Get Barreled (also known as Sandbagging and A Quick Affair) is an accuracy challenge that originated in Survivor: Nicaragua, was modified for a Duel in South Pacific, and further modified as an individual challenge in Ghost Island.


Each tribe races to retrieve ten barrels from a field and roll them back to a designated platform where the barrels are placed upright. Once all the barrels are in place, one contestant at a time will attempt to land sandbags onto the top of the barrels. The first tribe to land a sandbag on each barrel would win the challenge.

The individual variant excludes the barrel retrieval, with the first person to land a sandbag on each of the designated set of barrels winning the challenge. In Ghost Island, this was reduced to a single sandbag, albeit with a smaller target to land on.


The challenge debuted in Nicaragua as a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. The Medallion of Power was still in play, with an advantage to start the challenge with two barrels already in place, with a sandbag on top. La Flor, in possession of the medallion, chose not to use it, but still managed to win the challenge when Espada struggled to communicate in the final stage of the challenge. La Flor took home immunity, as well as a basket of fruits, spices, and herbs (a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol was also hidden in the basket).

In South Pacific, the first stage of the challenge was eliminated to accommodate a Duel. The first person to land a sandbag on each of the ten barrels would win the duel and the right to remain at Redemption Island. Christine Shields Markoski narrowly beat Mark Caruso (10-9), eliminating him from the game.

In Ghost Island, the challenge was used as a family visit challenge. Castaways must race across a series of obstacles, while untying and grabbing a sandbag along the way. They must then attempt to land the sandbag on a narrow table. While the challenge started evenly between the castaways, it ultimately came down to Domenick Abbate and Sebastian Noel, with Sebastian winning the reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Glitter in Their Eyes"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S21 alina tS21 benry tS21 brenda t
S21 chase tS21 fabio tS21 kellyb t
S21 kellys tS21 naonka tS21 sash t
La Flor
South Pacific
Duel S23 christine t
Christine Shields Markoski
Ghost Island
"A Giant Game of Bumper Cars"
Individual Reward
(family visit)
S36 sebastian t
Sebastian Noel




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