Going Down in Flames is the tenth episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Day 25

The Heroes grow restless at their camp, all hoping for a change of pace or a merge after twenty-five days in the game.

I mean it's just like oh Day 25, something's got to happen! Just give us a challenge, give us a merge, give us anything. Us five, the family, have been together a pretty long time now, it's taking its toll on us.

J.T. Thomas

Amanda Kimmel and Rupert Boneham travel to Tree Mail and discover a locked chest with a message telling them to expect company soon with the key, indicating a merge. Parvati Shallow and Danielle DiLorenzo retrieve Tree Mail at the Villains camp, bringing back a key and a note containing a map to the Heroes camp for the merge. The Villains all meet together with the exception of Sandra Diaz-Twine and talk about how Russell Hantz should explain to J.T. Thomas how Parvati is still in the game, especially since J.T. gave his Hidden Immunity Idol to Russell the previous day and wrote a note saying that Russell should send home Parvati. After talking, they decide to come up with a story where Russell played the idol to save himself, but at the same time, Parvati played her own idol and also avoided being voted out.

Right now, I do think I have the only Hidden Immunity Idol in pocket. The people who know about it are the people who have to know about it, my whole tribe except for Sandra. We're not going to tell her anything, that idol is going to help the Villain tribe weed out one of their members from the Heroes tribe. Imma have them eat out of my hands.

Russell Hantz

The Heroes are just going to have to watch out because the Villains are coming. Right now, Russell and I have both of the Hidden Immunity Idols that are in this game which puts us in the King and Queen position. Well, the Queen has to keep some secrets, so I would like to keep my Hidden Immunity Idol a secret and only my lady in waiting, Danielle, knows about it. And the King will not know about it until the time is right.

Parvati Shallow

The Heroes see the Villains walking up the beach to their camp and go out to help the Villains bring in their supplies. The Heroes immediately observe that Parvati is still in the game, but are thankful to at least still see Russell too.

First thing I notice when I look down the beach and saw the Villains coming is Parvati. Then, you know I saw Russell's legs behind the Sears box and I'm like 'oh, thank god'. So I figured Russell played the idol, Parvati HAD to have played an idol; therefore there's no idols in the game. Parvati's got to go, it's a known fact.

J.T. Thomas

Russell is given a warm welcome by J.T. and Colby Donaldson, and the rest of the Villains are also greeted by the Heroes tribe. The key the Villains brought opens up the chest the Heroes recovered. Inside the chest reveals the merge, feast, buffs and all. When deciding a tribe name, several suggestions are thrown out, and Jerri Manthey says they should just name the merged tribe 'Villains' since everyone is deep down a villain in Survivor, a statement that offends Rupert who would rather keep things positive.

As the Heroes and Villains mingle with each other for the first time together, it is apparent none of the Heroes want to talk with Parvati. Parvati sits on the outside feeling somewhat rejected as no one will talk to her at all. Eventually, she goes out to sit on the beach and is joined by Danielle, who tries to talk to Parvati about how she is feeling. After talking together, Parvati agrees to just play along with the Heroes' overconfidence and tolerate her isolation for the time being.

None of the Heroes are happy that I'm here. They wanted to get rid of me before and they're all shocked I'm here. I definitely don't feel part of this tribe, so I definitely think they're going to vote for me because they want me gone. I'm offended by how these Heroes are treating me. They don't know it yet but they're all about to be picked off one by one.

Parvati Shallow

J.T., Rupert, and Russell all talk with each other together in the shelter. J.T. greets Russell and is glad to see him still in the game. Russell tells them that now is the first time he's felt comfortable in the game since Day 4, trying to get the two Heroes to believe he's going to go with them and betray the Villains. Russell tells them the cover story for how Parvati is still in the game by describing the fictional Tribal Council scenario where he and Parvati played Hidden Immunity Idols at exactly the same time. After Russell finishes his story and affirms his allegiance to the Heroes by swearing on his kids, he leaves and J.T. confidently assures Rupert they made the right call in saving Russell since J.T. is sure Russell will keep with them. J.T. even goes so far to say that Russell's a 'good ol' country boy' and will stay loyal. As Russell eats some fruit by the ocean after the conversation, he remarks to the camera that J.T. has completely fallen for his cover; hook, line and sinker.

Giving Russell the Hidden Immunity Idol could blow up in my face, I mean he could have never been going home. You know he could have been the leader of the girls over there, but do I believe it? Not a chance in the world, 'cause I trust him explicitly.

