Gitanos is the merged tribe of Casaya​ and La Mina from Survivor: Panama. Their tribe color is black.


 Aras Baskauskas
S12 aras t
 Austin Carty
S12 austin t
 Bruce Kanegai
S12 bruce t
 Cirie Fields
S12 cirie t
 Courtney Marit
S12 courtney t
 Danielle DiLorenzo
S12 danielle t
 Nick Stanbury
S12 nick t
 Sally Schumann
S12 sally t
 Shane Powers
S12 shane t
 Terry Deitz
S12 terry t

Tribe History



  • Gitanos merged the earliest (Day 16), later tied by Huyopa. Most seasons have merged at Day 17 or later.
  • Gitanos was the first tribe to design their flag vertically as opposed to horizontally.
  • Gitanos is the first merged tribe to have someone medically evacuated.
  • Each of the final four castaways were from a different starting tribe (Cirie from Casaya, Terry from La Mina, Danielle from Bayoneta, and Aras from Viveros).
    • Interestingly, the final four would all eventually return in future seasons, making Gitanos one of three merged tribes to have its final 4 return in future seasons. Rattana and Solarrion are the other merged tribes with its final 4 to return in future seasons.
  • Gitanos's tribe flag was designed by Bruce Kanegai, who is an art teacher.


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