Gitanos​ is the merged tribe of Casaya​​ and La Mina​ from Survivor: Panama. Their tribe color is black.


 Aras Baskauskas
S12 aras t
 Austin Carty
S12 austin t
 Bruce Kanegai
S12 bruce t
 Cirie Fields
S12 cirie t
 Courtney Marit
S12 courtney t
 Danielle DiLorenzo
S12 danielle t
 Nick Stanbury
S12 nick t
 Sally Schumann
S12 sally t
 Shane Powers
S12 shane t
 Terry Deitz
S12 terry t

Tribe History



  • Gitanos merged the earliest (Day 16), later tied by Huyopa. Most seasons have merged at Day 17 or later.
  • Gitanos was the first tribe to design their flag vertically as opposed to horizontally.
  • Gitanos is the first merged tribe to have someone medically evacuated.
  • Each of the final four castaways were from a different starting tribe (Cirie from Casaya, Terry from La Mina, Danielle from Bayoneta, and Aras from Viveros).
    • Interestingly, the final four would all eventually return in future seasons, making Gitanos one of three merged tribes to have its final four return in future seasons. Rattana and Solarrion are the other merged tribes with its final four to return in future seasons.
  • Gitanos's tribe flag was designed by Bruce Kanegai, who is an art teacher.


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