Get a Grip is a recurring endurance challenge that originated in Survivor: Vanuatu and was used in several later seasons.


The castaways must hang onto a pole for as long as they can. The last person left holding on without touching the ground wins.


This challenge debuted in Vanuatu. Twila Tanner outlasted the other castaways to win individual immunity.

Ozzy Lusth won this challenge in Cook Islands.

In Tocantins, this challenge was used as the first individual Immunity Challenge after the merge. Tyson Apostol ultimately outlasted Debbie Beebe after over thirty minutes to win immunity. However, his immunity had no effect due to the medical evacuation of Joe Dowdle later that day.

In Heroes vs. Villains, Danielle DiLorenzo defeated fellow tribemates Parvati Shallow and Candice Woodcock.

Ozzy Lusth, who had previously won this challenge in Cook Islands, won it again as a Redemption Island duel in South Pacific, defeating Brandon Hantz. As it was the last duel, Ozzy re-entered the game.

In Blood vs. Water, the challenge was used as a re-entrance Redemption Island duel once again but this time it took place before the merge. Laura Morett defeated Laura Boneham and John Cody and re-entered the game.

In Worlds Apart, the challenge was used as the first individual Immunity Challenge. Joe Anglim outlasted Carolyn Rivera and Jenn Brown after 55 minutes and won the challenge.

In Game Changers, Tai Trang outlasted Ozzy Lusth after 1 hour and 35 minutes and won the challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Culture Shock and Violent Storms"
Individual Immunity S9 twila t
Twila Tanner
Cook Islands
"Why Would You Trust Me?"
Individual Immunity S13 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
"The Dragon Slayer"
Individual Immunity S18 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
Heroes vs. Villains
"Going Down in Flames"
Individual Immunity S20 danielle t
Danielle DiLorenzo
South Pacific
"Loyalties Will Be Broken"
Duel S23 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
Blood vs. Water
"Skin of My Teeth"
Duel S27 lauram t
Laura Morett
Worlds Apart
"The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight"
Individual Immunity S30 joe t
Joe Anglim
Game Changers
"There's a New Sheriff in Town"
Individual Immunity S34 tai t
Tai Trang



  • This is the second challenge where a returning contestant has won the same challenge twice. Ozzy Lusth won this challenge in the Cook Islands, and later in South Pacific. The first challenge to have this distinction was the When It Rains, It Pours challenge, which was won by Parvati Shallow in Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains.
  • This challenge was featured as a duel twice. Both times, it was won by a returning player who re-entered the game.
    • However, this occurrence happened at different stages of the game. In South Pacific, Ozzy won this challenge at the second re-entry point at the final five, while Laura Morett won at the first re-entry point at the merge in Blood vs. Water.
  • With the exception of Twila Tanner, every castaway who has won this challenge has competed in more than one season.
  • Of the 18 contestants to compete against Ozzy Lusth over three seasons, only Tai Trang has beaten him in this challenge.
  • This challenge made an appearance in every season Candice Cody, J.T. Thomas, and Tyson Apostol participated in.
    • However, Candice and J.T. only participated in it in two out of their three seasons, while Tyson had only competed in the challenge once.
  • The name of the challenge is from an Aerosmith album.[1]
  • In Worlds Apart, the poles were 13 feet high.[2]


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