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Ghandia Onique Bundhi Mapp-Johnson[1] is a contestant from Survivor: Thailand.

Ghandia became infamous for accusing tribemate Ted Rogers, Jr. of grinding on her during the night, and her intense emotional reaction toward the incident began to fracture the tribe after Ted denied that anything had happened. Her mercurial personality resulted in her being voted out on Day 12.


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Ghandia Johnson was born and raised in San Francisco, California, where she attended El Camino High School. She then attended City College in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles and, subsequently, Nashville, Tennessee. She eventually settled in Colorado, where she attended City College in Denver.

Ghandia is currently employed as an accredited legal secretary and owns a beauty salon with her husband, Sly. She previously worked as a receptionist, telemarketer and as a cashier/fry cook. She enjoys long distance running, kickboxing and karate. Her favorite spectator sport is football. She describes herself as hard working, strong, smart, open minded, honest and sincere. She is a fan of Latin music, specifically Cumbia and Merenge rhythms. Her hero is her stepfather, whom she credits with teaching her unconditional love. She hopes to follow his example with her husband's son, Sylvester, Jr. Her perfect day would be on a Caribbean beach with her husband and children.

Ghandia and her husband currently live in Denver, Colorado, with their two children, Samson (3) and Savion (1). She is a member of NALS, the association for legal professionals. Her birth date is January 3, 1969.[2]


Ghandia Johnson, under the impression that the tribes were going to be divided by gender, believed the women would dominate because they were better at multi-tasking and handling pain better. In reality, Jan Gentry and Jake Billingsley would be picking the tribes themselves, shocking everyone. Ghandia would be picked by Jan to be on Chuay Gahn. Everyone enjoyed the cave formation that would serve as shelter. Everyone was searching the beach for food. The tribe decided to find its water source when Tanya Vance started to get sick. John Raymond found the water source; he decided to play a prank on the tribe. Ghandia was not amused due to the seriousness of the situation. At the first challenge of the season, Ghandia cost Chuay Gahn its lead when she struggled with the puzzle. This allowed Sook Jai to win the challenge, sending the tribe to Tribal Council. When returning to camp, Ghandia was in tears, but her tribe mates comforted her. Ghandia was worried that her poor performance would do her in. However, it was John who was voted out in a 6-1-1 vote for being too bossy and for his bad jokes.

Despite the loss, the tribe got along very well. Everyone decided to give a surprise for Helen Glover's 20th wedding anniversary. Ghandia and Tanya picked flowers for Helen. Chuay Gahn lost the Reward Challenge, causing morale to drop even further. Helen was thankful for the anniversary party. Unfortunately, Chuay Gahn barely lost immunity. Unlike most of her tribe, Ghandia wanted Helen voted out because the latter did not know how to express her emotions, annoying the former. However, Tanya's illness was too much to overlook, and she was voted out instead.

Ghandia was glad that Ted Rogers, Jr. was on her tribe because he reminded her of her husband, whom she missed dearly. However, on the morning of Day 7, Ghandia felt upset because she believed Ted was grinding against her during the night. Ted apologized to her and she accepted it. When she thought about it, however, Ghandia viewed the apology as disingenuous. She told the others (notable Helen and Jan) about the incident. Ghandia admitted that she did exaggerate parts of it and left out the part about Ted's apology. Ghandia was very vocal during the Reward Challenge, particularly when Robb Zbacnik grabbed Clay Jordan's throat while not in the attack zone. Chuay Gahn won the challenge with the assistance of two red beret, because various Sook Jai members were disqualified for making contact with Chuay Gahn members without being in the attack zone. Under the guidance of the red berets, the tribe found many food sources and feasted. Unfortunately, things turned ugly when Ghandia learned from Helen that Ted said that "nothing happened" after Ted told Brian and then Brian told Helen. Furious, she stormed off to the beach to vent, throwing rocks into the ocean and hitting a piece of wood. Clay was disgusted by Ghandia's actions, liking her to a two-year-old. When publicly confronted about the incident, Ted said that he only loved his wife and that he loved her "150-200%". Helen thought Ted was lying and believed Ghandia's side of the story. Despite the conflict, the tribe worked together well in a mental Immunity Challenge and won.

The tribe was still divided on Ghandia's and Ted's conflict. Sook Jai won the next two challenges. Despite her conflict with Ted, she targeted the weaker Clay instead. However, Helen, not wanting to draw rocks, sided with the men, and Ghandia was voted out in a 4-2 vote (with only Jan siding with Ghandia).

Voting History

Ghandia's Voting History
Episode Ghandia's
Voted Against
1 John John
2 Helen -
3 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
4 Clay Brian, Clay,
Helen, Ted
Voted Out, Day 12


  • On January 9, 2010, Ghandia attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • On November 3, 2017, Ghandia was the plaintiff on the 48th episode of the 22nd season of Judge Judy.[3]


  • Ghandia's luxury item was a lucky key chain.
  • When Clay Jordan voted her out he put "Bye Bye Denver Diva." This action annoyed Jeff Probst, as he could not figure out who the vote was for.
  • Despite being the fourth person out, Ghandia was featured on the season's DVD cover.[4]


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