J.T. Thomas

Later, Sandra walks along the beach and talks with Rupert as they walk together. Sandra attempts to tell Rupert that she is the last of her alliance, and that there never was an all-girls alliance on the Villains. She tries to tell him the truth about what really happened on the Villains tribe by saying Russell and Parvati were the leaders. Sandra tells Rupert to not trust a word that Russell says, and Rupert appears to believe what he is being told.

You know how some people forgive and forget? Well, I don't forgive and I don't forget. The Heroes don't know that Russell is the kingpin and that Parvati's his right hand man. Russell's trying to play up this thing like all these women are about to get rid of him. I hope I get my revenge because it's going to be good.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sandra just gave me some really good information. Russell told us that Parvati used her Immunity Idol last night. That is not true. I don't know if we're getting played or not, but Russell might be running the show. And if what Sandra says is true; and I have to believe Sandra, Russell is playing us. Boy... this is where the game gets crazy.

Rupert Boneham

Day 26

The following morning, the Villains remark that the Heroes have a lot more food than the Villains camp had. After breakfast, Parvati and Danielle go eat some plantains which causes the Heroes to privately become upset about some of the Villains eating habits. Rupert remarks in a confessional that food is in abundance, coconuts, papayas, fruits, everything except for bananas which are split equally, and that the Villains have disturbed this balance.

All of the Heroes except for Colby meet in the jungle later, where Rupert warns the others about the possibility that Russell has been playing them. Rupert is worried that Russell did not play a Hidden Immunity Idol and that the idol could be then turned against the Heroes. J.T. refuses to believe what Rupert says and stands behind his decision and behind Russell, dismissing Rupert's information. Amanda agrees with J.T. that Parvati would not be in the game if she had not played an idol and to not worry about that. Rupert responds by telling them to not be so quick to trust Russell, telling them that he was placed on the Villains tribe for a reason. Despite this disagreement, all the Heroes agree that they might need to change who they're voting for right before the vote so no information can leak to the Villains side.

J.T. believes wholeheartedly that Russell is on our side and indebted to us now. I don't.

Rupert Boneham

Rupert's really skeptical of Russell, so just to make sure Rupert's okay, the Heroes are going to tell Russell we're voting for someone, then the five of us will vote for someone else. It's good just to test, we don't want to make a dumb decision and lose our lead. That would be awful.

Amanda Kimmel

Amanda and J.T. try to talk Rupert down from his paranoid state by telling him again that Russell is with them, and to not trust anything Sandra tells him.

Rupert. *laughs* There's a reason that I've been doing Rupert's strategical play for him thus far, because he needs to be told how to be vote by someone he can really trust and let that be done. So I've just been reminding him of that, being like: Rupert do you believe what Sandra told you or do you believe the obvious truth, I mean. If Sandra's story turns out to be true and Russell did not play the idol, then that means I'm probably going home the next Tribal Council, I don't know. Do I believe it? Not a chance in the world, but you never know in this game.

J.T. Thomas

Day 27

The following day, Parvati and Amanda talk to each other about how their respective tribes might be targeting them because of their past history. Amanda says the Heroes are very nervous about Parvati's connections and admits they want Parvati out. Amanda claims that her only way to keep Parvati around is to convince the Heroes to get rid of Sandra. Parvati asks for Amanda to at least tell her when the time comes whether or not she will be the target of the Heroes and voted out. At the end of the conversation, Parvati admits to Amanda that she has an idol.

Amanda and I got a chance to talk for the first time since the merge, and I think I got probably half her story. So I haven't decided the best plan yet because with her I'm not sure if she's telling the truth or not.

Parvati Shallow

I had a conversation with Parvati, and I didn't tell her everything but I told her enough to get her to trust me. And she told me she had the idol, and I like Parvati and everything, but if she makes it to the end of this game she'll win again.

Amanda Kimmel

Amanda and Parvati talk about forming an alliance to work together, Amanda deceptively claims she will do everything she can to keep Parvati in the game. The two women shake on their new partnership despite neither woman truly trusting what the other one is saying.

However the vote shakes down, I'm going to make sure my butt is safe no matter what, but I'm going to try to make it work where none of our Villains are going anywhere tonight.

Parvati Shallow

The tribe arrives at the Immunity Challenge where host Jeff Probst asks what name the Heroes and Villains have decided on for the name of the merged tribe. Russell announces that they have decided to name the tribe Yin Yang to keep with the spirit of Heroes vs. Villains. Parvati and Danielle are the final two left competing in the challenge, and the two of them whisper to each other and decide for Parvati to step down to let Danielle win individual immunity since Parvati already has an idol. The move sets off red flags for the Heroes, believing something suspicious is happening with Parvati.

