Glitter in Their Eyes

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Glitter in Their Eyes is the third episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Day 6

After eliminating Shannon Elkins, the younger La Flor conversed about their first (tension-filled) Tribal Council. Alina Wilson and Kelly Shinn felt that the tribe might be coming together as a united, cohesive group. Seeing all of the consoling and cheering after the fateful incident, NaOnka Mixon was not believing it. With Kelly Bruno, Alina, and Fabio Birza marked as her enemies for siding with Shannon, NaOnka declared: "Sooner or later it's going to come back and bite you in the butt."

Day 7

The hungry Espada tribe tried to locate where the howler monkeys' food was. While the rest of the tribe enjoying to see Jimmy Johnson imitating the monkey's grunts and howls, Marty Piombo commented: "Why did we get stuck with a celebrity on our team? Everyone's got glitter in their eyes. If Jimmy Johnson got up and walked across this lagoon right now, they'd probably believe it." Meanwhile, Jimmy J. and the female tribe members (still apparently starstruck even after days of living together) bonded over fishing duties, Marty, with obvious jealousy, again made a tirade against the NFL coach, saying: "I think you take Jimmy Johnson into a merge, that would be a disaster." Wanting to lure everyone to his control, Marty revealed to everyone the Hidden Immunity Idol (a large wooden key). Jill Behm explained of the incident: "Marty's got the Immunity Idol and I thought it would pay off dividends in the long run to gain everyone's trust by sharing that now rather than later." Marty declared that he was not bragging about his find, but claimed that he wanted to use the idol against the younger tribe. Jimmy Tarantino approached Marty and congratulated him, since the former felt that it boosted the tribe's morale. Knowing that Marty was harboring envy for Jimmy J.'s growing star power, Jill teased him in a confessional, saying: , "I think he came out looking like a superstar." She added, "So it's good for me in the long run." While the other Espada members in awe about Marty's find, Tyrone Davis found himself smirking on Marty's seemingly growing ego problem. He said: "I think Marty is shady. I think for sure he is doing his own thing." In the end, Marty bragged: "Everyone knows the idol can only belong to one person and that one person is me."

At La Flor, Fabio's comical antics continued when he tried to tend the bonfire, with hot coals spewing on to his face, with his tribemates laughing. The rest of the tribe were entertained, except, NaOnka who felt extremely annoyed, saying: "Fabio, he's so stupid. I can't stand him. I can't."

Day 8

At Espada, Dan Lembo confessed that he was in terrible shape, claiming he had a bad knee. "I'm starting to get concerned that this tribe might think I'm a weak link, but I don't consider myself a weak link," Dan said. While doing water duties, Yve Rojas noticed Dan's weak state and said: "Danny is really struggling and I know he is doing a really good job trying to hide it, but he just for whatever reason physically, he doesn't have it."

At La Flor, the majority alliance of Chase Rice, NaOnka, Sash Lenahan, Brenda Lowe, and Kelly S. conversed about who to eliminate next. While Chase felt that Alina was a threat, Sash still felt that Kelly B.'s artificial leg was a major problem. Unknown to the five, Alina was peering through the conversation. Alina said: "Tribal Council drew a line in the sand and I ended up on the wrong side of the line." Seeing Alina, NaOnka declared, "We got to get Alina out of here. Because if we can get Alina out of here, we'll send a shockwave to Kelly B. That's what you get, bitches."

The two tribes convened for their next challenge, again for both reward and immunity. With the Medallion of Power in La Flor's possession, they would have a choice to use it to lead early with having two barrels in place with a sandbag already on top of both barrels. After much deliberation, the tribe of younger castaways decided not to use it, claiming that they can win without the Medallion, thus keeping Espada from using it. Despite not using the Medallion of Power, La Flor tribe led early, complete as Chase and Benry Henry successfully shot sandbag after sandbag on top of the barrels. Espada, on the other hand, was in trouble when Jimmy T. begged Jimmy J. to replace the already struggling Tyrone in the shooting part of the challenge. With Jimmy T. finally allowed to play, his efforts failed as Benry victoriously placed the final sandbag, winning immunity for La Flor.

While La Flor was carrying their reward to camp, Kelly B. inspected their fruit basket in search for a possible second Hidden Immunity Idol clue. NaOnka, who was also targeting the same basket, decided to "go hood" and attacked the basket, shoving Kelly B. and mushing most of the fruits. NaOnka explained, "I did what I had to do. That paper was basically like a million dollars. That's the lifeline in this game." She then added: "It is a game. She has one leg. Don't think that I'm going to be nice to you because you have one leg. My name is NaOnka, not fool." Alliance outsiders Benry, Fabio, Alina, and Kelly B. were extremely appalled by NaOnka's rude behavior. Despite the incident, Brenda was happy being NaOnka's confidante, saying: "She definitely, in my eyes, has the power right now and I'm just keeping as tight with her as possible."

