which allowed Goliath to regain its numerical advantage.

Goliath Strong

Following the merge occurring on Day 18, the former Goliaths held a 7-6 numerical advantage over the original Davids. Their plan was to remain Goliath strong and take out the remaining Davids. However, during this time, Alec, Alison Raybould, and Mike White were planning a cross-tribal alliance with the Davids. Angelina initially lobbied for Christian Hubicki's elimination but after some consultation, the target was put on Elizabeth Olson for her apparent chaotic nature. At the first Tribal Council after the merge, both the Davids and Goliaths took out Elizabeth in a unanimous vote, despite her attempt to save herself by exposing Angelina's duplicity when she informed Elizabeth of her impending elimination.

Biblical  Odds

Following Elizabeth's elimination, the Goliaths maintained their numerical advantage over the Davids and decided to target Christian next for his overall likability and status as a threat to win the game at the end. At Tribal Council, however, former David Davie Rickenbacker played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Christian, resulting in John Hennigan's blindside following a masterful split vote from the opposing Davids. At the next Tribal Council, Christian was targeted again by the alliance but Dan was instead blindsided after their enemies strategically used Carl Boudreaux's Idol Nullifier to negate Dan's idol. The next day, Angelina switched her allegiances to the Davids following Alec, Alison, and Kara revealing that she was the contingency plan in the case an idol was played, reducing the alliance to a foursome. Unable to crack the new majority alliance, Alec soon followed his Goliath brethren in a unanimous vote after failing to win individual immunity, giving the Davids a 5-4 lead.

Cracks Form

Cracks began to form within the David Alliance following Alec's unanimous vote out, as Gabby Pascuzzi grew frustrated at her lack of agency within her alliance. She, along with Christian, decided to lead the charge against Carl, and with the help of Alison, Kara, and Mike, managed to orchestrate Carl's blindside at the Day 30 Tribal Council. This move allowed the numbers to even up.

Regaining Control

After Carl's blindside, gameplay on the island became much more fluid. On Day 32, Christian was deemed the next to go after his closest ally Gabby campaigned for him to be out. At Tribal Council though, Christian played his idol, negating his majority five votes and sending Gabby to the jury because of Angelina and Mike's votes for her. At the final 7, several people were on the chopping block, but Christian was ultimately voted out for being too big of a threat to keep in. On Day 36, Nick Wilson won immunity and chose to share the reward with Angelina and Mike since they had a Final Three deal. During the reward, Nick suggested taking out Alison. Mike, however, wanted Davie out for being a big threat to win. Mike managed to convince Angelina, Alison and Kara to blindside Davie at Tribal Council.


At the final 5, Nick won immunity, and the alliance of Angelina, Mike, and Nick took out Alison with Kara's help. At the final 4, Nick won the Final Immunity Challenge, and at Tribal Council he saved Angelina while Mike defeated Kara in the fire-making tiebreaker challenge.  

At Final Tribal Council, Mike was commended for his strong social game, while Angelina was chastised for her manipulations. Angelina ended up placing third with no votes, Mike became the runner-up with three votes, while Nick was awarded the title of Sole Survivor with seven votes.




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