I think Parvati is going to come up with a Hidden Immunity Idol tonight, or Parvati wouldn't have walked off that pole, but I don't know. That's all part of the plan tonight to see if I can oust Russell - for the weasel that he is.

Rupert Boneham

It's kind of strange how Parvati stepped down at the end of the challenge, you know when she's in such danger and she knows it. So, the plans are tonight the Heroes are going to let Russell write Parvati's name down for him to prove his loyalty to all us. Me, and Candice and Rupert, Amanda, Colby, five strong, write down Sandra or Jerri's name.

J.T. Thomas

Returning to camp, J.T. talks with Colby about the Immunity Challenge. Both men are nervous about how Parvati stepped down in the challenge and think she might have done it because she already had protection in the form of an idol. They agree that the Heroes should write either Sandra or Jerri's name down so that the Heroes can avoid a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Sandra and Jerri talk to each other in the water, where Sandra says she doesn't care who goes home, as long as it isn't her. Sandra says that after tonight's vote is when the real chaos will begin, since she thinks a Hero will get sent home and the overconfident bubble the Heroes have been living in will burst. Jerri says the Heroes are very overconfident that they will come out on top, which tells her that Russell is doing a good job convincing them he's on their side.

When I first got here, I tried to tell Rupert that Russell is running this whole show, and anyway we talked really, really quick and...that was it. I don't want my big mouth to get me in trouble. I still want Russell out bad, but right now I'm stuck with Russell. -- I'm stuck with Russell.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Russell goes out into the jungle and digs out his Hidden Immunity Idol from its hiding spot and gives it to Parvati so that he can protect her at Tribal Council.

My Plan A is to get the idol to Parvati, save herself, vote out J.T. I don't have a Plan B, but I hope for the second time I'm gonna save her with a Immunity Idol. You know if it was just me - it would be just me but I gotta keep these four girls on my Villain tribe so I can get rid of J.T.

Russell Hantz

Russell just gave me his Immunity Idol so that makes me safe for tonight, and I have my own Immunity Idol that also makes me safe for the rest of the game. So I have two little green men protecting me, and apparently everyone else in this game is like desperate to get rid of me and they said I'm the most dangerous player out here, so I dunno, I guess they're right. I didn't really think they were right until right now, now I really think they're right.

Parvati Shallow

Parvati takes a walk with Amanda down the beach, where Parvati asks Amanda to tell her the truth of whether or not the Heroes are going to write her name down. Amanda tries to dodge the question and says she doesn't know what to do. Amanda says she wants to play with Parvati, but doesn't see how that will work out because of how their separate games have progressed on different tribes. Amanda does insist Parvati to play her idol, "just in case". However, Parvati can tell that Amanda is trying to deceive her.

So the idea is to have Parvati play her idol, and vote out Sandra or Jerri. It'll be really crazy tonight if Parvati gives her idol to somebody. I hope she doesn't, I hope she plays it for herself just so - I mean it's always good. You never want idols floating around, it just ruins things, she's so dangerous.

Amanda Kimmel

I knew that Amanda was lying to me when she told me they were voting for me. Like, I know you're trying to get rid of me, but I'll just play along with you right now. *mocking* It's like thanks for looking out for me, buddy.

Parvati Shallow

As the sun goes down, the tribe gets ready to attend the first Tribal Council of the merge. Parvati struggles over whether or not to play an idol on herself or to play them for her tribe.

It's hard to really know who they're voting for, if they say they're voting me out and I play the idol, then the idol is gone, and it's just risky. So...damned if you do, damned if you don't unless you pick the right person...I hope!

Parvati Shallow

The merged Yin Yang tribe arrives at their first Tribal Council and watch as the first two jury members, Coach Wade and Courtney Yates walk in. At Tribal Council, Rupert begins to immediately complain and goes off on a tirade about the lack of banana etiquette with the new Villains. Russell says the vote at this Tribal Council is the most important one of the entire game so far and will dictate the outcome. He says that if a Hero goes home, the Villains will go to the top five, and vice versa. J.T. mentions that the Villains aren't talking to him, which makes him nervous that they plan on voting for him. Jerri responds by saying that J.T. appeared to have a wall around him and didn't seem open to talking. Idols are a big topic of discussion on whether they will appear and who has them. The tribe goes to vote, and the Heroes decide to cast their votes for Jerri in hopes no idol will be played for her. As planned, the Villains vote for J.T. As Jeff prepares to read the votes, Parvati declares she would like to see all of the Villains survive to see another day and pulls out an Immunity Idol and hands it to a surprised Sandra. The Heroes share smiles among themselves until Parvati pulls out a second idol, her personal one she found with Danielle, and gives it to Jerri. The second idol shocks everybody, including Russell and the rest of the Villains with the exception of Danielle. All of the Heroes' votes against Jerri are negated and J.T. is eliminated 5-0, putting the Villains into a majority.


Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity.
Winner: Danielle DiLorenzo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Yin Yang
S20 jt t
J.T. (5 votes)
S20 danielle tS20 jerri t
S20 parvati tS20 russell tS20 sandra t
Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Russell, Sandra
S20 jerri t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S20 amanda tS20 candice t
S20 colby tS20 jt tS20 rupert t
Amanda, Candice, Colby, J.T., Rupert
(votes not counted)
S20 sandra t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S20 jt bw
J.T. Thomas

Voting Confessionals

(votes for J.T.) You seem like a real cool guy, but it was a real dumb move to give me your idol, and because of that dumb play, I have to vote you out tonight. Hopefully it works.

Russell Hantz

(votes for Jerri) Jerri...I hope Parvati plays that idol and shows everybody that Russell is a liar.

Rupert Boneham

(votes for Jerri) Jerri it's nothing personal it's all about Hidden Immunity Idol. Thanks, love you.

Amanda Kimmel

(votes for Jerri) Jerri, really sorry I had to vote for you tonight. I did - I really enjoyed playing the game with you this time, unfortunately we had to take some precautions tonight and change our vote to try and sniff out to see whether Russell was really on our team, so this kind of forced our hand. You were the least suspicious of all the Villains so we had to vote for you, I'm sorry. I really wish we could've kept you in the game longer. Good luck.

Colby Donaldson

(votes for Jerri) Jerri, we're voting for you tonight because unfortunately, we feel like your tribe is least concerned about you and we think that if there is a possible Immunity Idol you are the least likely person they would give it to, I'm sorry and good luck.

Candice Woodcock

(votes for Jerri) Sorry, Jerri. I was just starting to like you but we gotta play it safe and go to get rid of someone who's not expecting it. See you.

J.T. Thomas

(votes for J.T.) J.T., instead of you wanting me and Parvati on your side you decided that you wanted Parvati out first and me second, therefore you gotta go home tonight. Adiós.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

(votes for J.T.) You're a sweetheart, just playing the game homey.

Danielle DiLorenzo

(votes for J.T.) This is my love letter to you, J.T. Since you tried to vote me out, I think I should return the favor.

Parvati Shallow

(votes for J.T.) I'm going with the flow and hoping this works and hoping my name doesn't come up tonight.

Jerri Manthey

Final Words

I feel like a total idiot right now, it's pretty terrible to be voted out by your own idol. I felt like Russell would vote the way we told him to vote, people are villains for a reason, don't ever trust 'em. Worse than that, don't ever trust women ever, ever, ever. Can't always win, but it was a big move; do or die, and I died tonight.

–J.T. Thomas

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 tyson bw
S20 james bw
S20 rob bw
S20 coach bw
S20 courtney bw
S20 jt bw
Yin Yang
S20 amanda t
Yin Yang
S20 candice t
Yin Yang
S20 colby t
Yin Yang
S20 danielle t
Yin Yang
S20 jerri t
Yin Yang
S20 parvati t
Yin Yang
S20 rupert t
Yin Yang
S20 russell t
Yin Yang
S20 sandra t


Life at Ponderosa

J.T. Thomas walks out feeling disappointed for his fellow Heroes, and he feels defeated for being the direct cause of the upcoming downfall for the Heroes. In the car ride to the weigh in, J.T. gives credit for the move pulled at Tribal Council, calling it one of the best ever. At the weigh in, J.T. finds out he lost 13 lbs. J.T. arrives at Ponderosa and is greeted by Coach Wade and Courtney Yates. J.T. tells them the second Hidden Immunity Idol that Parvati pulled out was his that he had given them, Coach and Courtney are completely speechless and stunned. Coach and Courtney are happy to be with J.T. and enjoy a meal by the resort chef before going to bed.

The next day, the three jurors talk about what will happen next, and whether anyone will turn on Russell Hantz. Bad weather strikes, and the three play the game Rockband, playing together in the game as "The Dragonz".

The following day, Coach, Courtney, and J.T. have all officially decided to seriously start "The Dragonz" for real as a real life band, and they begin writing and singing music. J.T. is surprised that the unlikely trio of himself, Coach, and Courtney have bonded so well. Before leaving for Tribal Council, J.T. says he hopes Russell is the next one out, and looks forward to giving him the silent treatment.



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