At Espada, Jimmy T. felt he was underused in challenges. He vented: "The guys that are leaders here are squelching me because I'm an obvious leader and they know it. While paranoia was setting in before their impending Tribal Council, Marty observed his tribemates' every move and said: "It's kind of enjoyable to watch a little bit of tension for a change in this tribe. I hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to Tribal Council. We're finally going to get this tribe to play this game." Later, Marty revealed to Jill that he was torn between the two weaker males, the tribe's oldest member (and his bitter rival) Jimmy J. and the ailing Dan. He then told Jill: "I'm worried about Jimmy Johnson. I think he is full of it. Just playing like, 'hey I'm not going to win'. I just don't buy that." Marty then went to Dan and Jimmy T. Worried that the other female tribe members might not be liking his plan of eliminating Jimmy J., Marty contemplated: "People like Jane and Holly, I mean they look at Jimmy Johnson as if he were, you know, the pope. So that's just people being stupid." In a conversation, Holly Hoffman told Jane Bright that she might be next because of her past conflict with Dan, but the latter assured her safety, and ending up the conversation with a plan to vote Dan. Marty's last stop on his anti-Jimmy Johnson crusade was Tyrone, who became skeptical of Marty's true motives. Tyrone realized: "I think that Marty is very much about Marty. I haven't made up my mind yet, but Jimmy Johnson's life has been about motivating and leading men. And I'm worried about Danny's physical ability to help the team."

At Tribal Council, Jimmy T. vented his feelings about being underrated. Jill revealed that Jimmy J. is the most fitting leader, being motivating and empowering in their times of need. When host Jeff Probst asked each tribemember who their weakest player is, Jimmy J. was courageous enough to confess that he was the weakest for being oldest. In the end, Jimmy J.'s confession heavily affected the vote, with everyone voting against him. After a unanimous 8-1 vote, the famed NFL coach became the third castoff from Survivor: Nicaragua.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Get Barreled
Both tribes will race out into a field to collect ten tribe colored barrels. Once all ten barrels are retrieved, they must be arranged on individual platforms. Then, one person at a time from each tribe will toss sandbags at the barrels with the goal of landing a sandbag on top of each barrel. The first tribe to get a sandbag on top of all ten of their barrels wins.
Medallion Advantage: Two of their barrels will be out of the field, already on a platform with a sandbag on top of each of them.
Reward: A basket of fruits, spices, and an herb garden.
Winner: La Flor

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
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Jimmy J. (8 votes)
S21 dan t.png
S21 holly t.png
S21 jane t.png
S21 jill t.png

S21 jimmyt t.png
S21 marty t.png
S21 tyrone t.png
S21 yve t.png

Dan, Holly, Jane, Jill, Jimmy T., Marty, Tyrone, Yve
S21 dan t.png

Dan (1 vote)
S21 jimmyj t.png

Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw.png

Jimmy Johnson

Voting Confessionals

Dan did not have a confessional. In the aired episode, Jimmy J. is shown writing Dan's name on the parchment. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

Holly(voting against Jimmy J.) You're a great man, but you're getting tired.

Jane(voting against Jimmy J.) Coach, you're my fishing buddy, and you catch all the shrimp for me to fish or for you to fish. I'm certainly gonna miss you, and it's been fun.

Jill(voting against Jimmy J.) You're a class act, and I'm going to miss you very much.

Jimmy J.(voting against Dan) Daniel, old buddy, one of us tonight, the other one next time.

Jimmy T.(voting against Jimmy J.) Coach, you said you listened to everybody, but you never really listened to me. I tried to give my input, but it fell on deaf ears. Go long.

Marty(voting against Jimmy J.) It was great having you around camp, but somebody's gotta go. I'll catch you on the flip side.

Tyrone(voting against Jimmy J.) It's a different kind of game, Coach. You're a great guy, but it's time to pass the torch. Thanks for your contribution.

Yve(voting against Jimmy J.) Like you said, JJ, quality of life, and I didn't want to see you have your fourth most miserable night. See you in Key Largo.

Final Words

Jimmy JohnsonI had fun, but I was miserable the whole time! I still love the game. It's been a great adventure. This is the most stressful time I've ever gone through in my life and I'm including Super Bowls and collegiate national championships. I initially said, "Keep your strongest members." I obviously wasn't one of the strongest members. I think they will come together and be successful.

Still in the Running

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